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Redefining Motherhood: How a Mother’s Role Changes Throughout Her Life
Redefining Motherhood: How a Mother’s Role Changes Throughout Her Life
Motherhood isn’t one size fits all. Just as there are all sorts of moms, the role each mother plays evolves with each passing year. As her children grow and their needs change, so too do her responsibilities and place in their lives. From nurturing toddlers to disciplining teens to raising responsible young adults who will one day have children of their own—a mother’s job is never done. And what a comforting notion when we reflect on the indelible impact she’s had in our lives—as a caregiver, a teacher, a confidant, a friend.
But motherhood isn’t only redefined with the passing of time. Women having children later in life has challenged the notion of what motherhood looks like for a woman in her 40s, 50s and beyond. The realities of motherhood at 50 look infinitely different when she begins her family at 40 versus 20—making grade school graduations more common a celebration than blissful “I dos.”
Better Not Younger went straight to the source and invited three mothers, in three different stages of motherhood, to share their unique experiences, from the joys of watching their children grow to the challenges they’ve faced along the way. While some may have swapped bedtime kisses for evening FaceTime chats, each mother’s story is special and inspiring. Their words are powerful and poignant—and beautifully illustrate motherhood in midlife and beyond. 
Motherhood in Midlife and Beyond—In Their Own Words
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