How Do You Fix a Bad Haircut You Don’t Like?

We all know a bad haircut is a nightmare and can affect your self-esteem, but we're strong women who've seen it all, pick ourselves up, laugh at ourselves, and move on; at Better Not Younger, we're the kind of women who look for solutions when we see a problem, right?!

Letting this unfortunate event bring you down is easy, but you don’t have to! Hair will grow back with time. This bad haircut is not permanent, which is great! But what should you do in the meantime?

There are ways to help with your bad haircut and give you more confidence until your hair grows back. 

How Do You Avoid a Bad Haircut?

Sometimes a bad haircut is inevitable. We do everything right but still end up disappointed. But don’t get too down in the dumps — there are always solutions to get you feeling amazing again. 

First, research on the salon you choose for hair services. Read reviews and look at any customer images they have posted. A trick to this is to check out their social media, as everything is posted there now.

Some salons specialize in different types of haircuts. Finding a salon is a little easier if you are looking for something basic. If you want a unique and trendy haircut, find a salon specializing in more unusual haircuts. 

Search for a salon that fits your hair type. If you have curly hair make sure to find a salon with a hairdresser that has experience cutting your hair type; straight hair and curly hair require very different techniques. 

Be sure to have a clear picture of what you would like. Have a good image showing all angles and the length you want. A few images showing the same haircut can be even better, so the hairdresser has plenty to reference. If the hairdresser knows what you are aiming for, they have a greater chance of providing you with what you want. 

If you don’t have anything specific in mind, ask to see the hairdresser's portfolio and choose something in there you like. The good part about choosing a haircut this way is that the hairdresser can perform it as it is in their portfolio. 

Speak up! Say something if you see that too much of your hair is being chopped. If you notice not enough of your hair is cut, also say something! Too many bad haircuts could have been avoided by simply speaking our minds — and as women, using our voices is essential! 

Are You Thinking About Cutting Your Hair?

It is not recommended to cut your hair unless you are a professional. Too many bad haircuts stem from people attempting to do it themselves. So many tutorial videos make it look easy, but cutting your hair is a lot harder than you think.

If you cut it yourself before reading this though, don’t stress! We have all been there. 

If you are set on cutting your hair, do a lot of research on specific techniques that are catered to your hair type. Research what products you will need and how to use them. 

Also, be prepared that the haircut may not look exactly as you intended; it is very difficult to give yourself a haircut. It’s okay!

Did You Still Get a Bad Haircut?

You took all the steps you could to avoid this mess but still got a bad haircut; no need to panic! Your hair is the fastest-growing tissue on your body and will be back in no time. 

Hair can grow up to an inch per month. That means up to 12 inches per year! 

Where Do You Go From Here? 

The first step is to seek professional help. Sometimes your haircut can be salvaged by a different hairdresser. Ask around and see if you can find someone with experience with haircut corrections. You may be lucky and be able to get it fixed in no time. 

If it is too short, you may not want to go any shorter; you’d rather just wait for it to grow out before making any additional alterations. The good news is you can still fix that haircut. It may not be exactly what you wanted initially, but it will look good and get you through the next few months of waiting for your hair to grow. 

How Do You Fix a Bad Haircut You Don’t Like?

If you’re not on board with fixing it yourself or aren’t able to find a stylist to correct the cut, here are a few tips you can do to remedy the situation. 


Extensions are a lifesaver when dealing with a bad haircut! Extensions can be used to make your hair fuller and longer and come in all different lengths. 

You will want the extensions to match your current hair. Extensions can be bought in certain hair colors or dyed to match in several hair types — straight, curly, and wavy. 

You can also style them however you’d like and use heat products on them; if you get curly extensions and want to straighten them one day, that is fine, and vice versa. 

You can choose from various applications that are more suited to your needs. A couple of the different extension types include clip-in extensions and sew-in extensions. 

Clip-in extensions are great if you only want to use them for certain occasions. They are super easy to put in your hair — just clip it on the middle layer and cover it with the top layer to hide the clips. These extensions last three to six months if you take care of them properly. They can be washed as needed.

Sew-in extensions are semi-permanent, as they stay in your hair for six to eight weeks. The upside to these extensions is that you do not have to put them in your hair whenever you want to use them; they just stay in place. They can also be washed without issues when washing your natural hair. 


Wigs are a great idea if you are dealing with a bad haircut! The best part about wigs is that the options are endless. There are so many types of wigs now that you can try out all the different ideas you have in your head.

Wigs are also very easy to apply. You can even get wigs in kits with everything you need for the application. You can wear a wig out until your hair has grown back out and you are ready to retry for your original haircut. 


You are disappointed that your hair did not come out as planned, and you do not want to go the extensions or wig route. Learn how to work with what you have! Hair is all about styling. A bad haircut can look decent if the right style is worn.

There are videos on just about everything now! Look up videos on your haircut and different ways to style it. You can add a good volumizing hairspray to get your hair where you want it, or find a thickening spray to add some oomph to sad-looking hair. You’ve got this. 

Hair accessories are a good way to help with a bad haircut. For example, if your bangs are cut too short, it would be an easy fix to pin them back. You can add headbands to mask the haircut errors as well. 

If your bad haircut cannot be hidden by hair accessories and is still long enough to put in a hair tie, you can put your hair up into a ponytail or bun to avoid everyone seeing it.

A Bad Haircut Is Not the End of the World

In conclusion, even though it may seem like it, a bad haircut is not the end of the world! If anything, it is an experience that bonds us women together — we’ve all been there, and built our confidence back up.

Hair grows so fast that in no time, this bad haircut will just be a bad memory that you may even be able to laugh about with others. While waiting for your hair to grow, try using a good shampoo and conditioner to keep it healthy and assist the hair with growing even faster. 

Better Not Younger supports healthy and happy hair at any age. Browse our collections to add volume, strengthen damaged hair, and get those pesky strands back where they want to be. Confidence is the name of the game, and Better Not Younger is here to support it.


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