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In this article How To Dye and Style Your Hair For Winter, BNY features a blonde mature woman with long hair wearing a winter coat while looking at the camera.

8 Winter Hair Coloring Tips and Tricks

Changes in season inspire change in ourselves. We set new goals and try new adventures. We update our makeup and explore new hairstyles and colors. Variety is the spice of life, after all! If you’ve been thinking about refreshing your look with a new winter hair color, we’ve got eight tips and tricks that will not only get you looking holiday-party ready but help brighten your look through the dullest winter days ahead.
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Fail-Safe Fixes for 7 Common Winter Hair Problems

Old Man Winter didn’t earn his name for being all warm and fuzzy. Frigid temperatures, harsh winds and bone-dry air are just a few of his defining traits—and exactly what our delicate aging tresses can do without. But since there’s no counting on the ol’ guy to change his temperament any time soon, we’ve come to your rescue with solutions to all your winter hair-care woes this cold weather season.
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4 Hairstyles for 4 Winter Hair Woes

It’s easy to believe our bad hair days are behind us now that summer’s heat and humidity have flown south for the winter—taking our frizzy strands along for the ride. Why wouldn’t we assume it’s smooth sailing for our tresses until spring?

Unfortunately winter plays host to a whole slew of new hair problems and styling dilemmas. Topping the list is cold dry air and indoor heat, which lead to super-dry tresses that are prone to breakage and static. And hat hair—don’t even get us started!

That’s why we came up with a list of our favorite hairstyles for winter designed to solve the most common winter hair woes. They’re not only easy to style but they’ll help prevent damaging your delicate, aging tresses throughout the long winter ahead.

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A woman over 40 years old looks happy in the winter do to the results of her hair routine for dryness and itchiness by better not younger

How To Treat Scalp Dryness in Winter

Add in age-related hormone changes, holiday stress, and arid furnace heat — and you have an all-too-potent recipe for dry, itchy scalp. This condition can cause many problems ranging from irritation and discomfort to damaged strands and hair fall. So what can you do? Thankfully, there are steps you can take to rehydrate your scalp and revitalize your dry, brittle locks in the process. Read on to discover how to treat scalp dryness in winter.

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a happy woman over 40 years old feels happy about scalp benefits of cold water for her hair in the winter

Can Hot Water Dry Out My Hair and Scalp in Winter?

Hot water pulls moisture from your skin and pries open your hair’s outer cuticle layer, leaving your strands vulnerable to dehydration and breakage. Hot water can absolutely dry out your hair and scalp in winter. Better Not Younger is here to show you how to reduce damaged hair

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A woman over 40 is smiling and feels happy about the results of the hair mask by better not younger.

Can a Hair Mask Help Winter Hair Fall?

Hair masks can help winter hair fall. Your hair and scalp need nourishment and protection from the elements to maintain their health and vibrancy. The right hair mask can prevent radical damage and slow hair fall during the winter months. Keep reading to discover how replacing your regular conditioner with Better Not Younger's Hair Redemption Restorative Butter Masque or Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque a few minutes a week can restore your scalp and hair biology. 

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How To Take Care Of Hair and Scalp In Winter

How To Take Care Of Your Hair and Scalp In Winter

During the winter months, skincare may include adding eye cream, using skin moisturizers with natural ingredients, or increasing lip balm usage. But what about your hair and scalp? How do you take care of your hair and scalp in the winter? Read our best recommendations now for a Better Hair during winter.
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Why Do We Lose More Hair During Fall and Winter

Why Do We Lose More Hair During Fall and Winter Months?

Nothing messes up a relaxing hot shower like the discovery of a clump of hair in your drain. More likely than not, you are dealing with seasonal hair loss. According to research studies, your hair’s growth cycle follows a seasonal trend related to how your body reacts to the changes to the amount of sunlight it receives. The good news is that you can help slow shedding and boost hair and scalp health during the colder seasons. Keep reading to learn why we lose more hair during the fall and winter months and what we can do about it.
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