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What people are saying

« The serum is awesome! It does not leave my fine hair greasy. My hair looks fuller, not so frizzy and I feel I am being proactive using this on my menopausal hair. Thank you for concentrating on those of us over 40. »


« This hair mask is THE ONE. It is great for a twice a week use.It Leaves hair feeling healthier without feeling too weighed down from product. It smells amazing and best of all...it works!!! »


« Most volumizing shampoos strip my hair, but this one was so different! It left my hair super clean but also incredibly soft! »


The Most Powerful Beauty Secret No One's Talking About

Look at Jennifer Lopez (who, let's just point out, makes gazing so easy to do). Then try Jennifer Aniston. Octavia Spencer. Michelle Obama. Heck, look at Jane Fonda...

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You haven’t aged! – Here’s why that’s not really a compliment

The compliment, while well-intentioned, is ultimately a damaging one. Proclaiming that a woman has “not aged!” is so commonly accepted that we’ve internalized the sentiment as both an aspirational accolade and yet another impossible beauty standard...

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