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Better Not Younger features a woman with vibrant red hair.

Pro Tips for Preventing Your Hair Color from Fading

May 25, 2022

Nothing is more frustrating than leaving the salon with a gorgeous, vibrant new hair color, only to find that beautiful hair color faded within two weeks. Watching our fresh hair color come out in the shower is like watching money go down the drain!
So, what can you do if your hair dye keeps washing out?
Incorporating hair products for color-treated hair into your hair-care routine is crucial. As we age, it becomes even more essential to protect our aging locks from environmental, physical and chemical stress. Protecting our hair after dyeing not only helps maintain the health of our hair, but it also helps prevent our hair color from coming out in the shower and turning brassy or dull.
We’ve got expert advice for dealing with hair color that fades quickly, along with how you can incorporate hair products safe for color-treated hair into your hair-care routine to extend the life of your color. Read on for more tips on how to prevent your hair dye from washing out!

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Better Not Younger features a woman over 40 eating a salad as her gut health  might be related to hair loss. She has long blonde hair and looks happy.

Could Your Gut Be Behind Your Hair Loss?

May 23, 2022

Digestive problems and hair loss are two common issues many people, especially women, face. But what may be less widespread is the knowledge that digestion and hair loss can go hand in hand, because your gut is tied to nearly every function in your body. When your gut health is off, everything is off—and that means if you have poor gut health, you could even experience hair thinning and hair loss. Gut health and hair loss may not have been something you considered when meal planning for the week, but perhaps you will going forward! There’s a lot to understand about gut bacteria and hormonesdigestive problems and hair loss, and all the ways you can improve your own gut health. So let’s get started!

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A manopausal caucasian woman looking at the mirror while touching her face during her manopausal skincare routine

Top Skincare Tips to Know as You Approach Menopause

May 20, 2022

For a long time, talking about menopause was a cultural taboo. This left many of us in the dark about what to expect for menopause skin changes like breakouts, dryness and discoloration. 

Thankfully, conversations about menopause and aging skin are changing. We're learning more about what we should know heading into midlife and how menopause can affect our hair and skin. 

And we've made considerable headway recently! According to Jill Angelo, CEO and Founder of Gennev, "There are so many more companies and brands taking on menopause from various different vantage points. This has driven up the conversation in the media, and as a result, women are starting to talk about it more and more. It’s so wonderful to see the progress in the past two years and I can’t wait to see where it goes!" 

Read on to learn more about the best skincare for menopausal skin and what menopause skin changes to expect!

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Better Not Younger features a woman with long brown wavy hair touching her face while smiling as a sign of skin health due to the use of probiotics.

Probiotics and Skin Health Explained

May 18, 2022

If you’re not already familiar with probiotics, it’s time to change that. The benefits of probiotics for women are vast and important to your overall health, but probiotics and skin health are especially linked. Good probiotics for women can include everything from the right food in your diet to a supplement that’ll boost your microbiome—all the bacteria inside your body—which in turn, can lead to improved gut health, a stronger immune system, and, yes, smoother, glowy skin. Probiotics and your gut microbiome go hand in hand, but probiotics and skin do, too. When it comes to probiotics, though, everyone talks about gut health and not necessarily how that gut health translates to the rest of your body. But probiotics and skin? Definitely a good idea. Let’s discuss the benefits of probiotics for women and how probiotics and your gut microbiome can lead to a better relationship between probiotics and your skin.

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Should You Try a Hair Botox Treatment?

Should You Try a Hair Botox Treatment?

May 16, 2022

We've all heard about botox treatments for our skin, but what about hair botox treatments?


Hair botox is the latest trend in moisturizing and hair smoothing options. Stylists love it because it is chemical-free and effective while being gentle enough for all hair types. It helps fill in thinning hair fibers to create the look of fuller hair, and it provides lasting hydration and smoothness for dry, rough hair textures.


But what makes hair botox different from other options on the market?


We've got the scoop on the benefits of hair botox treatments, the best shampoo for hair botox aftercare, and how hair botox works. Read on to learn more about whether hair botox might be a good option for you!


 What Is Hair Botox and How Does Hair Botox Work?


Let's start with what hair botox isn't. Despite the name, it doesn't contain the botulinum toxin ingredient that skin and migraine botox treatments have. Hair botox isn't an injection, and it doesn't require a dermatologist to perform the treatment.


Instead, hair botox is a deep conditioning treatment that helps smooth rough hair texture and adds luster to dull locks. The treatment formulation can vary, but hair botox is a combination of peptides, proteins, fatty acids and vitamins that smooth the hair cuticle and seal in moisture, making it a good option for healing and moisturizing dry, damaged hair. And because it helps to restore hair fibers by filling in gaps, hair botox for fine hair also helps thin, flat tresses appear fuller. 

Hair botox treatments are different from Brazilian Blowouts, however, because while they both focus on smoothing hair texture and adding shine, Brazilian Blowouts also straighten hair strands for weeks at a time.

It's important to keep in mind, though, that similar to keratin treatments like the Brazilian Blowout, hair botox treatments require heat to close the cuticle and seal the conditioning treatment into the strands—and this is typically done with a flat iron. So if your aging hair is especially fine or fragile, be sure to talk to your stylist in advance. The upside of a hair botox treatment is that with smoother, healthier and more hydrated hair as the result, you may be less inclined to reach for damaging hot styling tools for everyday styling! 

What Are the Benefits of Hair Botox Treatments?

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Better Not Younger features a woman with beautiful long hair practicing meditation in her garden as she might be incorporating meditation to her hair growth routine.

How Meditation Can Help Your Hair Growth Routine

May 13, 2022

It can be super frustrating when we feel like we've tried everything to achieve healthy hair growth, yet we're still dealing with excess hair fall and thinning tresses. If you feel like you've tried everything to combat thinning hair and you're still experiencing hair loss, it might be time to try meditation for hair regrowth!
If you're skeptical, that's understandable. After all, how does being more mindful help our hair? What on earth can meditation do for hair growth?
The answer is that it's not the act of mindfulness and meditating that promotes healthy hair and skin. Instead, it's the numerous physical benefits we reap from meditating that support healthy hair growth and glowing skin.
Read on to learn more about meditation benefits for hair and the connections between meditation and hair loss!

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Better not younger features a caucasian woman in her late 30s taking her right hand while having a pain expression as it might be a symptom of menopause.

5 Menopause Symptoms That Catch Women Most Off Guard

May 11, 2022

It’s typical that women have at least some knowledge of what to expect before getting their first period, having sex for the first time, and having a baby. However, preparation for menopause, a rite of passage every woman will experience, is practically non-existent. Most women report being caught off guard and surprised by the physical and emotional changes. In fact, it’s common for women to question whether a symptom is related to menopause or something else.
In the early stages of perimenopause, before your periods become irregular, it can be hard to sort out what’s menopause-related and what’s not. With at least 34 symptoms associated with menopause, and conditions like a thyroid problem with similar symptoms, it’s easy to see why there’s so much confusion. Classic symptoms like hot flashes, trouble sleeping, vaginal dryness and low libido grab the spotlight since they are the most frequent symptoms women experience. However, that leaves 30 other symptoms, many of which women are unaware. Which one’s catch women most off guard? Read on for my pick of the top five.

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Better Not Younger features a mature woman covering her hair with a white scarf. This is a good  way to protect your hair from air pollution.

8 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Air Pollution

May 09, 2022

As we age, we start to think more and more about how to support and protect our mature tresses. We know which ingredients to avoid in our hair-care routine to best protect our hair.
But what we might not know is that we also need to be protecting our hair from air pollution. Free radicals from environmental pollutants can cause hair loss, and these often fly under our radar as potential culprits when we start seeing thinning and weakened hair.
Research shows that the oxidative stress that environmental pollutants put our bodies through impacts our hair by damaging its proteins. This results in two key side effects for our hair: hair loss and graying. But these aren’t the only side effects—dullness, buildup and an inflamed scalp can also occur.

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