How Does A Heat Protection Spray Work?


You blow-dry, curl and straighten your hair, trying to achieve just the right look. In your 20s and 30s, you probably didn’t give much thought to how the heat was affecting your hair. Sure, you suffered split ends on occasion, but once you snipped the ends, your strands always seemed to bounce back.

Today, your once resilient locks are gradually becoming thinner and more vulnerable to heat damage. Many of us end up in a vicious cycle — the more we style, the more harm we cause. And the more damaged our hair, the more styling we think it requires. 

So, what can be done? Thankfully, we can protect it with a heat protection spray. This must-have product works by coating and shielding your strands against thermal damage caused by high-heat styling tools.

How Does Heat Styling Damage Hair?

The same properties that make heat so useful to style your hair also make them inherently harmful to your hair. 

High-temperature styling tools work by temporarily breaking cellular bonds in your hair fibers to produce and maintain a new shape. For fragile, aging hair vulnerable to breakage, this chemical bond disruption can result in irreparable damage.

  • Breaking mid-shaft — When a hair reaches the end of its growth cycle, it falls out at the root. Breakage is different — your hair is still attached to your follicle, but the end breaks and falls off at a weak spot along the strand.
  • Split ends — Instead of a single fiber all the way to the bottom of the strand, damaged ends can fray and branch off into two or more tips.
  • Discoloration — Hair pigments are sometimes altered by the heat, so your otherwise blonde tresses could become brassy.
  • Keratin deterioration — A strong protein called keratin is the building block of your strands. High temperatures can break down this protein, making your hair weaker and less elastic.
  • Compromised cuticle — The hair shaft’s outer layer is a series of overlapping cells that act as a protective shield. A cracked, frayed cuticle makes your hair look frizzy and is unable to protect the inner cortex.
  • Dryness — Water molecules in the inner cortex are evaporated by the heat, and your broken cuticles can’t retain moisture.

  • Thankfully, you can continue using your thermal styling tools without harming your mane. Better Not Younger’s No Remorse Heat Protection & Taming Spray before styling can help. 

    What Is Heat Protection Spray?

    When you spray heat protectant on your hair before styling it, a thin film of lightweight silicone forms an invisible barrier around each strand. This protects your hair in three vital ways:

    • It diffuses the heat, making its effects more even and gradual.
    • It flattens your cuticle’s shingle-like cells so they can shield the cortex and regain your hair’s moisture balance.
    • Heat protection spray comes between your hair and the heat source, preventing any singeing that could occur with direct contact.

    In addition to safeguarding your hair, heat protection spray can increase your styling tools’ effectiveness. This means you’ll likely achieve the outcome you want in less time and with a lower heat setting. 

    The result? Shinier, softer, and healthier hair than ever before.

    When Should You Use a Heat Protectant?

    Apply our No Remorse Protection & Taming Spray to your hair anytime you plan on using high-temperature styling tools including blow dryers, curling irons or flat irons. 

    Its lightweight, non-greasy formulation can be applied to damp or dry hair to shield your strands and reduce frizz and flyaways.

    To ensure even and complete coverage, apply No Remorse systematically, working around your head in sections. Spread it through your hair using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

    Just like you’d never go into the sun without sunscreen to protect your skin — you should never apply direct heat to your hair without first using a protection spray to shield it.

    Helping Your Heat Protection Spray Work Better

    Protectants will help prevent much of the damage from thermal styling tools. However, to help them work more effectively, take the following additional steps:

    • Match your heat protection spray with styling tools that have varying temperature settings. Only use as much heat as is necessary for your hair type. Fine strands need less, while coarse locks will need (and can withstand) the higher settings. When in doubt, start low and increase the temperature gradually. 
    • Only use a curling iron or straightener on completely dry hair. If you use them on wet or even slightly damp hair, that extra moisture will quickly turn to steam and burn your strands.
    • Keep the styling tools moving over your strands to limit exposure time. If you leave them in one place for too long, you run the risk of permanently damaging your hair shaft.

    No Remorse Heat Protection & Taming Spray Works


    While high temperatures are useful when you want your hair to hold a new style, they are also responsible for long-term and potentially permanent injury to your strands.  

    No Remorse Heat Protection & Taming Spray works as a barrier to safeguard your hair from damage, allowing you to create your perfect style every day.  

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