by Better Not Younger September 27, 2018

Hello, my name is Lori and I’m an organizing addict. I love organizing everything in the house, but my favorites are definitely my clothes closets! This year I have been unusually busy, and my Spring cleaning is happening so late that it has turned more into mid Summer cleaning. But it is never canceled!

In preparation for cleaning and also updating my wardrobe, I decided to get some tips from the cyber world. I was entertained reading about the art of tidying up and the hype and ideas created by Marie Kondo and I enjoyed getting outfit inspiration from my favorite bloggers and celebrities.

Then I arrived at the highly stereotypical articles about “dressing for your age” and “clothes women in their 40’s and 50’s should and should not wear”. And I asked myself: “Why would someone create a restrictive list for women who have finally reached an age of freedom?” The freedom that comes from our hard earned confidence to wear what we like, freedom to afford both mainstream and high-end brands, freedom to choose pieces that make us look like a million bucks because we know our body better than ever!

So why does it seem that some people, media and fashion brands would still like to tell us what we should wear? Who wants to be limited to cropped trousers, pearls and crew-neck sweaters anymore? Or why tell us what not wear? What is wrong with a miniskirt when I have amazing legs and I know it?!

So instead, I have made my own list of clothing staples that make me look and feel not younger, not trendier, but my best, and help me achieve my “ageless chic”.

The top 5 in this list are:

1. Go-to Flats

For me, these are a pair of classy ballerinas with a twist. Comfortable as walking on clouds, versatile, and have the power to add a fun vibe to my outfits.

2. The “Thi is Me” Dress

Time to replace the little black dress for one that makes a statement on its own, without the need for over accessorizing, and in the color and shape that fits me best. It highlights my favorite body parts and showcases my personality.

3. A Perennial White Shirt

In the words of Carolina Herrera: “trends may come and go, but nothing will ever beat a white shirt”.  It needs to stay white and crisp, so it is key to replace it as needed.

4. An Update Cardigan

Long, elegant and modern. No buttons included. It goes with my jeans, dress pants, skirts and dresses. Blends of cotton, silk and cashmere make it versatile and cross-seasonal.

5. The Secret Weapon

Confidence. We all know that self-confidence comes from inside, and in fashion talk, this not only means our minds, hearts, and souls, but also a perfectly-fitting and comfortable, yet pretty, set of underwear.

As the late Kate Spade once said: "Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends." For me, fashion started with my love for a plaid dress that I wore to kindergarten graduation and has continued to be fun even as I get older.  I truly feel that we don’t have to be burdened by the concept of “dressing for our age”, but instead can be inspired by the possibilities of “dressing for our (best!) selves”.

Have you thought about which are your favorite “ageless chic” wardrobe pieces?

Better Not Younger
Better Not Younger


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