7 Summer Hairstyles for 7 Summer Occasions

Summer’s heating up and this means your calendar is filling up, too. Just as you plan your outfits for each special outing, when it comes to how you’ll style your hair, not all outings are created equal! Whether you’re keeping things low-key with an impromptu casual brunch with the gals or packing for that annual family camping trip in the countryside, we’re here to help you discover the perfect hairstyle for every summer occasion.

Chic Summer Wedding

An elegant chignon with softly swept-back tresses and few face-framing tendrils is a look that will never go out of style.


Thanks to COVID’s downswing and an abundance of vaccines, engaged couples are rushing to the alter this summer. This means you’ll want to start perfecting your polished updo. An elegant chignon with softly swept-back tresses and few face-framing tendrils is a look that will never go out of style. The timeless chignon goes wonderfully well with all the Sposa Bride gowns for an elegant bride, making your look complete and effortless in one go. Best of all, the styling options are endless: Play with the position of your hair part and consider the placement of your bun—at the nape of the neck, nestled to one side behind your ear—so no wedding photo of you will ever look the same!

With all the weddings popping up across the country—and even around the globe, destination wedding, anyone?—packing your hair-care products for a long flight can be a hassle. That’s why we developed our Best Summer Hair Kit, complete with the travel-size products you need to keep your hair looking chic, no matter the time zone.

Casual Brunch with the Girls

Loose, flowing waves are always a great go-to for Sunday brunch—they look effortless and enhance any outfit.


Loose, flowing waves are always a great go-to for Sunday brunch—they look effortless and enhance any outfit. Our Wake Up Call Volumizing Duo makes the perfect complement to your easy, carefree style by adding bounce and volume to your thirsty locks right from the start. After all, who wants waves that fizzle out before the second round of mimosas even start!

An Artsy Day at the Museum

Casual yet polished messy bun.

Be one with art with an artfully casual yet polished messy bun. You’ll fit right into any museum crowd! Plus, with your strands off your face and out of your eyes, nothing will get in the way of you admiring all the art around you. A purposefully piecey updo like the one above is a versatile style lets you go straight from the museum to a walk in the park or brunch with friends without having to change a thing.

Hiking with the Family

Casual yet stylish ponytail or top knot

Pulling twigs and leaves from your hair is the last thing you want to deal with after spending a great day in nature. Plus all the sweat, dirt and frizz—what a tangled mess! So why not put your hair up and away in a casual yet stylish ponytail or top knot? Add a cute breathable headband to keep flyaways off your face, too. Not only is this a great protective hairstyle for your delicate locks, but it will keep your hair off your neck and away from all that sweat you’ll surely work up on your hike. 

Believe it or not, washing your hair more frequently isn’t always the best idea. In fact, it can be more beneficial for your hair and scalp if you only wash your hair every two or three days, and sometimes less for curlier ladies. We developed our Fresh Start Scalp Renewing Dry Shampoo exactly for times like these. It’s even formulated to hydrate your scalp in between wash days–if you can avoid washing and styling your hair all over again after your hike!

A Relaxing Day by the Pool

French braids, Dutch braids, pigtail braids

A day at the pool is the perfect time to break out some fun, playful braids, especially if pool day immediately precedes your wash day. Experiment with French braids, Dutch braids, pigtail braids—take your pick! Add a fun hair clip to help sweep tresses back and accessorize your look. And if you don’t plan to wash your hair until later that night and it has had time to dry, you’ll be able to sport some beautiful loose waves for sunset cocktails!

Keeping Cool at the Farmers Market

Sun hat 

Farmers markets are one of the best spots to procure fresh produce on the weekends—but you probably don’t want your face to become as sun-kissed as the fruits and vegetables around you. A sun hat is a super stylish way to keep the sun out of your eyes so you can appreciate the quality of everything the market has to offer.

There are so many shapes, colors and styles available that you can dress any look up or down with the simple switch of a hat. If hat hair is the only thing stopping you from showcasing your fabulous collection, we’ve got just the thing. After showering, apply our Lift Me Up Hair Thickener to wet or damp tresses to give your hair the extra boost it needs to bounce back once you remove your hat.

An Elegant Dinner Date

Sleek and elegant take on those loose, flowing brunch waves

A sleek and elegant take on those loose, flowing brunch waves
, this classicly modern hairstyle is perfect for almost any occasion—a fancy night out included. This look will likely require the assistance of some hot styling tools, like a hair dryer if you’re blowing out natural curls and a curling iron for adding in waves. We developed our our
No Remorse Heat & Taming Spray for just these moments. It offers a layer of protection against high heat, so you can straighten or curl your hair into the style of your dreams without worrying about any damage or breakage. Keep it close by throughout the evening to hydrate and add shine whenever tresses need a pick-me-up.

Tell Us: Do you have a favorite go-to style for summer? Share in the comments below!

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