Being Heard

After spending our whole careers in the beauty industry, working on some of the biggest beauty brands, we still felt that women just like us were not being heard. Heard both in terms of the products that were available and the dialog around women and aging which only celebrated being young.

“We age not by years,
but by stories”

When we spoke with women, we kept hearing the same thing. “Beauty brands treat us like we are invisible but I feel like am getting better every day (BTW That’s where the name came from).

Building Better

We decided to create a business of our own. A business owned by women who are not trying to look young, but want to feel their very best every day. Better not Younger is a business built around these principles with a clear mission:


Celebrate Age

Change the narrative around women and aging. We celebrate women as they age and shine the light on the sexuality glamour, allure, and wisdom to being a woman that you just don’t have when you’re young.


Deliver The Goods

Develop products that actually reflect the changing physiology of the body and answer specific issues that we and the women we have spoken to face.

Our Focus

Hair is the first thing we notice about people so for many women, it was the first barrier to feeling better about aging. That’s where we are focusing first. We hope you love it.

Co-Founder & CEO