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Being Heard

After spending our careers working on some of the biggest brands in beauty, we realized that women like us were not being heard. When it came to the product selection and the dialogue around women and aging, the entire industry seemed to be covering its ears and saying, “la-la-la, we can’t hear you!”

aging hair care beauty brand

“We age not by years,
but by stories”

When we spoke with women, we kept hearing the same thing. “Beauty brands treat us like we are invisible, but I feel like am getting better every day.”

Building Better

We decided to create a business of our own. A business by and for women who are not trying to look young, but want to feel their very best every day. These are the founding principles and the mission behind BETTER NOT YOUNGER:

Better Not Younger hair care beauty brand

Celebrate Age

Change the narrative around women and aging. We celebrate the passage of time and lean into the unique brand of sex appeal, glamour, beauty and wisdom that can only come with years and experience.

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Deliver The Goods

Develop products that actually work. Recognizing the changing physiology of the body enabled us to create a line of highly targeted, can’t-live-without products customized to treat the specific needs of your hair today — not the hair you had back in the 90s when you were rocking “the Rachel”.

Our Focus

“Hair is the first thing we notice about people. For many women, it’s the biggest barrier to feeling better about aging. BETTER NOT YOUNGER is here to change all that…one great hair day at a time.”

Co-Founder & CEO

Better Not Younger co-founder CEO