Award Winners


Fortifying Hair & Scalp Duo


Harper’s Bazaar 2022 Hair Awards Awards Best for Mature Hair (Duo)

Harper’s Bazaar 2021 Anti-Aging Awards Best Scalp Serum’(Serum only)

Byrdies’ 2021 Best Hair Products Best Scalp Serum (Serum only)

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Wake Up Call

High-Hold Thickening Hairspray


Harper's Bazaar 2023 The 31 Best Hair Products of 2023 in Best for Thinning

Women’s Health 2023 Beauty Awards for ​​"Best Hairspray"

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Significant Other

Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement


Harper's Bazaar 2023 Best hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamins That Do It All Best Gummies

Marie Claire 2022 Best Hair Growth Vitamin Best Vitamin A Infused Hair Growth Vitamin

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Superpower™+ Advanced

Hair Densifying Scalp Serum


Harper Bazaar 2023 Best growth serum Best Balancing Scalp Serum

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Wake Up Call

Shampoo & Conditioner


Harper’s Bazaar 2023 Best 15 Thickening Shampoo Best for Mature Hair

Cosmopolitan 2022 Best Hair Volume Product Best Lightweight Shampoo for Volume

Byrdie’s 2022 Best Hair Care Product Best Volumizing Shampoo

Best Product’s 2022 Best Hair Products for thin Hair Best Shampoo

Oprah Magazine 2021 Beauty O-ward Best Conditioner

Shape 2023 Best Shampoos for Hair Growth Best for Mature Hair

Silver Lining

Purple Brightening Shampoo For Grey & White Hair


Vogue 2022 Best New Shampoos For Your Hair Type For Gray Hair

Best S ‘2022 Best Shampoo For Gray Hair Instant Volume

Best Products 2023 Best Shampoo for Gray Hair best for instant volume

Vogue 2023 Best Purple shampoo

Harper’s Barzaar 2023 Best purple shampoo to brighten blond hair best for fine hair

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A 6 oz bottle of Better Not Younger's Lift Me Up thickening hairspray

Lift Me Up

Hair Thickening Spray


People en español Producto estrella 2023 Una melena Estelar

New Beauty 2020 Beauty Awards Best Thickening Spray

Harper’s Bazaar 2020 Anti-Aging Awards Best Hair Thickener

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Second Chance

Repairing Shampoo For Dry/damaged Hair


Oprah daily 2022 Best Shampoo to take care of gray and silver color Best for bleach hair

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