5 Ways to Give Beauty Snacking a Try!


We all need a little pick-me-up now and again. But these days, women are swapping their 3 p.m. coffee run for a midday break of a different sort—one that combines relaxation, pleasure and a little pampering to boot. Enter beauty snacking!

A micro-moment of self-care, beauty snacking is the perfect way to break up the monotony of a long day with a spa-like experience that gives your skin (and spirits!) a boost—and in many instances it only takes seconds! And while many of the flash treatments that have gained popularity cater to our skin—think moisturizing mists and jade rollers that you can use at your desk—we can’t help but share our favorite ways to do a little “hair snacking,” if you will.

Read on to learn more about how the beauty snacking trend first came about and how it can help you incorporate some much-welcome hair pampering into your daily routine! 

What is Beauty Snacking?

Beauty snacking emerged as a trend during the Covid-19 pandemic when many of us began looking for ways to take care of ourselves—mentally and physically—while the world shut down around us. With so much uncertainty, women began seeking out bite-sized, single-session self-care routines. (Remember the great sourdough baking trend of 2020? Baking to relax is still one of our favorite self-care practices!)

It makes sense that we sought out simple means of self-care during such unprecedented times.

Beauty snacking involves making small changes to your routine that yield big results. With skincare, this might involve adding an occlusive to really lock in hydration after your nightly face wash. With your nails, this might entail adding cuticle oil to keep nail beds looking healthy and hydrated.

The same idea applies to hair care! Sometimes we want to treat our tresses but can't commit to an entire seven-step routine. (Who has that much free time?) Other times, we simply want to refresh our hair without washing it. By "snacking" your hair care throughout the day with a refreshing hair mist, curl refresher product or dry shampoo, you can fix greasy hair during the day—making dirty hair look clean again—and avoid the dreaded crazy hair day at work!

Finally, we love beauty snacking because it focuses on the self-care element of these periodic refreshes. Incorporating these small acts of self-love throughout the day has a positive psychological impact. Beauty snacking isn't intended to force you into obsessing over your look all day—instead, the goal is to focus on self-care by adding small changes to your beauty routine that will be confidence-boosting and help you look and feel your best. And if it can help make dirty hair look clean without us having to clean our hair with shampoo in the middle of the day, count us in!

We have the scoop on five hair refreshing products that are easy to use and perfect for busy women looking to refresh their hair without washing!

1. Energize Your Focus and Your Hair Follicles with a Stimulating Serum and Massage

Hit reset on that early afternoon slump! After lunch our productivity dips, as we digest our food and our morning coffee buzz wears off. Using a scalp serum and massaging acupressure points on your scalp supports both your focus and your hair follicles, helping you stay alert and productive at work while also promoting your healthiest hair!

We adore our Liquid Comb Massaging Serum Applicator (part of our Superpower Hair & Scalp Duo) because it delivers just the right amount of our Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum directly to your scalp, removing the margin of error for applying too little or too much product.

To try this: Add one dropper worth of serum to the Liquid Comb and gently roll over your scalp. Be sure to use a gentle, circular motion and cover the entire area of your scalp. Add a lo-fi focus playlist in the background following your serum and massage, and you'll be ready to tackle anything the afternoon throws at you! 

2. Tame Midday Frizz with a Refreshing Hair Mist

Hair refreshing sprays and curl refresher products help revive hair by restoring volume and taming frizz and flyaways. We love our No Remorse Heat Protection and Taming Spray for a vitamin E and argan oil-infused hair mist that smooths and hydrates hair in even the driest office air!

And we can't forget our curly-haired ladies! To keep your curls looking fresh and bouncy all day, try misting your locks with our License to Curl: Curl Revival Boost Spray. Packed with hydrating honey and rice amino acids, this curly hair refreshing spray tames frizz while adding definition and manageability to your curls.

Pro tip: Did you know that our No Remorse hair refresher spray also tackles hair static? If you’re dealing with dry air in the office, or at home, check out our 9 helpful tips for banishing hair static for good

3. Revive and Hydrate Dry Ends with a Butter Mask

If your beauty snacking goal is hydration, an ultra-hydrating butter hair mask is a fantastic option. These masks also do double-duty: They are perfect as a moisturizing leave-in treatment, and when you have extra time, they're great for replacing your regular conditioner with a buttery, rich, deep-conditioning option.

To hydrate and refresh dry, crunchy ends, try our Hair Redemption Restorative Butter Masque. Packed with argan oil and our proprietary blend of plant-based butters, Hair Redemption is designed to melt easily into your hair shaft to smooth, heal and seal dry cuticles, which helps to prevent split ends. 

Pro tip: Remember, less is more, especially if you're using a butter mask as a leave-in product! Stick to a dime-sized amount, and focus the mask on the ends of your hair, working only a few inches up the hair shaft. Otherwise, you run the risk of the mask's oils and butters weighing down your roots! 

4. Use Dry Shampoo to Refresh Hair Without Washing

We've all been there: We stop into the bathroom to check our hair and makeup prior to a major meeting, only to find that our lipstick has found its way to our teeth and our hair has fallen flat since we last checked.

For an easy way to combat greasy hair at work and add confidence-boosting volume, add a dry shampoo to your roots. Our talc-free Fresh Start Scalp Renewing Dry Shampoo uses tapioca starch and Konjac Root Extract to refresh hair without washing it so you can have your best office hair day yet!

Pro tip: Need a quick hair refresher before a big presentation? To instantly boost volume and clean your hair without shampoo, try sprinkling some dry shampoo along the current part in your hair, and then change the part!

This may sound counterintuitive, but this is an excellent trick if you need a big boost of volume in a short amount of time. Our hair gets "trained" to lay a particular way over time, so when we change up where we part our hair, there's natural lift because our hair doesn't naturally fall that way. A new part and oil-absorbing dry shampoo will give you maximum heatless lift so you won't sweat the meeting or your hair—goodbye greasy hair at work, hello volume and fullness! 

5. Fake Feeling Wide Awake with a Brow Enhancing Tinted Serum

Nothing says “feeling frazzled” like untamed brows. So if your brows start looking out of sorts right around the midday slump, our Superpower Night & Day Brow Enhancing Duo is just the treatment to tint and tame them back into place.

To give your brows an instantly thicker, polished look, apply the tinted day serum with mineral pigments to eyebrows in gentle, upward strokes like you would apply a brow gel, ensuring that you coat each hair. Fluff and shape brows with a brow brush.

Pro tip: Add a dab of highlighter right under your brow bones to further enhance your brows and minimize shadows, creating the illusion of more lifted brows.

Since big, healthy brows are in, you’ll also love this duo’s night serum. While you sleep, it nourishes and conditions brow skin and follicles with a blend of vitamin B, peptides and amino acids for healthier-looking brows. As we age, our brows become thinner, but we can fight back!

Whether you need a greasy hair fix, a brow boost or just want a hair refresh without washing, Better Not Younger has your hair-care snacking needs covered for your best office hair—even if you’re not actually stepping foot out the door! Our entire product line is formulated with mature hair issues in mind to help you enjoy gorgeous locks at any age.

Tell Us: Have you tried the beauty snacking trend? What small but impactful changes have you made to your beauty routine? Share your favorite bite-size beauty tips and tricks in the comments below!

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