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« The serum is awesome! It does not leave my fine hair greasy. My hair looks fuller, not so frizzy and I feel I am being proactive using this on my menopausal hair. Thank you for concentrating on those of us over 40. »


« This hair mask is THE ONE. It is great for a twice a week use.It Leaves hair feeling healthier without feeling too weighed down from product. It smells amazing and best of all...it works!!! »


« Most volumizing shampoos strip my hair, but this one was so different! It left my hair super clean but also incredibly soft! »


Aging Hair: What Every Woman Needs to Know About It

I’m 54. Over the years, I’ve figured out what makeup to use, what jeans to wear. I have my look under control… except for one thing: my uncooperative aging hair.

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Pump Up The Hair Volume – Healthier, Fuller-Looking Hair After 40

Great hair waves leaving the house that become flat hair by the time I arrive at the party 10 minutes later? If you can relate to this situation, you are not alone!

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