by Better Not Younger February 14, 2019

This week we complete the Hair Styles After 40 trilogy with long hair.

Once again the styling team at Better Not Younger has put together a list of top hairstyles that can work well with the thinner density and texture changes of hair after 40.

Remember: When trying out new lengths and shapes, it will be important that you bear in mind your face shape and lifestyle. And of course, most important, it should go well with your personality to make the look truly your own!

Long Hair Too Long For

You might have probably heard from someone or read somewhere that after 40 women should not wear hair below the shoulder. Not true! We can definitely rock long hair after 40, and even go gray all the way with long hair. And here is the proof.

1. Loose Waves

Loose waves look good on everyone!

Simple yet striking loose waves. They add volume to thin hair and can help soften defined bone structure. They basically look good on everyone and you can get the look even without the use of hot tools depending on your natural hair texture and with the help of some styling tricks (think rollers and air-drying).

Pro-tip: add extra volume with a side parting.

2. Long Layers

Sleek and glossy Long Layers

Not any kind of layers. We are talking about long layers that turn long hair into a work of art. They start at the chin for a face-framing effect, and gradually thin out towards the ends falling softly around your cheeks and shoulders like staggered curtains of hair. You can wear them sleek and glossy, or curl them for a more playful and textured look. If you choose the latter, remember to always apply a protective spray when using hot styling tools.

Pro-tip: you can add even more dimension to long layers with golden or honey-coloured highlights.

3. Long & Gray Grace

Yazemeenah Rossi, the queen of long gray hair.

If your natural color is now gray, this is a beautiful look to celebrate it. It can really come alive with the use of a great conditioning mask for gray hair and a gloss treatment or toner.

Pro-tip: try a gray subtle ombré for an updated and bolder look.

No matter if you are going from long to short, vice versa, or keeping the same length and just changing styles, the key is in keeping having fun with our hair.

And remember that in order to keep your hair looking healthy, regardless of the length, is it key to visit your hairdresser for frequent trims and to use the products specifically developed for your hair needs. You can find more tips on how to keep aging hair healthier and thicker-looking here.

Lastly, in the case that you are still not sure about trying out that new haircut or style you have been eyeing for several months or have glued to your fridge door, here is some additional inspiration. From the words of George Bernard Shaw: “We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”.

Better Not Younger
Better Not Younger


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