How To Reverse Your Thinning Hair After And During Menopause


Thinning hair is a common problem affecting aging women. This hair problem can actually be categorized as a minor to moderate case of hair loss. However, unlike hair loss that is already widespread, thinning hair does not necessarily trigger baldness. The problem is it makes your hair look like there are thinner spots of it on your head.

One thing to note about thinning hair is that it tends to happen gradually. With that said, you have a much better chance to pinpoint what causes it and find out the most effective treatment.

Possible Causes of Thinning Hair

One of the major causes of thinning hair in women is aging. It is normal for your hair to start thinning as you hit middle age. The following may also cause the problem:

  • Overtreating hair – This means excessive use and application of color treatments, relaxers, and perms, among many other treatments.
  • Using harsh products – Your hair may also start thinning if you constantly use excessive amounts of harsh hair products, like extreme-hold gels and hair sprays. Temporary hair colors are harsh on the hair, too.
  • Tightly wearing up the hair – It could also be because of you constantly pulling up your hair tightly or wearing an up-do. These tight hairstyles have the tendency of tugging on the hair and breaking it from your hair follicles. This can eventually lead to thin spots.
  • Insufficient nutrients – Your hair’s thickness will also suffer if you do not supply it with nutrients necessary for growth. These include iron and folic acid. All these nutrients and minerals are essential as they help your follicles naturally produce hair.
  • Unmanaged stress – Note that excessive stress can significantly increase the cortisol in your body, which is a stress hormone. If you produce too much of it, then it is highly likely that it will damage the new hair growth.
  • Genetics or a medical condition – There are also cases wherein genetics can cause hair thinning. Some medical conditions also result in thinning hair – among these are hormonal changes, autoimmune disease, immune system deficiency, and skin infection or disorder. There are also times when losing over twenty pounds of weight in just a short time causes hair thinning.

You have to pinpoint the exact cause of hair thinning in your case, so you can choose a treatment or remedy that works for you. This means that thinning hair is something that you can still reverse. In other words, there are several home remedies and treatments for it. The next section of this article will tell you what you can do to reverse thinning hair.

Seven Ways to Reverse Thinning Hair in Women

Just like what has been said earlier, thinning hair in women is a condition that you can reverse. Here are just some ways for you to reverse that problem, which usually affects the female population:

#1 – Have a regular scalp massage

Note that an unhealthy scalp may be the culprit for your thinning hair. With that said, you can stimulate your scalp and make it healthier by giving it a regular massage. This type of massage is similar to massaging your body, neck, or back. However, you need to do it a lot gentler when used on your scalp. Just use your fingertips to apply pressure on your scalp gently. Doing so can encourage blood flow.

You can also further enjoy more benefits from a scalp massage with the aid of a handheld scalp massager. It contributes a lot to getting rid of dead skin cells. You can also find brushes that mainly serve as scalp massaging tools. The only thing you have to do to use the handheld massager and the brush is to let them work over your entire scalp similar to when you are applying pressure on the area gently using your fingertips.

You can also further improve the benefits of your scalp massage by using essential oils and serums. Among those that promote hair health are peppermint and lavender oils. In that case, you may also want to take advantage of a massaging serum applicator. With the aid of such an applicator, you can use a hair and scalp serum designed to fortify your hair and deal with age-related thinning.

This scalp massaging serum applicator features dispensers that work in parting your hair and hugging your scalp. With that, you have an assurance that the serum you intend to use for your thinning hair will be distributed evenly close to your hair’s roots.

With a regular scalp massage, you can increase the thickness of your hair as it helps stretch your hair follicles’ cells. With that, expect your hair follicles to be stimulated, leading to the production of hair of your desired thickness. Moreover, a scalp massage can dilate blood vessels under your skin and stimulate proper blood flow.

#2 – Improve your diet

Your diet plays a huge role in reversing thinning hair or hair loss. Keep in mind that as a byproduct of your body, your hair mostly consists of long-chain amino acids, peptide bonds, and protein. To feed such structures appropriately, you need to follow a well-rounded and healthy diet.

Start by limiting your intake of processed and unhealthy foods. You should then increase your consumption of foods with nutrients capable of encouraging the healthy growth of your hair. Among the nutrients to focus on are:

  • Protein – Note that protein makes up ninety percent of your hair, so you need to eat foods rich in it if you want to improve your hair’s thickness and structure. Apart from the animal variety, protein is also abundant in green and leafy spinach and other veggies.
  • Zinc and iron – Both also play a major role in reversing hair thinning. Iron helps ensure that your hair follicles receive enough oxygen. It also assists your body when it comes to using protein for building strong hair. Zinc, on the other hand, helps in the repair of your hair. It keeps your hair’s oil glands functioning correctly. Some great sources of zinc and iron are peanut butter, chickpeas, and pumpkin seeds.
  • Vitamin C – This vitamin is also useful as it creates collagen necessary in the production of new hair cells. If you lack Vitamin C, then your hair will be at risk of getting weak and being vulnerable to breakage.
  • Biotin – Together with other B vitamins, biotin can support healthy hair. You should take around 5000 mcg of this vitamin daily so you can get your desired results as far as improving your hair is concerned.
  • Healthy fats – Healthy fats can also support hair health. What they do is help your body in the assimilation of vitamins necessary for growing healthy and thick hair. Just make sure to stick to unsaturated fats, such as those rich in Omega 3.

All these nutrients are strong foundations for healthy and thick hair, so change your diet in such a way that you include foods rich in them. If you have a hard time getting these nutrients from foods, then you can always take a hair fortifying vitamin containing most, if not all, the nutrients your hair needs.

#3 – Avoid excessive styling

If you notice your hair strands becoming thinner than usual, then maybe it is time for you to stop styling or treating it excessively for a while. Keep in mind that excessive bleaching, perms, and chemical straightening may cause your hair to get damaged and more vulnerable to breakage. The same may happen if you use curling irons and flat irons all the time.

If you can’t avoid styling or treating your hair, then try researching the different ways to protect your hair. For instance, you may want to apply a protein treatment to your hair if you notice that it begins to get brittle due to excessive styling and chemical treatments. The goal here is to lessen your hair’s exposure to harsh chemicals and tools to restore its natural beauty.

#4 – Avoid stress

Stress is also one major trigger of thinning hair, so you should try to avoid it as much as possible. Prolonged stress may even cause your body to be in survival mode. It may cause your body to use up all the nutrients and energy needed in maintaining vital organ and bodily functions. This might result in your hair becoming unfed and unprotected.

There are even cases when stress causes women to create patches of alopecia, leading to hair falling out in huge patches. You can avoid these hair issues, though, by learning proper ways to deal with stress. You may want to try meditation or yoga or do something that can keep your body and mind from any stressful activity. You may also want to try a new sport, focus on a new hobby, or look for a source of entertainment to relieve yourself from stress.

#5 – Take supplements

There are also certain supplements that you can take that are specifically designed to reverse hair thinning. Some supplements that may help you restore the thickness and health of your hair are the following:

  • Folic acid supplement – Folic acid refers to a B-vitamin necessary for the generation of new cells. If you have thinning hair, then a supplement with folic acid as its main content can support your follicles, especially in balding spots.
  • Vitamin B7 or biotin – Naturally found in lentils, liver, and nuts, biotin can be described as a water-soluble nutrient that can help improve the health of your hair. You can take this vitamin in supplement form, though. It could be of great help when it comes to solving your thinning hair.
  • Collagen supplement – You may also want to start taking collagen supplements, particularly those intended for the skin and scalp. You can try taking collagen supplements that are usually in liquid and gummy forms to thicken hair density and increase hair volume.

Note that collagen production decreases as you age, so you need supplements to continue getting a good supply of it. The good thing about collagen is that it also contains amino acids that can aid in creating keratin composing hair, making it thicker. It also serves as an antioxidant designed to prevent free radical damage to your hair.

#6 – Use an anti-thinning shampoo

volumizing or anti-thinning shampoo may also be the ultimate solution for reversing thinning hair in women. This product actually performs two important functions – the first one would be adding volume to your hair, making it look thicker. It provides good news for those who have naturally fine hair or are dealing with thinning hair.

Most shampoos designed to deal with hair loss and thinning are also rich in amino acids and vitamins designed to make your scalp healthier. This can eventually lead to the production of more hair. Just make sure to use the most suitable anti-thinning or volumizing shampoo for your case daily to maximize your results.

If you want, you can seek the advice of your healthcare provider so you can get this product’s prescription-strength version.

#7 – Try natural remedies for thinning hair

If you don’t want your hair to get exposed to harsh chemicals and treatments, then you may want to give natural remedies for thinning hair a try. One effective natural remedy for hair thinning is apple cider vinegar. It works wonders in regrowing and thickening thinning hair. It has alpha-hydroxy acids that aid in dissolving the buildup of oil in your pores and scalp.

ACV also contains acetic acid, which works in stimulating the flow of blood to your hair follicles, thereby encouraging growth. 

To use it, you can prepare a solution using equal parts of water and ACV. Just pour them in a spray bottle then shake. Spritz this ACV solution on your scalp and hair then massage using gentle circular motions. Allow the solution to sit on your hair for around fifteen minutes. Rinse using cool water and apply shampoo as usual. Do this two times every week and you will notice positive results in just a month.

Another natural remedy for thinning hair is honey. It is a natural antifungal, which can help eliminate fungus on your scalp. Moreover, it lets you notice a significant drop in hair shedding within just four weeks, provided you apply it every other day.

To take advantage of honey, you can create a hair mask out of it. Just mix two-third cup warm water with two tablespoons of it. Apply it to your hair and scalp and massage gently. Leave it for half an hour before rinsing.

Can Thinning Hair in Women Be Reversed?

Regardless of the reason for your thinning hair, remember that there is a way for you to reverse it. You just have to identify the exact cause, so you can find the most appropriate solution for it. By finding the right treatment, you will be on your way towards bringing back the thickness, beauty, and luster of your hair.