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by Better Not Younger May 20, 2019

Is it just us, or is aging really having a moment? Well, it’s actually more of a movement.

Jane Fonda, at age 81, is gracing the cover of British Vogue’s Non - Issue Issue. Millennial-focused Refinery29 has partnered with AARP to tackle ageism. Even Silicon Valley is beginning to recognize an, ahem, older demographic as a valuable consumer. But, please, don’t call us seniors - unless we get a great discount.

Yes, the conversations around aging are in the midst of a much-needed update as older women are owning their power past 40. Headlines are shifting from “How To Look Ageless...At Any Age” to iconic blonde Reese Witherspoon proudly embracing fine lines and grey hair and Taraji P. Henson’s plans to "break the ageism glass ceiling."

As a brand dedicated to celebrating age while delivering the goods, this shifting dialogue around women and aging is one we can fully get behind. In the spirit of changing the conversation, here are four commonly held assumptions about aging that haven’t quite… aged well.

There are no roles for women over 40

Well, that’s just one big little lie. It’s no secret that ageism – which is really just sexism with glasses, isn’t it? – has long been rampant in Hollywood. Yet, as women’s voices are becoming louder, more unified, and more influential, the roles for women over 40 are following suit, becoming more multi-dimensional and complex than ever. As the cultural climate shifts, we’re seeing a resurgence of powerful older women on the big and small screens. This awards season alone we saw more talented and funny women (who happen to be over 40) than ever living their best lives and doing their best work. To name a few - Olivia Colman, Melissa McCarthy, Regina King, Sandra Oh, Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close, and Julia Roberts. More of that, please.

Every woman over 40 should own/do/wear THIS

Nope. No thank you. We’re good. Please stop telling “us” – as if we’re one big monolith of hormonal changes and handbags – what we should be doing relative to our date of birth. The only timeline that matters is your own. Forget the outdated and misguided notions that put you out to pasture after 50. We’ll be over here, taking notes from these women over 50 who continually reinvent themselves and refuse to follow the rules, regardless of age.

Men age better than women

Ok. Hmmm. Where to start. Listen, NOT that it’s a competition, but, if it was, we’d be winning. We have Angela Bassett on our team. Just saying.

Age is just a number

Sorry to say, but this just isn’t true. Your weight? Just a number. Shoe size? Just a number. Age? Ok, it is just a number, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all number. Why not own your number? Age, after all, should be a badge of honor, not a source of shame. Don’t silence your number - own it. Your age is a reflection of life lived, wins and fails, wisdom and dumb decisions, great hair days and regrettable hairstyles. And here’s hoping for many more!

Change is hard. Changing commonly held beliefs is harder. Especially when we’ve been internalizing damaging ideas about aging for so long. But we know that so many of these outdated adages just aren’t true and we’re proud to be a small part of the seismic shift in the way we as a society view aging. Call us age-obsessed, but we’d rather get to the root of the issue.

By Vanessa Scull

Better Not Younger
Better Not Younger


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