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by Better Not Younger January 14, 2020

Whether or not women should grow their hair long after 40 is a hotly debated subject in the world of fashion and beauty. By the way, there is no one right answer as we’ve always believed that your hair is solely your business (at any age). And while some women might not be able to pull off long hair, others will rock it with no problem. So hold your head high and wear your hair any style or length your heart desires.

Much more important than anyone’s beauty advice, is the fact that some women have trouble controlling their hair after 40 as it tends to change texture, becomes thin or slow to grow, and lacks moisture. Luckily, these are all preventable or curable conditions with the right hair care routine. You can have long radiant locks your entire life with a few tips.

The number one thing you can do to help promote stronger, healthier hair growth is to detox your scalp. We’ve been taught that in order to preserve our hair we need to wash it less often, but what’s good for the hair isn’t as good for the scalp, so it can be a bit of a balancing act. You’re going to want to keep the scalp clean, regularly removing impurities. Leaving a build up of product on the scalp for several days in a row can cause follicles to clog and become more irritated.

You can exfoliate your scalp by massaging it with a brush with soft rubber tips. If you need additional exfoliation you can add a teaspoon of sugar to a quarter sized dollop of shampoo to use as a DIY exfoliant. Other natural ways to avoid dry scalp is to drink plenty of water and avoid harmful UV rays from the sun.

If you’re looking for a great detox product with an amazing exfoliating applicator in one, try our New Dawn Activated Charcoal Scalp Cleanser. This revolutionary scalp cleanser is specifically designed to provide deep cleansing and stimulation of the scalp using activated charcoal and a uniquely designed rubber-tipped comb applicator.

With a great scalp detox routine in place you can expect to grow your hair thicker and faster, which is great news for anyone wanting to try a longer style at any age. Make sure to work with your stylist to pick an on-trend style, using layers and highlights to create a vibrant look with lots of volume and texture.

Are you ready for #waybetterhair?

Better Not Younger
Better Not Younger


3 Responses

Adrienne Strange

March 06, 2020

My hair used to be thicker! It’s thinning!


February 10, 2020

I need to see all of this my hair needs help .

Jane johnson

February 10, 2020

Need to strengthen my hair so it doesn’t break off

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