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What Does Serum Do to Your Hair?

by: Better Not Younger November 14, 2020 4 min read

What Does Serum Do to Your Hair? Serum, or hair serum, is a liquid styling solution used to add shine, reduce frizz, and moisturize your hair.

Our hair is more delicate and brittle than it once was, so who could blame us for being cautious about the hair products we use on it? After all, it’s kept our scalps protected for untold years and has even become integrated with our identity. Many of us feel we wouldn’t be who we are without it.

Menopause and other age-related effects have altered our scalp and hair biology, triggering hair loss, dryness, and wispy strands that appear where our once-vibrant hair flourished. The last thing we want to do is to use a hair care solution that adds fuel to the fire.

Hair serum is one of those products many of us have probably heard of but may have been unsure whether it can help or hurt our aging hair. Let’s take a closer look at what serum does to your hair.

What Is Serum?

Serum, or hair serum, is a liquid styling solution used to add shine, reduce frizz, and moisturize your hair. It can also be used to protect against environmental aggressors.

At one point in history, hair serums were primarily used by professionals to style hair, but today there are dozens of formulas on the market that anyone can try at home. Most treat your hair but neglect your scalp, and very few target the unique needs of aging hair.

A Serum Created to Nourish Your Aging Hair

Better Not Younger’s Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum is a revolutionary serum that targets aging hair issues by:

Inhibiting Destructive DHT

Female pattern hair loss is triggered by menopause-related changes in dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels. DHT is a hormone that regulates your sex drive and controls hair growth. DHT shrinks and damages your hair follicles and causes your hair to grow in finer and easier to break than before.

Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum incorporates oleanolic acid, which impedes DHT, activating stronger and healthier hair growth.

Encouraging Hair Growth

Superpower Fortifying Hair and Scalp Serum was formulated to repair damaged or aging hair by distributing nutrients to your hair shaft. Two of those powerful substances are ginger and apigenin.

Ginger is a common food spice that has been utilized for curative purposes for centuries. Ginger root has been used to treat gastrointestinal issues, inflammation, and some have claimed it can help with hair growth.

Better Not Younger includes ginger in their Superpower Fortifying Hair and Scalp Serum formula to nourish and soften strands while increasing scalp blood circulation and follicle activity.

Apigenin is a chemical compound found in chamomile, parsley, and guava. Apigenin’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties may help reduce hair loss and encourage new growth.

Stimulating Your Follicles

Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in Superpower Fortifying Hair and Scalp Serum.

Caffeine improves blood circulation in your scalp, increasing nutrient delivery to your follicles. This can help your hair grow stronger and faster. A 2007 lab study analyzed the effect of caffeine and testosterone on the growth of hair follicles. Researchers found that caffeine blocked DHT effects, kept hair in the growth stage longer, and stimulated hair follicle growth.

Nourishing Your Scalp

As we age, our scalps require vitamins and minerals to nourish and protect our hair. Our hair dries out and breaks easily. Damaged hair has a hard time self-repairing and maintaining nutrients, often because your scalp produces fewer natural oils and lipids.

Better Not Younger’s Superpower Serum massaged directly at your hair’s roots with your fingers or with the new Superpower Liquid Comb Scalp Massaging Serum Applicator delivers nutrients that boost follicle health and improve hair strength as it grows in.

This serum contains a water-soluble form of vitamin B called niacinamide, a micronutrient that helps restore skin proteins and lock in moisture. It supports hair follicle function by rebuilding keratin, a protective protein and the main structural constituent of hair.

Kelp extract is another healthy serum ingredient that supplies vitamins A and C and abundant amounts of zinc and iodine to your scalp.

Protect and Repair Your Strands

Superpower Fortifying Hair and Scalp Serum contains ceramide-NG to protect your hair shafts and seal in moisture. Ceramides are found naturally in foods like brown rice and spinach, and they make up nearly half of your skin. They are also found naturally in our hair’s cuticles; therefore, products like Superpower that contain ceramides can help your hair's texture.

Ceramides work with lipids to create a barrier on your cuticle to prevent moisture loss. By using products with ceramides, you may be able to protect and repair your strands while improving texture.

What Serum Does to Your Hair Depends on the Serum You Buy

With dozens of serums on the market all promising the magic hair elixir of your dreams, it is easy to get confused. The bottom line is that your aging hair requires a serum that inhibits DHT, encourages hair growth, stimulates your follicles, nourishes your scalp, and protects and repairs your strands. Your hair needs Superpower Fortifying Scalp and Hair Serum.

Apply to your entire scalp a few drops at a time using the included dropper. Then massage with your fingers into your follicles and scalp and achieve denser, fuller hair over time.

Visit our Shop page to find out about our great deal on the Superpower Fortifying Serum and the new Superpower Liquid Comb Scalp Massaging Serum Applicator. Designed to work together, the Superpower Comb massages your scalp while distributing the Superpower Serum close to your roots.

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