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5 Ways to Give Beauty Snacking a Try!

We all need a little pick-me-up now and again. But these days, women are swapping their 3 p.m. coffee run for a midday break of a different sort—one that combines relaxation, pleasure and a little pampering to boot. Enter beauty snacking!

A micro-moment of self-care, beauty snacking is the perfect way to break up the monotony of a long day with a spa-like experience that gives your skin (and spirits!) a boost—and in many instances it only takes seconds! And while many of the flash treatments that have gained popularity cater to our skin—think moisturizing mists and jade rollers that you can use at your desk—we can’t help but share our favorite ways to do a little “hair snacking,” if you will.

Read on to learn more about how the beauty snacking trend first came about and how it can help you incorporate some much-welcome hair pampering into your daily routine!

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In "Why Going to Bed with Wet Hair Is a Bad Idea", BNY features a mature woman with medium gray hair drying her hair with a white towel while she smiles.

Why Is It Bad to Sleep with Wet Hair?

We know how tempting it can be to take a quick shower before bed and dive between the sheets. Giving your hair time to dry or even pulling out the blow-dryer is labor intensive, and for night showerers, this sometimes just feels like too much work. Thus, going to bed with wet hair.

There are some issues with sleeping with wet hair, though, that you should be aware of before you continue on with this habit. While there are some myths surrounding sleeping with wet hair, some red flags you’ve heard are actually true. (Spoiler alert: Thin wet hair is fragile!) Here’s what you need to know about having wet hair at bedtime.

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In this article "Help! Why Is My Hair So Greasy?", BNY features a beautiful blonde women with amazing volume on hair.

Help! Why Is My Hair So Greasy?

As we age, a lot of us have noticed that our hair has gotten drier. This is common for aging hair and skin, which includes our scalp. But what if you’ve noticed the opposite? If your hair has become oilier with age, you’re not alone! Many women deal with oily hair after 40. Let’s dig into why our hair can get too oily and some hair-care options for greasy hair.
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How to train your hair to be washed less

How to train your hair to be washed less

Washing your hair can quickly become a catch-22. You wash your hair to keep it clean and fresh, but this robs it of the essential oils that keep it healthy. So, when you wash it less in an attempt to keep the oil produced from your sebaceous glands, your hair looks unclean and unsightly. 

There is a middle ground to this problem. It’s possible to train your hair to wash it less without compromising on hygiene or aesthetics. All it requires is a bit of patience, scheduling and adjusting. In the long run, your hair will thank you for all of your hard work. 

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Dry shampoo can help your hair in many different ways. It may seem confusing to use at first, but dry shampoo is super easy and convenient to apply.

How to Use a Dry Shampoo

There are many reasons why you would use dry shampoo. Maybe you're in the middle of your hair-washing cycle and need to refresh your hair a little. Or perhaps you overslept and didn't have enough time to wash your hair and be on time for work. 

Whatever the reason may be, dry shampoo provides flexibility without compromising on hygiene. Because we associate shampoo with water, the term “dry shampoo” might sound confusing. However, dry shampoo is extremely easy to use and less labor-intensive than typical shampooing.

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Fresh Start Scalp Renewing Dry Shampoo supports scalp and hair health while adding volume and fullness between shampoos.

Can Not Washing My Hair Cause Hair Loss?

Many people make the connection between washing their hair and losing their hair. After all, most of us have witnessed the clumps gathered in the shower drain after shampooing. But, if washing with a specific frequency can cause us to shed our hair, what happens when we do the opposite?

Factors like activity level, texture, age and hair type determine how often we should be washing our hair. If you don’t go too long between shampoos, you likely won’t experience much hair loss beyond regular shedding. Using dry shampoo on off days supports scalp health and hydration.

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Are you finally done with chemotherapy and ready to take on the world, but don’t know what to do with your new post-chemo hair as it grows in? We’ve got you covered.

How to Care for Your Post-Chemo Hair

Are you finally done with chemotherapy and ready to take on the world but don’t know what to do with your new post-chemo hair as it grows? We’ve got you covered. It’s normal for your new hair to regrow in a different texture or color. Your baby hairs will likely grow as soft and fluffy as a newborn kitten. These changes are usually temporary—but even if they’re not, we’ll be here every step of the way.

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