Why We Love Rosemary for Our Hair and Scalp

Rosemary is having a major moment in the spotlight, and we don't mean as a food seasoning. (Even though we love it for that, too!) TikTok and Instagram influencers tout the benefits of rosemary for hair, including increasing hair shine and preventing hair loss. From rosemary hair serums to homemade rosemary recipes for scalp care, the internet is buzzing about this herb's hair- and scalp-care possibilities!


But does rosemary live up to all the hype? Do rosemary's hair benefits really include adding hair shine and fighting hair loss?


We dug into what the science says about the benefits of rosemary for hair and scalp care to learn more about rosemary's real hair benefits. Keep reading to learn more about why we love rosemary hair serums for shinier-, thicker-looking hair and a healthier scalp!

What Is Rosemary?

Rosemary is an herb native to the Mediterranean region, and it has been used for centuries in cooking, medicine and beauty products. The plant is known to be resilient and easy to grow, and in cooking, it's a strong, earthy-flavored herb used in savory dishes. Many Eastern European and Mediterranean cultures also traditionally use rosemary in their hair-care routines to support a healthy scalp, add hair shine and help combat hair loss.

5 Benefits of Rosemary for Hair and Scalp Care

1. Rosemary Hair Benefit: Boosts Shine

One of the best benefits of rosemary for hair is its shine-enhancing power. Rosemary helps restore shine by removing product buildup to let your natural hair shine come through! Rosemary also enhances hair shine by smoothing the hair cuticle to avoid rough, lifted cuticles. Because our hair cuticles are in a pattern similar to shingles on a roof, lifted cuticles dull shine and give us a rougher hair texture. Smooth cuticles help our hair look shiny and healthy!


If you've been dealing with lackluster strands, adding a few drops of rosemary essential oil to your shampoo can help revive dull tresses. Or you can try a shine-boosting rosemary-infused shampoo and conditioner like our hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and dermatologist-tested Full Transparency Pure Revitalizing Shampoo and Full Transparency Shine Revitalizing Conditioner. We added mongongo oil and chia seeds for moisture as well as other plant-based ingredients like rosemary extract to help boost your hair's shine, liveliness and strength!

2. Rosemary Hair Benefit: Strengthens Strands

Rosemary has powerful antioxidant properties that can promote healthy circulation to the scalp in support of strong, healthy strands. The antioxidant benefits of rosemary for hair come from the polyphenols in rosemary, like carnosol, carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid. Some research has shown that carnosic acid may have potentially therapeutic uses through its ability to help neutralize free radical damage.

3. Rosemary Scalp Benefit: Soothes the Scalp

Rosemary also has powerful antifungal properties that can calm and soothe the scalp. The purifying properties of rosemary help rejuvenate the scalp and fight dryness, itchiness and irritation while also helping fight the buildup of oil, skin cells and hair-care products that can lead to chronic issues like dandruff and scalp psoriasis if not cleared away. For soothing scalp relief, try a rosemary hair serum like our Superpower+ Advanced Hair Densifying Scalp Serum with rosemary extract to support a healthier-feeling scalp.


Pro tip: In between using your daily rosemary hair serum, try making a DIY rosemary essential oil overnight treatment for your scalp care! The most important part is to add a carrier oil like olive oil or jojoba oil to the rosemary before you apply it—otherwise, the undiluted rosemary can be too harsh for sensitive scalps! Blend the rosemary with the carrier oil in a ratio of 5 drops of rosemary to 2 teaspoons of oil. Mix well and apply directly to your scalp in the evening. In the morning, you can wash and style your hair as usual!

4. Rosemary Hair Benefit: Promotes Thicker-Looking Hair

Buildup of oil, skin cells and hair-care products on the scalp doesn’t just lead to scalp irritation such as redness and inflammation, it can also affect how our hair grows—and ultimately looks. Why? Healthy hair growth requires an optimal scalp environment so hair follicles can also perform optimally and produce their healthiest- and thickest-looking hair strands. Research suggests that a significant benefit of rosemary for our hair is that it may support thicker-looking hair—and this can be attributed to the positive effects of a healthy scalp environment, which rosemary promotes.


We supercharged our new Superpower+ Advanced scalp and hair serum with rosemary and our gentle yet extra-potent Superpower™ blend for thicker-, denser- and stronger-looking hair. 84% of women said their scalp was less visible after 8 weeks of use.*


*Independent consumer trials with daily usage. Individual results may vary.

5. Rosemary Scalp Benefit: Re-Energizes the Scalp

Strong, healthy hair comes from a nourished scalp, but as we age our scalp tends to become more sensitive, circulation can slow and our hair can look thinner. A rosemary hair serum is a great way to stimulate and re-energize the scalp as well as nourish the skin and follicles.


Adding a scalp and hair serum with rosemary like our Superpower+ Advanced Hair Densifying Scalp Serum to your existing hair-care routine can give your hair and scalp the nourishing and invigorating boost they need to look and feel their best. In fact, 84% of women said their scalp felt relief after the first application. *


*Independent consumer trials with daily usage. Individual results may vary.


Pro tip: Try applying our Superpower+ Advanced scalp and hair serum with rosemary using the Superpower+ Advanced Comfort Liquid Comb to boost scalp-care support. Our advanced, soft-bristle scalp massaging applicator helps refuel hair and calm a distressed-, sensitive-feeling scalp by gently massaging and soothing the scalp while evenly distributing our Superpower+ Advanced serum exactly where you need it!


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At Better Not Younger, we know that you value hair-care products made from effective, plant-based ingredients like rosemary that soothe and support mature hair and scalps. That's why we've developed products designed to boost shine, support the scalp and address perceived hair loss concerns by giving aging tresses a thicker, denser and healthier appearance. If you're looking for a rosemary-infused shampoo to increase hair shine or a rosemary hair serum for scalp support, check out our Full Transparency line and our all-new Superpower+ Advanced Densifying Scalp Serum!