The Butterfly Haircut: A Revitalizing Style for Aging Hair


As we age, our hair changes, potentially becoming thinner or graying. However, this doesn't hinder our ability to experiment with hairstyles. One of the timeless trends in haircuts for aging hair is the Butterfly Haircut. Not only is this style chic and modern, but it also imparts dynamism to the hair.

What is a Butterfly Haircut?

The Butterfly style, also known as the Butterfly Layers Haircut, involves cutting the hair in layers so that it falls freely and naturally, resembling the wings of a butterfly. This haircut is particularly beneficial for those with thinning hair as it adds movement.

Why Choose a Butterfly Haircut?

The butterfly haircut is not just a style statement; it's a strategic choice. Here's why:

  • More Volume: The layered design naturally enhances volume and texture, providing a lively bounce, which is especially beneficial for fine or flat hair.
  • Adaptable Design: The butterfly haircut is a versatile style that can be tailored to various hair types, textures, and lengths. This flexibility allows you to customize the haircut to your liking, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of face shapes and personal styles.
  • Easy Maintenance: Unlike some other styles, this haircut is relatively easy to maintain due to its inherent volume and texture, reducing the need for extensive daily styling.
    • Timeless Appeal: This haircut evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication. This timeless quality makes it a popular choice for those seeking a chic and modern look that transcends passing trends.

    How to Style a Butterfly Haircut

    Styling a Butterfly Haircut is straightforward. Here are some hairstyles to maximize the potential of your new haircut:
    • Preparation: Start by washing and conditioning your hair with volumizing products to add volume and shine, and use a rinse-out or leave-in conditioner for anti-breakage properties.
    • Add Volume: Blow dry your hair using a lifting spray and a brush. For instance, our Lift Me Up Hair Thickener is a great choice. This product is designed to add volume and thickness to your hair, making it perfect for styling a Butterfly Haircut.
    • Create Soft Waves: Use gentle methods to achieve wavy hair without causing damage, and to add texture and dimension to the hair. This will enhance the layered look of the Butterfly Haircut.
    • Polished Look: Part your hair down the center for a polished appearance that highlights your natural bone structure.
    • Use Texture Hairspray: Apply some hairspray to showcase the layers. Our Wake Up Call Thickening Hairspray is an excellent option since it provides a flexible hold without weighing down your hair. It lets you maintain the soft and flowy look of the Butterfly haircut while keeping your layers in place.
    • Wispy Layers: Adding bangs to a butterfly cut can change the style's overall look and help balance out the face shape. Wispy bangs can add softness and create a more delicate, feminine look.
    • A Touch of Shine: Use a quality mousse to add shine. The Better Not Younger Wake Up Call Style Memory Mousse not only enhances body and texture but also adds that extra touch of shine that makes all the difference in your style. Additionally, it provides a memory hold that lasts up to 48 hours, ensuring your layers maintain their shape throughout the day.
    *Bonus Tip: To maintain the volume and movement of your Butterfly Haircut, consider scheduled trims every 6-8 weeks. This keeps the layers fresh, prevents split ends, and ensures your wings remain light and airy.

    Just remember, whether you prefer a sleek, straight look or embrace waves, this haircut offers endless styling possibilities. You can rock this trendy haircut with the right products and care while maintaining its versatility.