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Your Essential Guide to Postpartum Skincare

Your Essential Guide to Postpartum Skincare

May 04, 2022

For many of us, pregnancy brought healthy, shiny hair and glowing skin. (And an adorable, chunky baby, which is a pretty good deal!) But what about after we've given birth and the influx of estrogen and hormones is over?
 Similar to our pregnancy skincare, postpartum skincare can be tough to navigate because we want to have an effective postpartum skincare routine while also ensuring that the products we use are safe for baby.
 As our bodies recalibrate after creating a new life, our skin often bears the brunt of this adjustment period. Our post-pregnancy skin has been stretched more than ever, so new skin issues like stretch marks and looseness are common. While pregnant, we may have developed darker skin pigmentation, or melasma, and some of us may have experienced breakouts we haven’t seen since middle school!
While every woman’s skin journey during pregnancy looks a little different, our postpartum skin issues vary as well. And the go-to skincare routines we had pre-pregnancy or during pregnancy might not effectively address our new postpartum skin.
We also know that new moms have a ton on their plates!  That's why we created an essential guide to postpartum skincare, including products to avoid while breastfeeding and products with ingredients that are safe and effective in addressing the most common postpartum skincare issues.

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