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Butterfly haircut style for aging hair

The Butterfly Haircut: A Revitalizing Style for Aging Hair

As we age, our hair changes, potentially becoming thinner or graying. However, this doesn't hinder our ability to experiment with hairstyles. One of the timeless trends in haircuts for aging hair is the Butterfly Haircut. Not only is this style chic and modern, but it also imparts dynamism to the hair.
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Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon, wears an ultra-cool side-swept bob with a deep side part and sleek strands.

7 Best Short Haircuts for Women Over 40

Our hair is one of our best instruments of self-expression—no matter our age. But we know that as we age, our hair can become thinner, which can make it harder to manage and style. This doesn’t have to be the case, though! There are plenty of short hairstyles for women over 40 that are easy to maintain, style and wear with confidence. 

Short hair can be comfortable and low-maintenance, and offer endless styling possibilities that certainly aren’t boring! It can be chic, alluring and playful, too—and it can even highlight your beautiful cheekbones. Keep reading for more benefits of sporting short hair, plus our favorite short hairstyles for women over 40.

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Two 40-something women with naturally curly hair. Ivy loves her tresses smooth and sleek. Annie steps out each and every day with her gorgeous red ringlets on full display.

The Great Hair Debate: Curly or Straight Hair

Girls and their curls—it’s a complicated relationship. When all our styling efforts align, we love our curly hair. At other times, we can’t jump back into the shower or grab our flat iron faster for a hairstyling do-over.

Despite the whimsical ways of our curls, there are still some curly hair girls who embrace their ringlets rain or shine, while others haven’t let their curly locks see the light of day in years!

We caught up with two 40-something women with naturally curly hair. Ivy is a Wall Street exec in Manhattan who loves her tresses smooth and sleek. Annie is a creative marketer for a large nonprofit in Washington D.C. who steps out each and every day with her gorgeous red ringlets on full display.

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Mariela is s woman with medium haircut and in this picture she shakes her head happily showing the results of a hair growth routine. This is a headshot, very close up. Her hair looks like moving with the wind.

Best Medium Length Hair Styles For Women

We put together a list of medium length hairstyles that can work well with the thinner density and texture changes of hair after 40. When trying out new lengths and shapes, it will be important that you bear in mind your face shape and lifestyle. And of course, it should go well with your personality to make the look truly your own!

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