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How Can I Thicken My Hair?

by: Better Not Younger October 14, 2020 5 min read

How Can I Thicken My Hair?

Whether your hair was a perpetual styling challenge or you were blessed with voluminous locks that effortlessly fell into place, menopause is the great equalizer. Age-related hair changes affect us all to some degree or another.

Hormonal fluctuations dry out our scalps, interrupt hair growth cycles, and shrivel our follicles. In place of our robust strands grow wispy fibers that shed when we sneeze. With each passing year, this trend continues until we finally ask ourselves, “How can I thicken my hair?”

To answer that question, let’s take a look at three hair-thickening strategies:

  • Support hair health inside your follicles.
  • Strengthen your strands to minimize breakage.
  • Create the appearance of thicker hair.

By attacking all three fronts, you will have denser, thicker hair for the rest of your life.

Encourage Hair Health

Fundamental to hair thickness is strand count. The more follicles in the active growing phase at any given time, the more you have to work with, and the thicker your hair’s overall appearance will be.

Taking steps today to promote hair health at the scalp will give you a thicker mane and spur healthier, vibrant hair over time.

Scalp Cleanser

Regular scalp cleansing and exfoliation is pivotal to fuller, more robust hair. Better Not Younger’s New Dawn Activated Charcoal Cleanser unclogs your follicles by dissolving and washing away product buildup and dead skin cells. It contains:

  • Activated charcoal for deep cleaning of dirt and excess oils.
  • Birch extract, which acts as an astringent while delivering nourishing vitamins.
  • Lactic acid to exfoliate and help break down residue.

Stimulate Your Scalp

Your hair follicles require vitamins and proteins to operate effectively and produce healthy strands. These elements are transported to your scalp via blood vessels under your scalp’s surface. Increasing blood flow to your follicles enhances the delivery of these essential hair- building micronutrients.

Gently massage your scalp with circular motions every time you shampoo or apply other products like exfoliants or serums to your scalp. Do this with your fingertips or with a scalp-massaging tool. BNY’s Superpower Liquid Comb Massaging Serum Applicator features retractable comb teeth to gently hug your scalp for a healthy, stimulating massage. Use it with or without BNY’s Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum.

Build Stronger Hair

The protein layers within the shafts of our hair fibers thin out as we age. The outer cuticle is like a protective shield, but if it becomes too thin it can no longer protect your hair’s structural integrity. When this happens, your strands can snap in half along the shaft, the overall volume of your tresses decreases, and your mane can appear wispy and fragile.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to bolster your hair’s strength:

Diet and Supplements

As we mature, our metabolism and other dietary processes become less efficient. Even if you consume the same foods you always did, the way your cells synthesize these vital elements may have changed — leading to a nutritional deficiency. Hair loss is common to many vitamin shortfalls, so it is essential to sustain a varied diet with nourishing foods like spinach, eggs, salmon, berries, and nuts.   

Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing excessive hair loss. They may suggest augmenting your diet with daily supplements. By supplementing with hair and follicle strengthening micronutrients like iron, biotin, folic acid, and vitamin A, you can curb or even reverse your hair loss.

Significant Other Hair Fortifying Vitamins by Better Not Younger provide you with an excellent option to bulk up your nutritional intake and minimize your risk for hair loss triggered by a vitamin deficiency.

Use a Restorative Serum

You should feed your hair and scalp the same way you nourish and strengthen your body — with nutritious food. Use lightweight Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum every night to lock in moisture and restore your scalp. This non-greasy formula has beneficial ingredients including:

  • Centella asiatica — Strengthens hair follicles and has been found to boost collagen I synthesis and facilitate collagen III. Collagen is the primary structural protein found in skin and hair.
  • Ceramide-NG — Ceramides are found naturally inside the hair cuticle to help keep them closed flat, keeping your hair smooth and shiny. By using products with ceramides in them, you can restore the proper balance of your locks and minimize damage.
  • Niacinamide — Niacinamide supports your hair follicles and aids in rebuilding keratin, a protein essential for thriving stand structure.
  • Kelp Extract — Kelp extract delivers nutrients like iodine, vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc directly to your follicles and to the hair root.

Create the Appearance of Thicker Hair

In addition to the long-term approach to building stronger and more dense hair, you can also manufacture the illusion of thicker hair by adding temporary volume. Here are tips for making the most of the hair you have today:

  • Add dimension with waves — Curly or wavy hair has a depth that gives the illusion of thickness. If your hair is naturally straight, use rollers or a curling iron to create volume. When using heat to style, shield your hair from damage by applying BNY’s award-winning No Remorse Heat Protection & Taming Spray.
  • Apply a hair thickening spray to the roots — Thickeners work by coating your strands, giving them more width and lift at the roots. Try BNY’s Lift Me Up Hair Thickener for instant results. This award-winning spray uses wintergreen oil to stimulate your scalp, ceramide-NG to help retain moisture, and niacinamide to fortify follicle function.
  • Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner — Many products, especially those with rich moisturizers, can weigh down and flatten fine hair. BNY’s Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo and Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner bring back the luster and thickness to your dull thin hair. These products spread easily without damaging your fragile cuticles.

Thicken Your Hair With Products by Better Not Younger

Every woman wants thicker hair, but as we age it becomes difficult to achieve. Better Not Younger is staffed with experts who continue to innovate and create product assortments for aging hair. Each of our products is thoughtfully formulated to confront a specific inner health, scalp, or aging hair need — including thinning hair.

Better Not Younger is here to help you achieve thicker hair and to build the foundation for a lifetime of fullness and volume. Visit our Shop page today to view our complete product line.

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