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To get brassines out of your hair, Better Not Younger features a model with medium length gray hair

How to Get Brassiness Out of Your Hair

Now that summer is coming to an end, you may notice that your hair color has changed a bit over the last few months. Depending on your natural hair color, or the color you started the season with, you might actually like your new hue. But if not, then you’re probably wondering how you can get rid of your new unwanted warm tones and which products work best for getting brassiness out of your hair.
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Better Not Younger features a woman with long gray hair outdoors during summer.

Pro Solutions to 8 Summer Hair Issues

Summer is here, and it's our favorite time of the year! Summer means family vacations, cookouts, pool time and relief from cold weather. 

But even though the warm, sunny days of summer are a welcome reprieve, the impact of summer heat and humidity is a different story! To keep your hair healthy and vibrant all summer long, it's important to tweak your hair-care routine for summer. Just a few changes will have a huge impact on your hair's health this season! 

We put together our definitive list of summer hair issues and exactly how you can prevent them. Read on to learn more about how to kick summer frizz, flat hair, dryness and more to the curb for a summer of gorgeous, healthy hair!

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Better Not Younger features a woman with vibrant red hair.

Pro Tips for Preventing Your Hair Color from Fading

Nothing is more frustrating than leaving the salon with a gorgeous, vibrant new hair color, only to find that beautiful hair color faded within two weeks. Watching our fresh hair color come out in the shower is like watching money go down the drain!
So, what can you do if your hair dye keeps washing out?
Incorporating hair products for color-treated hair into your hair-care routine is crucial. As we age, it becomes even more essential to protect our aging locks from environmental, physical and chemical stress. Protecting our hair after dyeing not only helps maintain the health of our hair, but it also helps prevent our hair color from coming out in the shower and turning brassy or dull.
We’ve got expert advice for dealing with hair color that fades quickly, along with how you can incorporate hair products safe for color-treated hair into your hair-care routine to extend the life of your color. Read on for more tips on how to prevent your hair dye from washing out!
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For "6 Biases Against Women’s Hair", Better Not Younger features a mature woman over 40 with long brown hair wearing a black long sleeve black blouse while her hair looks a bit blown by the air. The background is a light brown solid wall.

6 Biases Against Women’s Hair

As women, we put up with a lot of opinions about our hair, and this (often) unsolicited advice only increases as we age. We all know that age bias exists, and our hair is no exception. There's ageism in hair care, in advertising and in much of the media we consume. 

So many "shoulds" are piled onto women, especially after 40: We should wear certain hairstyles "appropriate" for middle-aged women, we should cover our grays and we should chop off longer locks—and many of these have permeated the workplace as well. 

If there's no one drowning out the judgment, this can feel overwhelming! 

At Better Not Younger, we get it. Our company was founded specifically to push back on the belief that there's no market for quality, aging hair-care products. Newsflash: Women don't simply disappear after we hit menopause! 

We compiled a list of past and present hair biases, including aging hair-care biases, that women have been hearing for far too long, plus our take on these false, outdated myths!

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In this article How To Dye and Style Your Hair For Winter, BNY features a blonde mature woman with long hair wearing a winter coat while looking at the camera.

8 Winter Hair Coloring Tips and Tricks

Changes in season inspire change in ourselves. We set new goals and try new adventures. We update our makeup and explore new hairstyles and colors. Variety is the spice of life, after all! If you’ve been thinking about refreshing your look with a new winter hair color, we’ve got eight tips and tricks that will not only get you looking holiday-party ready but help brighten your look through the dullest winter days ahead.
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I Want to Start Coloring My Grays… What Are My Options?

I Want to Start Coloring My Grays… What Are My Options?

Whether your hair is just starting to gray or you’ve been rocking a full head of stunning silver strands for the last few years, the question remains the same: To dye or not to dye?

If you’ve decided that dyeing your hair is the right move for you, then you probably have a few questions, such as:

  • Should I lighten my grays or darken them?
  • Do I want to completely cover my gray? Or should I make my natural grays look more like highlights in darker hair?
  • Does my skin’s undertone matter? If it does, how do I determine mine so that I choose the right hair color for my skin tone?

Let’s pause here for a moment because this last one is super-important and will become a common theme throughout your hair-coloring journey. While your skin’s undertone is probably not the first thing that pops into your head when contemplating your new hair color, it’s actually more significant than you might think. Have you ever heard horror stories from friends who’ve left the salon, looked in the mirror, and felt that something about their new color was just… off? This might have been due to them or their stylist not taking their undertone into account.

Fear not: All colors come in both warm and cool tones, so your skin’s undertone shouldn’t keep you from getting the hair color you really want. It just might mean getting a different version of brown, blonde or purple. Yes, we said purple—more on that later.

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