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by Better Not Younger June 05, 2018

Menopause—a word I learned even before I got my first period. Growing up in the 60s, at a young age, we were taught that this horrible thing called ‘menopause’ would inevitably one day arrived and hit us on the face. The details were taboo, but the underlying message was clear: our bodies would dry up like raisins, and our femininity would crumble like a stale cookie. I had visions of night sweats, weight gain, wrinkled up the skin and thinning hair, mood changes and a waning desire for sex, among other things. The prospects were at the very least scary. Life as a woman would be over.

While I know this is a topic more openly talked about today, menopause is still seen as some terrible thing women will experience. Well, I have news for all of the women out there who fear their impending menopause; it’s not that bad. In fact, it comes at a great time in our lives, and, if we embrace it, it can be empowering.

Of course, my body is changing, just like everyone else’s, including men! Yes, I will get the occasional hot flash, a night sweat, and your hair might look a bit dull, but all in all, I have to say I’ve never experienced the horrible things our mothers and grandmothers predicted. Sex warning? Maybe, but does anyone really care that much? We quickly can learn ways to compensate. As far as my body weight, the truth is that I’ve had to watch what I eat my entire adult life—menopause is no different. Another symptom? I have definitely become a bit forgetful—I find my friends or children finishing up sentences for which I cannot find the right words or reminding me of the names of my next-door neighbor whom I’ve known for years—but it’s nothing a smartphone can’t fix.

Menopause comes at an age full of wonderful things

The truth is, menopause has brought some uncomfortable changes, but it hasn’t altered my life very much at all. My relationship with my body, as with my whole self, is much healthier now than when I first started menstruating. With menopause, has come to a new sense of feminine empowerment. I’m in charge of my own self more than ever. Maybe it’s the fact that I can enjoy more “me” time as kids have left home. Or maybe it’s because I get to enjoy my well-earned financial stability. So, my advice to all of you? Don’t sweat it.

So, love your age, and don’t let anyone ever tell you it’s “game over”.

Better Not Younger
Better Not Younger


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