Care Steps

Despite what the beauty industry may tell you, there is no silver bullet to solve all your hair needs (We wish there was too!) Instead, it’s important to address each of the root causes of change with specific tailored solutions.

We created a holistic program based on years of scientific work in hair biology and hair products. To this, we add firsthand understanding of the relationship that women (us included!) have with their hair. Think of it as the step-by-step to let you fall in love with your hair again.

Our Hair Program

You are what you eat may sound like a horrible cliché, but at its heart is a truth. Do you feel better after a week of Kale salads or after a week with pizza delivery on speed-dial? Yeah, we know. And your hair is the same. That’s why we created a specific range of hair supplements that can be ingested, digested and put to work making your hair look and feel healthier from the inside out.

  • Reduce hair brittleness
  • Promote growth
  • Prevent hair breakage

As hair ages, your pores get clogged and shrink which in turn slows your hair down. And that could be the least of your problems, if you’ve been applying as much product as we often do! Our products for scalp-care and priming exfoliate the scalp and provide targeted cleansing that allows your hair to grow better. Allowing you to turn the page on your latest scalp-based misdemeanors.

  • Remove product build-up
  • Unblock hair follicles
  • Increase circulation
  • Promote hair growth

Cleansing is a bit like your expectations, you need to find just the right amount. Too much cleansing with strong surfactants and foamers can leave your hair feeling squeaky clean, however it can also damage the hair by stripping too much natural oil and color, drying out the scalp, and promoting hair loss. Our products work better by cleansing without damaging the fragile cuticle and hair roots. They won’t overly strip out essential oils, leaving your hair clean and well-balanced.

  • Clarifies scalp
  • Remove build-up
  • Support hair health

Conditioning your hair to detangle and smooth the hair is not enough anymore. Your aging hair needs more than good hydration and is craving an extra boost of nourishment to tame flyaways and fight that extra dryness. That’s why we bring you moisturizers loaded with the additional bio-blocks of peptides, amino acids, ceramides, and natural extracts. Think of these the same way you think of adding a vitamin boost to a glass of water. Something extra to give it some moisture back and maintain hair smoothness, malleability, and body.

  • Increase smoothness
  • Puts moisture back in
  • Provides volume and lift
  • Calms flyaways

Aging, the environment and the products we use can cause our hair to lose the moisture and nutrients it needs to look and feel amazing. That’s why sometimes we need ‘ultra-moisture’ masking. Our decadent creamy masks bring another level of lipids to your hair giving it that rich, luscious buttery feeling of sleek healthy locks.

  • Extreme conditioning
  • Smooths hair cuticles
  • Removes build-up

In the old days, the way to get volume was an entire can of hair spray with a bit of backcombing. Now with thinner hair, you’re finding it’s harder than ever to get that effect.Until now. Step 5 in your pursuit of a great hair day works by promoting stimulation and circulation at the scalp to support hair growth and create thicker fuller looking hair.

  • Stimulate the scalp
  • Promote circulation
  • Provide visible fullness

So, you’ve decided to go for it. You’ve got a pair of tongs in one hand and styling spray in the other. Your hair is cowering in the corner and you’ve got a crazed look in your eye. Let’s face it, living like a hair saint all the time is boring. Sometimes you have to let loose. That’s why we created a lightweight miracle-working heat protection and taming spray to use before blow drying, flat-ironing or curling. Now you can enjoy unbeatable heat protection and a guilt-free perfect hair day.

  • Protects from heat
  • Protects from toxins
  • Adds shine

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