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Better Not Younger features a woman with beautiful long hair practicing meditation in her garden as she might be incorporating meditation to her hair growth routine.

How Meditation Can Help Your Hair Growth Routine

May 13, 2022

It can be super frustrating when we feel like we've tried everything to achieve healthy hair growth, yet we're still dealing with excess hair fall and thinning tresses. If you feel like you've tried everything to combat thinning hair and you're still experiencing hair loss, it might be time to try meditation for hair regrowth!
If you're skeptical, that's understandable. After all, how does being more mindful help our hair? What on earth can meditation do for hair growth?
The answer is that it's not the act of mindfulness and meditating that promotes healthy hair and skin. Instead, it's the numerous physical benefits we reap from meditating that support healthy hair growth and glowing skin.
Read on to learn more about meditation benefits for hair and the connections between meditation and hair loss!

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Better not younger features a caucasian woman in her late 30s taking her right hand while having a pain expression as it might be a symptom of menopause.

5 Menopause Symptoms That Catch Women Most Off Guard

May 11, 2022

It’s typical that women have at least some knowledge of what to expect before getting their first period, having sex for the first time, and having a baby. However, preparation for menopause, a rite of passage every woman will experience, is practically non-existent. Most women report being caught off guard and surprised by the physical and emotional changes. In fact, it’s common for women to question whether a symptom is related to menopause or something else.
In the early stages of perimenopause, before your periods become irregular, it can be hard to sort out what’s menopause-related and what’s not. With at least 34 symptoms associated with menopause, and conditions like a thyroid problem with similar symptoms, it’s easy to see why there’s so much confusion. Classic symptoms like hot flashes, trouble sleeping, vaginal dryness and low libido grab the spotlight since they are the most frequent symptoms women experience. However, that leaves 30 other symptoms, many of which women are unaware. Which one’s catch women most off guard? Read on for my pick of the top five.

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Better Not Younger features a mature woman covering her hair with a white scarf. This is a good  way to protect your hair from air pollution.

8 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Air Pollution

May 09, 2022

As we age, we start to think more and more about how to support and protect our mature tresses. We know which ingredients to avoid in our hair-care routine to best protect our hair.
But what we might not know is that we also need to be protecting our hair from air pollution. Free radicals from environmental pollutants can cause hair loss, and these often fly under our radar as potential culprits when we start seeing thinning and weakened hair.
Research shows that the oxidative stress that environmental pollutants put our bodies through impacts our hair by damaging its proteins. This results in two key side effects for our hair: hair loss and graying. But these aren’t the only side effects—dullness, buildup and an inflamed scalp can also occur.

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Are Chia Seeds the Secret to Strong, Shiny Hair?

Are Chia Seeds the Secret to Strong, Shiny Hair?

April 29, 2022

Chia seeds are an ancient superfood that have been used for centuries for their nutritional benefits. But did you know chia seeds benefit hair, too? Using chia seeds for your hair—both by eating them and choosing hair-care products that include them—is a great way to promote strong, shiny hair. This is one of our favorite benefits of eating chia seeds for hair, because who doesn’t want lustrous locks! Plus, chia seeds can even help promote hair health, something that’s very important if you’re dealing with hair loss. 

Knowing the benefits of chia seeds for skin and hair, and especially how chia seeds benefit hair, can help you get your own aging hair back to its shiny, lustrous glory. Keep reading to find out how chia seeds benefit hair in addition to being a nutritional powerhouse.

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A woman hiding her widening hair part and smiling.

How to Hide a Widening Hair Part

April 25, 2022

Sometimes thinning hair sneaks up on us. Because women aren't prone to patchy or concentrated hair loss patterns like men, our hair loss tends to show up gradually. We start to notice more hair in our shower drain. Our ponytails become thinner, and our hair part becomes noticeably wider. 

The realization that we might be dealing with thinning hair can be upsetting, but there are steps we can take to tackle female-pattern hair loss and thicken our ponytails and hair parts. 

To understand why our hair parts are getting wider, it's important to look at what can cause hair loss and thinning, along with steps we can take to support healthy hair growth and how to camouflage a wide hair part in the meantime.

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How Seasonal Allergies Affect Your Hair and Scalp

April 22, 2022

Spring is in full swing! We love the longer days and warmer weather, but with the seasonal shift comes the seasonal allergies we don't love. 

We know that the uptick in pollen, mold and ragweed in the spring can cause sneezing and itchy, watery eyes. But did you know that seasonal allergies can also affect your scalp and hair, causing itchiness, flakiness and even hair loss? Yikes! 

Keep reading as we answer your biggest questions about seasonal allergies and hair loss, scalp allergies and even how your hair itself can have an impact on your seasonal allergies.

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9 Secrets to Shiny, Healthy Hair

9 Secrets to Shiny, Healthy Hair

April 20, 2022

If your hair has lost its shine, it can put a damper on your look. Glowy hair not only draws others’ eyes to you, but it can instantly make you feel more confident while it’s swishing around your head. This is why we’re letting you in on our favorite secrets to shiny, healthy hair. While heading to the salon for a glossy hair treatment is one way to boost your hair’s shine, there are things you can do right at home, too. In fact, the secrets to naturally glowy hair that’s glossy and shiny are all pretty easy to incorporate into your routine—and if you do, your aging strands will thank you.

The first step to getting coveted shiny hair? Pick out products to make hair glossy. While this is a not-so-secret secret to shiny hair, it’s one that many people don’t even realize they should do. Select shampoos and conditioners that are formulated with natural ingredients that can help you out if your hair has lost its shine. And if you already have shiny hair and just want to maintain it? Using products to make hair glossy can help you do that, too. The secret to great hair is taking care of it, which is what we’re here to help with. Your secret to shiny hair can be found right here.

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A woman over 40 reading a digital label of hair products on her phone.

How to Read Hair Product Labels Like a Pro

April 18, 2022

Sometimes reading product labels can feel like reading a foreign language. There are numbers and dates that seem random, along with ingredients and terms we're unfamiliar with. Even terms we do know can be unclear. 

Should we avoid specific ingredients in our hair products? What's the difference between "unscented and "fragrance-free?" And how can we break down the label itself? 

We sat down with Dr. Debra Lin, Chief Scientific Officer at Better Not Younger, to get the 411 on how to read hair product labels. Keep reading for answers to the most common questions related to reading labels, plus a handy list of terms typically found on beauty and hair-care labels to help you decode them like a pro and make the healthiest hair product choices.

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