Full, Natural Brows Are Still Big for 2024


For many of us, the thick, full brows that have been on trend for the past few years are wonderful. During the pandemic, we got to slow down our waxing and plucking routines and give our natural brow follicles a break. 

But for those of us who spent the ‘80s and ‘90s plucking our bold eyebrows into oblivion, this new eyebrow trend hasn't been easy. If you're dealing with lazy brow follicles from years of overplucking, there's good news! You don't have to accept living with sparse, thin brows. Today's eyebrow products provide both color-tinting and brow serums to visibly thicken and define brows with color while you wait for new growth.

We've got the scoop on how you can grow full, big brows, along with the latest eyebrow trends for full, natural brows to help you give your look a polished update!

How to Achieve Bold Eyebrows

Natural is the name of the game for brows in 2024! While painting in your brows to cover up sparse spots is a terrific way to instantly create the look of bigger brows, adopting a hair growth strategy is the best way to ensure a more natural brow look. While you’re waiting for your brows to grow, avoid applying too much product or the wrong color of product. The wrong eyebrow color can clash with the undertones of your skin and hair and create an unnatural look. And too much taming gel and serum on your brows can make them look reflective and can clog pores.

Here are our top tips for achieving natural, stylish brows in 2024:

Add a Brow-Boosting Serum

Women's natural eyebrows thin as we age for many reasons: damage to the follicle from overplucking, thyroid issues and hormonal changes during menopause are some of the top culprits. To keep your brows looking full, try adding a castor oil-infused brow serum to your daily routine. (Studies show that ricinoleic acid, which makes up roughly 90% of castor oil, can treat hair loss.)

For a water-based day/night combo that is free of harsh prostaglandins, we love our Superpower Night & Day Brow Enhancing Duo. This duo is packed with brow-supporting peptides and castor oil for the night, while the day formula instantly tints, conditions, and thickens the appearance of brows. In fact, 97% of women who tried our Superpower Night & Day Brow Enhancing Duo said that their brows felt thicker and less sparse in as little as two weeks!

 Ask Your Doctor to Check Your Iron

 Low iron levels can cause our head hair, eyebrows and eyelashes to thin, and we are especially susceptible to low iron (anemia) if we're still menstruating. If you've noticed fatigue, low mood and thinning hair, it might be worth a trip to your doctor to have your iron levels checked with a simple blood test.

 Get Your Vitamins and Minerals

 The same vitamins and minerals that support a healthy scalp hair also support healthy, full brows. Marine collagen, biotin, niacinamide and vitamins A and C all help support glowing skin and healthy hair.

 But sometimes we get busy with daily life, and we don't get as much of these nutrients as we should. If you find yourself short on these, try adding a supplement geared toward hair health to your daily routine!

 We packed our Significant Other Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement + Retinol Boost with double the vitamin A to boost your body’s retinol production for vibrant skin and hair. It also contains Vitamin C, which is vital for the production of collagen, and makes it a perfect choice to pair with our Power Within Skin & Scalp Collagen Gummies with marine collagen types I & III.

Fight the Temptation to Pluck, Tweeze and Wax!

We understand how hard this can be. When you're at the in-between stage of brow growth, dealing with unruly hairs poking up is frustrating!

But you must resist the urge to fall into old habits of plucking these stray hairs, at least while you're trying to let full brows grow in. (Plus, constantly plucking hairs can damage the hair follicle and inhibit regrowth.) Once your brows have grown in, then you can ask your favorite stylist to help you shape and style your brows into a look you love!

5 Trendy Eyebrow Looks We Love for 2024

Even within the thick, full brows arena, you’ve got options. Strategic tweezing, brow taming and arch shaping are a few of the ways you can achieve variety in your eyebrow look.

  1. Fluffy Brows

    The fluffy brow trend is all about getting rid of sharp edges and harsh lines on your brows. From inner corner to tail, brows are softened and brushed upward in gentle strokes using an eyebrow brush. This style gives brows a feathered appearance, and is great for ladies with thick brows who are looking for a bit of visual interest. (Think updated Brooke Shields brows here!)

  2. Straight Arches

    This eyebrow trend is huge right now, and all it takes is a simple tweak to your current brow shaping. To achieve the straight brow look à la Natalie Portman, ask your stylist for a straight brow (no arch or only a minimal arch) across your brow bone. Rather than having a marked curve, the only curve will be a tiny downturn at the tail of the brow.

  3. Brow Layout

    This is a salon treatment that can help you kiss unruly brows goodbye! If you have a cowlick in your eyebrows or particularly coarse eyebrows that don't lay the way you want, a brow layout can be a game changer for you. A skilled stylist trims and tweezes between very dense brow hairs to allow a natural, thinned (yet still pretty thick!) brow look similar to the fluffy brow trend.

  4. Au Naturel

    This is our kind of trend! Natural eyebrows, with only minimal trimming and shaping (if you want!) are hot right now. Simply add a swipe of your favorite clear brow gel to tame any unruly hairs, and you're ready to go!

  5. Updated ‘90s Brows

    Don't panic! This doesn't mean that you should break out the tweezers on the full, stylish eyebrows you've worked so hard on. Instead, this latest eyebrow trend can help those of us who simply can't physically grow big brows. (Looking at you especially, natural blondes and redheads!)

These aren't the minuscule, severe-looking tweezed lines from 30 years ago. Instead, think of the updated ‘90s brow as a well-shaped, thinner version of the fluffy eyebrow trend. This slightly thinner shape highlights your natural arch and provides a flattering frame for your eyes. 

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Let Better Not Younger help you discover new eyebrow trends and achieve your most flattering eyebrow look yet! Our Superpower Night and Day Brow Enhancing Duo delivers tint and brow serum directly to women's natural eyebrows to nourish and condition eyebrow follicles. And for an extra jumpstart to promote your thick, full brows from within, we have two delicious gummy supplements to support healthy hair follicles and brow health. 

Tell Us: What is your favorite eyebrow look? Share your favorite tips for stylish eyebrows in the comments below!