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Mindful Aging: Embracing the Midlife Transition

January 21, 2022

This is an especially exciting topic for us at Better Not Younger, and the reason is in our name. We believe we only get better with age! And key to a smooth midlife transition is knowing what to expect as we move through menopause.  

But what do signs of menopause at 40 and beyond look like? How can you tell if you're experiencing premenopausal symptoms? 

We've got the scoop on what to know about early perimenopause symptoms and menopause body changes, along with menopause self-care tips to help you cope with the transition!

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What Does New Hair Growth Look Like?

January 19, 2022

While daily hair loss is totally normal, sometimes hair loss in women is a result of menopause or pregnancy or even other factors like stress. But just like hair loss in women is common (though frustrating), hair growth for women is generally on the other side of that hair loss.

New hair growth is almost always happening on your head, especially if you have healthy hair follicles. Signs of new hair growth are to be celebrated (though there is nothing wrong with or shameful about thinning hair on women!). To understand new hair growth, we have to also discuss hair loss, the hair growth cycle and signs your hair is growing back.


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8 Pro Secrets for Preventing Split Ends

January 17, 2022

Split ends are incredibly frustrating when we're trying to grow out our hair. Even though our hair is resilient, it's still susceptible to breakage and splitting, especially at the ends. This is because the ends of our hair are the oldest and most prone to damage. 

How can we grow our hair out if it keeps splitting and breaking at the ends? It can feel like one step forward and two steps back! Before we dig into prevention techniques, let's take a quick look at how and why we get split ends and how it can affect hair growth.

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Great Lengths: What to Know When Growing Out Your Hair

January 14, 2022

Growing out short hair is not for the faint of heart! Longer hair requires more maintenance and TLC, especially on the ends. You wait impatiently, envisioning yourself with long, silky locks that are super versatile. You can't wait to get there. 

But the caterpillar doesn't turn into a butterfly overnight. Growing the long tresses you desire takes time. A few weeks into growing out your hair you might have questions: Are there any good haircuts for growing out short hair? How can I encourage hair growth? Am I destined to look shaggy for the next few months? HELP! 

Not to worry. We have the scoop on some cute transition hairstyles for growing out short hair, which are terrific haircut ideas for women over 40, plus hair-care tips and products to help you on your hair growth journey!

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Why Going to Bed with Wet Hair Is a Bad Idea

January 12, 2022

We know how tempting it can be to take a quick shower before bed and dive between the sheets. Giving your hair time to dry or even pulling out the blow-dryer is labor intensive, and for night showerers, this sometimes just feels like too much work. Thus, going to bed with wet hair.

There are some issues with sleeping with wet hair, though, that you should be aware of before you continue on with this habit. While there are some myths surrounding sleeping with wet hair, some red flags you’ve heard are actually true. (Spoiler alert: Thin wet hair is fragile!) Here’s what you need to know about having wet hair at bedtime.

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In this article about Finding Balance in Your 50s, BNY features a woman over 50 with light gray hair smiling and with her eyes closed as she looks happy on a pink background.

Finding Balance in Your 50s

January 10, 2022

As we enter our 50s, our responsibilities and stresses don’t look the same as they did when we were younger. Family dynamics shift, and work and social obligations can change. As the “sandwich generation” tasked with both childcare and eldercare, one in seven of us is financially supporting both a child and a parent. As we adjust to life after 50, we often find ourselves being pulled in many directions, which can take a toll on our health, well-being, stress levels and even our hair! 

When we think about finding balance in our lives, this is usually because we feel like we have become unbalanced in some way. One of the best ways to start the recalibration process is to identify what specifically is not working for us and switch up our routines to address the problem head-on. But this is much easier said than done. 

So, how can we recalibrate? 

We’re here to give you the scoop on four approaches to help you find balance during this transitional time and build resilience in midlife while even rediscovering yourself. Read on to learn more about how small changes to your daily routine can have a huge impact in your life after 50!

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Why Does My Hair Grow So Slowly in the Winter?

January 07, 2022

There are lots of factors that contribute to how quickly our hair grows. Sometimes our hair grows slowly because of genetics, but there are also environmental factors that can cause our hair growth to slow down, such as seasonal changes. For example, our hair grows faster in summer and more slowly in the winter. But why? One reason for this is that during warmer weather, our blood circulates more freely, carrying nutrients more easily throughout our bodies, and enabling our bodies to produce more keratin (the protein that our hair is made of). 

A second factor is that we usually get more vitamin D (the “sunshine“ vitamin) in the summertime. The sun makes our hair grow faster because our bodies synthesize UVB rays from the sun into vitamin D, which helps our bodies regulate keratin production. When we are deficient in vitamin D, this regulation misfires, triggering hair loss. 

Our hair also grows faster in summer because we tend to leave our heads uncovered more than in the winter, which creates less friction and breakage. When we bundle up to stay warm in cold weather, we often add hats, scarves and hoods, which makes sense because we lose a lot of heat through our heads! But these coverings create more friction on our hair than we typically have in the summertime leading to increased hair fall due to cold weather.

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The Healthiest Diets for Your Hair

January 05, 2022

We all start new diets for a variety of reasons—trying to lose weight, dealing with inflammation, understanding food allergies and more. But when you go on a diet, a lot of different things happen with your body beyond your digestive system. For example, there’s a link between diet and hair loss and all your new diets will affect your hair—though it’s not always bad.

A lot of weight loss diets, however, can be really harmful to your hair because they’re restrictive. Depriving your body of vitamins and nutrients needed for hair growth means your hair will be crying out for nourishment. On the flip side, a diet for healthy hair can keep your hair strong and shiny. Keep reading for a look at some of the most popular diets and what they can do to your hair, as well as our pick of the best diets for healthy hair.

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