10 Haircuts for Thin & Aging Hair

Going through the aging process involves having to adapt to some changes. These changes have an impact on our hair as well. The differences we notice in our hair as we age can include dryness, a receding hairline, hair loss, changes in hair texture, or thinning hair.

As we age, almost half of women will experience some form of thinning hair. Here at Better Not Younger, we are all about approaching thinning hair with confidence as we age better. Some of the best tools to have in your back pocket to combat fine or thinning hair are volumizing shampoos and supplements that support healthy hair from within.

But sometimes, despite our best efforts in coping with thin hair, there is still something amiss. When our hair texture and density change after menopause, our favorite haircut may not fit us anymore. 

That can feel disappointing, but with a little reframe, it can be a start of a new hair journey. It can be exciting to consider a new look! And determining the haircuts that do the most for thin and aging hair is an important first step in deciding what photo reference you’ll be taking to your hairstylist.

The best haircut for your aging hair will make you feel confident and beautiful. So, what will it be? Bangs, layers, or maybe a chin-length bob? The only way to find out what the best haircuts and best hairstyles are for thinning hair, fine hair, and aging hair is to read on.

What Is the Best Haircut for Fine Hair Over 60?

As we progress in age, our hair becomes thinner and finer. For women over 60, styles that may have once been effortless may no longer be so effortless. There are so many haircut types that the options are almost endless! 

The haircuts and hairstyles that make the most sense for older women with thin hair are usually short haircuts and short hairstyles.

The layered short pixie haircut is a great choice for fine hair. Not only is it a classic, but it’s also very easy to style, low maintenance, and can provide opportunities for added volume. Having the perfect approach of wash-and-wear, a layered pixie cut will help aging hair have more dimension.

A single-length bob haircut is a classic. For women over 60, the best way to wear this cut is above the shoulders. This is to make sure that your hair doesn't appear weighed down. A blunt bob is a cut that fits any occasion and never goes out of style. You can achieve the best of both worlds by opting for a pixie bob. If you aren't quite wanting to take the plunge to a chin-length haircut, a lob (also known as a long bob) is also a possibility.

Having shorter hair ensures that the weight of your hair is evenly dispersed, making your fine hair look a lot more like thick hair. You'll also find that a deep side part on short hair can be flattering on any face shape.

The Best Haircuts for Aging Curly Hair

An asymmetrical short bob haircut could be a great opportunity to have some fun as you experiment with the new hair texture that aging has given you! Curlers can be used to maintain consistency across your natural curls and help the style last a bit longer. You can also use a curling iron, just don’t forget to reach for the Heat Protection Spray!

Cut up to the ears, a short, curly, layered haircut is a great look that works with all face shapes. For those with curly hair, a short and close cut allows the curls to stand on their own with little need for products. Though with aging hair, you can always benefit from a little volume boost to make your curly tresses stand out.

Flattering Haircuts for Older Women

Fashion changes for almost everyone. What was once in style just a few years ago may have many of us wincing these days. As we age, our style can sometimes change as well! 

Hair can be a reflection of our style but also complement and flatter our everyday look. The following hairstyles would look fabulous on any hair type.

A long layered haircut that provides face-framing near the jawline is fun and flattering. This cut can accentuate your cheekbones, especially when styled using a round brush. A shaggy, layered haircut such as this style can be short enough to show off earrings while still long enough to push behind an ear. 

An edgy layered shag haircut can be a great, light, and easy look for those with long or medium hair. Layers that come with a shag haircut give a good amount of texture which can be accentuated with texturizing spray. A shag cut looks incredible with curtain bangs near or at the eyebrows. We love a layered cut and are so happy to see that shags are back in style!

A blunt cut lob is a simple but effective hairstyle that is flattering to those with straight hair. You can wear this blunt hairdo with a center part or hint of wispy bangs! The great thing about a long bob is that it can be dressed up or down: wash-and-wear, or keep this sleek style in place with Wake Up Call High Hold Thickening Hairspray. For those with fine hair that has come with age, this style is suited just fine for thinner hair. 

A shoulder-length haircut with side-swept bangs is a flattering look that’s perfect when you’re feeling a little more daring but still want something that can be understated as well. Keeping the side-swept bangs as long bangs will give you more of a fashion statement, while this cut is a classic look with any hair texture (especially for those of us with wavy hair!). 

When you put your hair up in a ponytail or updo, your side-swept bangs will play up the gorgeous features of your face. This is a great medium-length cut to opt for.

With a little bit of blow-drying with these haircuts, you can be out the door to enjoy your day – and enjoy the glimpses of yourself in the mirror!

Haircuts To Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

Those with thin hair are likely looking to make thin strands appear thicker or more voluminous. How can we do thin and fine hair justice with the perfect haircut?

A feathered and textured razor-cut haircut is a simple cut that adds more dimension to give the illusion of thicker hair. With layers upon layers of feathering, your hair can look more dense and voluminous with the look of thicker hair because more layers are shown. Having your hairstylist texturize with a razor or point-cutting with shears helps add to this effect by mimicking the look of movement. This style can be worn at any length, even longer hair!

A short, choppy cut is a great style for those wanting to move away from the conventional. A choppy cut is a careful measuring of chaotic and messy, with volume and dimension. For added texture, put your hair in braids while it’s still wet before bed. In the morning, run your fingers through your locks and admire the depth that beachy waves add to your fine thin hair.

Generally speaking, it’s best to stick to shorter styles. Long hair can weigh down thin and aging hair, making it hard to style and add thickness. Shorter hairstyles from the shoulder and up are easier to maintain and will be less weighed down. 

With less weight to contend with, a volumizer can help hair appear more abundant and thick by lifting each hair strand at the root. It just so happens that this is exactly what our hair thickener does for aging hair. You can feel like you’re tackling the drawbacks of aging hair head-on (no pun intended) when spritzing it onto your scalp because it nourishes your hair follicles. You’ll gain thicker-looking hair instantly, as well as cumulatively, over time! We love proactive hair care here at Better Not Younger.

Forget the wet sets and hot rollers (unless that’s your thing!). Having a stylish, complimentary haircut in our 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond doesn’t have to be daunting. With these ideas for the best haircuts for thin and aging hair, aging hair can go from uninspired to fluently stylish.

Our hair texture goes through shifts and transitions during the process of aging. Having a haircut or hairstyle that makes these changes work for you is what it’s all about! From making thinning hair look more voluminous through carefully placed layers and thickening hairspray to reviving aging curls with a short haircut and curl boost spray – aging better never looked so good.

If you’re still unsure where to start in finding the best products for your hair at any age and stage, take our hair quiz today for recommendations! 


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