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A Hair Mask And A Conditioner Kit By Better Not Younger

Should I Condition My Hair After Using A Hair Mask?

April 06, 2021

If your hair is excessively dry, you may be tempted to double up on moisturizers by using a conditioner after your hair mask. Though in this case, more is not always better.

Hair masks are high-power conditioning solutions that can deeply nourish and strengthen your hair. They infuse your strands with desperately-needed hydration; however, too much conditioning can saturate your locks, leading to dull, limp hair. 

To achieve maximum benefit, apply your hair mask once or twice a week in place of your regular conditioner.

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A Better Not Younger Woman

Spring into the Season with a New Hair-Care Routine

April 01, 2021

Now that spring is in the air, it’s time to strip off your winter coat, toss your hat to the back of the closet, and shake your hair out under the sun’s glorious rays. Spring brings rebirth and growth in nature, so it’s the perfect time to refresh your tresses and debut a new you! Cut it, color it, focus on your hair’s health—whatever ‘refresh’ means to you. If you’re struggling with how to start transitioning your hair-care routine from winter to spring, we’ve done the work for you. Keep reading to learn which products are a must-have for the new season and how to put your healthiest hair forward.

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How Does A Heat Protection Spray Work?

How Does A Heat Protection Spray Work?

March 30, 2021

Today, your once resilient locks are gradually becoming thinner and more vulnerable to heat damage. Many of us end up in a vicious cycle — the more we style, the more harm we cause. And the more damaged our hair, the more styling we think it requires. 

So, what can be done? Thankfully, we can protect it with a heat protection spray. This must-have product works by coating and shielding your strands against thermal damage caused by high-heat styling tools.

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Maintain proper moisture balance and hydrate your dry strands using hair masks from Better Not Younger.

Does a Hair Mask Make Your Scalp Oily?

March 26, 2021

Hair masks are the ultra-moisturizing treatments that many women rely on to remedy their dry, brittle hair. And since our scalp's natural oil production slows with age-related hormonal changes, getting adequate moisture is never more essential than it is during and after menopause.

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Sulfates and parabens have gradually entered the average vocabulary over the last decade and you might be surprised to learn what popular hair care brands include in their ingredients

The Truth Behind Sulfates and Parabens

March 22, 2021

Sulfates and parabens have gradually entered the average vocabulary over the last decade as more and more people turn their focus toward what they’re really putting in their hair. You might be surprised to learn what popular hair care brands include in their ingredients and should always check the ingredients in your hair care products before choosing which products are best for you.

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A woman over 40 years old looks happy in the winter do to the results of her hair routine for dryness and itchiness by better not younger

How To Treat Scalp Dryness in Winter

February 18, 2021

Add in age-related hormone changes, holiday stress, and arid furnace heat — and you have an all-too-potent recipe for dry, itchy scalp. This condition can cause many problems ranging from irritation and discomfort to damaged strands and hair fall. So what can you do? Thankfully, there are steps you can take to rehydrate your scalp and revitalize your dry, brittle locks in the process. Read on to discover how to treat scalp dryness in winter.

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a happy woman over 40 years old feels happy about scalp benefits of cold water for her hair in the winter

Can Hot Water Dry Out My Hair and Scalp in Winter?

February 17, 2021

Hot water pulls moisture from your skin and pries open your hair’s outer cuticle layer, leaving your strands vulnerable to dehydration and breakage. Hot water can absolutely dry out your hair and scalp in winter. Better Not Younger is here to show you how to reduce damaged hair

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