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Better Not Younger understands and explains the hair benefits of activated charcoal, especially for women experiencing the side effects of menopause.

What Are the Purifying Benefits of Activated Charcoal for My Hair?

June 15, 2021

Scalp issues are often caused by problem buildup that can clog the hair follicle. Activated charcoal is an ingredient that can clean and absorb that buildup and relieve the flakiness, irritation and itchiness that come with it. 

Activated Charcoal’s unique attributes can remove buildup without the harsh ingredients found in many cleansing products. When you discover more of the purifying benefits of activated charcoal for your hair, we’re confident you’ll want to add it to your scalp care routine.

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Deep condition your hair with a monthly application of our Restorative Masque, wrap it in a hot terry-cloth turban overnight, then rinse it out in the morning.

Can You Deep Condition Overnight?

June 07, 2021

Deep conditioning hair masks are great for conditioning, soothing and softening our hair. If you love what your deep conditioner does for your hair, you may consider using it overnight. But be mindful that many hair masks are not formulated to use as overnight deep conditioners.

Some deep conditioners have ingredients that can weigh down your tresses, making them dull, limp or gummy if left on too long. However, lightweight masks can take overnight deep conditioning to the next level when used with a hot terry-cloth turban wrap.

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How Long Does It Take for Eyelashes to Grow Back

How Long Does It Take for Eyelashes to Grow Back?

May 31, 2021

Lashes are often considered a universal sign of beauty. They may be associated with higher levels of confidence, attractiveness and well-being. Most of us desire long, thick, dark lashes that make our eyes "pop." However, beyond aesthetics, lashes are a crucial part of your lid margin anatomy (the edge of your eyelids). 

Your lashes provide a barrier between your eye's internal and external environment and are extremely sensitive to threats and irritants. Additionally, they act as sensors to trigger a blink reflex when a foreign object gets close to your eye, preventing injury and safeguarding your eyes from particles. 

Knowing this, we don’t want to be without our lashes for long. So, how long does it take for them to grow back? About six weeks if there was no damage to your eyelid or follicle; longer if you pulled out your eyelash.

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Sulfates found in many shampoos can strip away your natural oils, leaving your aging hair vulnerable to damage.

Why Are Sulfates Bad for Your Hair?

May 24, 2021

Sulfates do a great job of helping shampoos remove sweat, oil and grime from your hair. Yet, your hair and scalp need to retain some of their natural oils and moisture to remain healthy. 

When sulfate shampoos strip away too much moisture, your hair becomes dry and brittle. Mix this with the effects of menopause, and you have a recipe for frizzy, unmanageable and thinning hair! 

Switching to a sulfate-free shampoo can help, especially if it’s a product with ingredients designed to address aging hair challenges.

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How to Prepare Your Hair for Chemotherapy

How to Prepare Your Hair for Chemotherapy

May 19, 2021

Once you know what to expect from your hair during chemotherapy, you can begin to prepare your hair for what’s ahead. Sometimes getting yourself ready and prepared for what’s to come can actually take a lot of the stress and anxiety off your shoulders when it’s time to begin.

There are a number of things you can do during the treatment to augment your hair care, and even more decisions to be made beforehand. Take your time and focus on all the things you can do to make your treatment less stressful and give yourself as much of a headstart as you can.

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Chemotherapy and Hair Loss: What to Expect and When to Expect It

Chemotherapy and Hair Loss: What to Expect and When to Expect It

April 28, 2021

Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and radiation therapy—all of which are common breast cancer treatments. Fortunately, most of this hair loss is temporary. That being said, seeing your changing appearance in the mirror and more hair in your hairbrush every day can greatly affect your mood and result in a harsher outlook on life. So, what can you do about it?

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Before you jump to the conclusion that your hair is beginning to thin, stop and consider the other factors that might be at play—because your hair loss could actually be due to breakage.

Could Your Thinning Hair Actually Be Breakage?

April 19, 2021

Did you know it’s actually normal to lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair a day? This is also why you’ll notice greater amounts of hair loss if you don’t comb or brush your hair daily, or  when taking your hair out of a protected style. You’ll also notice more hair in the drain if you don’t wash your hair daily. With approximately 100,000 hairs on your head at any given time, normal shedding is hardly noticeable.

So what does it mean when the hair loss is noticeable?

Before you jump to the conclusion that your hair is beginning to thin, stop and consider the other factors that might be at play—because your hair loss could actually be due to breakage.

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A woman over 40 is smiling and feels happy about the results of the hair mask by better not younger.

Can a Hair Mask Help Winter Hair Fall?

February 13, 2021

Hair masks can help winter hair fall. Your hair and scalp need nourishment and protection from the elements to maintain their health and vibrancy. The right hair mask can prevent radical damage and slow hair fall during the winter months. Keep reading to discover how replacing your regular conditioner with Better Not Younger's Hair Redemption Restorative Butter Masque or Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque a few minutes a week can restore your scalp and hair biology. 

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Why Do We Lose More Hair During Fall and Winter

Why Do We Lose More Hair During Fall and Winter Months?

December 12, 2020

Nothing messes up a relaxing hot shower like the discovery of a clump of hair in your drain. More likely than not, you are dealing with seasonal hair loss. According to research studies, your hair’s growth cycle follows a seasonal trend related to how your body reacts to the changes to the amount of sunlight it receives. The good news is that you can help slow shedding and boost hair and scalp health during the colder seasons. Keep reading to learn why we lose more hair during the fall and winter months and what we can do about it.

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