Top 10 of Ways Women Can Hide Thinning Hair in the Front

In the realm of haircare, dealing with thinning hair can be challenging, especially when it affects the front area. It's a common occurrence as we age, influenced by genetics, hormonal changes, and lifestyle factors. 

At Better Not Younger, we get it –feeling confident in your look is significant, no matter your age. That's why we've put together a list of savvy solutions to help you rock your hairstyles with poise.

Hairstyles to Minimize Hair Thinning in Front

  1. Strategic Parting: Shake things up with different parting styles to add volume and cover those thinning spots at the front. Whether you go for a side part or mix it up with a zigzag, changing your part can not only hide those sparse areas but also shield against things like UV rays. Amp up the volume by applying our Lift Me Up Hair Thickener at the roots before blow-drying.
  2. Bangs: A well-crafted bang can do wonders for camouflaging thinning hair at the front. Consult with your stylist to find the perfect bang style for your face shape and hair type, and don't forget to schedule regular trims to keep them looking sharp.
  3. Layered Locks: Layers add natural volume, texture and movement throughout your hair, including the front. Consider a layered cut with shorter pieces around the face to add volume, this can distract from the appearance of thinning and create a more visually dense look.
  4. The Textured Updo: When you’re gearing up for a special occasion or just want to switch things up, consider textured updos that add some volume at the crown. This draws attention away from your hairline and gives you a balanced, full look. To keep your updo in place and add extra volume, consider using Better Not Younger’s Thickening Hairspray.
  5. The Headband Hero: Headbands are a stylish and practical way to conceal hair loss at the front. Choose thicker, patterned headbands for a bolder statement, or go for a classic, thin headband for a more subtle approach. Headbands complement your hairstyle and outfit.
  6. Blow-drying Magic: The way you blow-dry your hair can significantly impact volume. Flip your head upside down while blow-drying at the roots to encourage lift. Use a round brush to add body and movement as you dry.For an extra hold and volume, complement your styling with Better Not Younger’s Style Memory Mousse.
  7. Hair Patches Savior: Our Superpower Thickening Hair Patches are a fantastic solution for thinning hair at the front. These patches are infused with ingredients that nourish your scalp and promote hair growth. Regular use can help improve the appearance of thinning hair, making it look fuller and healthier. Plus, they’re easy to use and perfect for all hair types.
  8. Embrace Hair Accessories: Hair clips, bobby pins, and barrettes can be strategically used to create volume and hold hair in place. Use bobby pins to secure flyaway at the front of your hair or create small sections of volume by twisting hair and pinning them back.

Haircare Habits for Healthier Hair

  1. Nourish Your Scalp: A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair growth. Include scalp massages in your hair care routine to stimulate blood flow and promote hair follicle health. Additionally, consider using our Superpower™+ Advanced Hair Densifying Scalp formulated with nourishing ingredients to create the best environment for hair growth.


  1. Targeted Haircare: Look for hair care products specifically designed for thinning hair. These products often contain ingredients that can help strengthen hair strands, promote growth, and add volume. Explore our Wake Up Call Collection for a range of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments specifically formulated to address concerns around thinning hair.

Embrace Your Confidence

Remember, dealing with thinning hair is something many of us go through, so you're not alone. By trying out these styling tricks and sticking to a good hair care routine, you can create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair that makes you feel amazing.

And don't forget about your overall well-being – it's crucial for healthy hair. Eating a balanced diet and finding ways to manage stress can go a long way in keeping your locks looking their best.

In the end, tackling thinning hair at the front is all about taking a multifaceted approach. Embrace these styling tips, explore specialized haircare products, and make self-care a priority. With a little ingenuity, you can rock a look that makes you feel confident and empowered every single day.