What Is the Best Volumizer for your Fine Hair?


Fine hair can be a fashion challenge, especially if you want to try a style that requires volume. Those narrow, wispy strands fall flat no matter what you try. If your hair is fine and thin, you also have fewer hairs to work with. All of this can make your morning styling routine feel like an uphill battle. 

Volumizing hair care products are intended to breathe life back into your limp, fine hair; however, overuse or using the wrong product can create the opposite effect. Oils and heavy conditioners can weigh down and flatten your hair, leaving you worse off than when you started. 

What is the best volumizer for fine hair? Look for a multi-step system that addresses your one-of-a-kind hair biology. Better Not Younger uses ingredients backed by considerable scientific research relating to their effects on aging hair. Continue reading to learn more. 

How Aging Hair Grows in Finer 

Aging changes your hair in many ways. During perimenopause, your hormone levels fluctuate. Estrogen and progesterone drop off, allowing testosterone and its derivative, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), to take over. The results are hair loss, sluggish growth, and more silver strands. 

Furthermore, DHT contracts your follicles, forcing them to produce hair fibers narrower than before. Your once voluminous mane is reduced to a fragile, thread-like texture. Thankfully, you can take steps to restore volume to your limp locks. 

Fine Hair Volumizing Tips 

To add volume to your hair, use a system of volumizing products along with some creative styling techniques: 

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly After shampooing or conditioning, ensure all traces of product residue have been rinsed out. Gently run your fingers through your hair and along your scalp. If product is allowed to accumulate, you will wind up with limp, lifeless hair over time.
  • Lift your roots while blow drying — If you allow your hair to dry flat, it will hold that shape; therefore, lift your strands while drying them. Achieve this by hanging your head upside-down or by using your free hand to lift your locks while working your way across your scalp.
  • Avoid conditioning your roots — Apply conditioners halfway up your strands, focusing primarily on the ends. Adding conditioner to your roots can make your hair oily and weigh it down.
  • Try a layered cut — If you have long hair, you are likely aware that the length weighs it down on top of your head. Try having it layered to add texture and lighten it up. But avoid too many layers, which will cause your hair to look thin, defeating the purpose.
  • Use a heat-shielding spray — Fine hair is easily damaged, so use caution when experimenting with different styling techniques. Shield your tresses from high-temperature styling tools by incorporating Better Not Younger’s No Remorse Heat Protection & Taming Spray into your daily routine. 

Better Not Younger Restores Your Hair from the Inside Out 

Better Not Younger’s hair care solutions were designed to work holistically to restore fine, damaged hair from the inside out. 

Our products are flexible enough to employ short-term styling fixes while creating long-term solutions for your aging hair. 

Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo

Wash your fine hair gently with this lightweight shampoo that won’t leave behind residue or buildup. Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo bulks up your strands using: 

  • Bamboo — Contains silica to lock in natural moisture while strengthening your strands
  • Sage — An astringent that balances your oil production and unclogs follicles
  • Humulus lupulus (hops) — Strengthens follicles and cleanses your scalp to reduce hair loss

Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner

While many conditioners have heavy ingredients that overload your hair, Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner brings body and bounce to dull, thin hair without weighing it down. Our proven ingredients include: 

  • Burdock root — Infuses your scalp and follicles with vital nutrients like vitamin A, iron, and fatty acids to promote healthy hair
  • Tripeptide complex — Reduces inflammation, stimulates scalp micro-circulation, and increases follicle size for thicker hair

Lift Me Up Hair Thickener

Before styling, give your fine-textured hair a spray of volume and thickness for a fuller, healthier look. Better Not Younger’s Lift Me Up Hair Thickener contains: 

  • Wintergreen essential oil — Increases scalp circulation and allows increased blood flow to your hair follicles
  • Niacinamide — A B3 vitamin that helps your body rebuild keratin and shore up follicle function
  • Ceramide-NG — Crucial for strengthening and protecting your hair's cuticle layer, locking in moisture, and improving overall hair texture

Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum

Feed your hair and stimulate your scalp with Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum. Use it before going to bed each night to strengthen your follicles and nourish your hair for long-term health and volume. Our Superpower serum is loaded with ingredients including: 

  • Ginger — Naturally stimulates your follicles while nourishing and fortifying your hair
  • Apigenin — Promotes hair health by reducing oxidative stress on your scalp
  • Kelp extract — Loaded with iodine, zinc, and other nutrients your body needs to produce vibrant, healthy hair

Significant Other Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement

Vitamins help your body work the way it should, supporting nerve health, helping you resist infections, and boosting hair health. By following the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines, you will likely get most of the 13 essential vitamins from the food you eat. 

As we age, it becomes more challenging to get the nutrients we need from our diet. Significant Other Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement + Retinol Boost provides you with the nutrition your body needs without mega-doses or nonessential ingredients. They include a range of hair-healthy ingredients, including: 

  • Biotin — A water-soluble vitamin in the B family that breaks down carbohydrates and fats and is essential for building hair
  • Vitamin D3 — A fat-soluble micronutrient that supports follicle health and is necessary for new hair production
  • Zinc — A mineral that contributes to hair follicle function by promoting cell reproduction and repair
  • Vitamin C — A multi-function element that strengthens your immune system and also your hair by reducing oxidative stress, improving iron absorption, and helping with collagen production

Use Better Not Younger Products to Volumize Your Fine Hair 

You don’t have to settle for the thin, wispy, unmanageable hair that menopause serves up. At Better Not Younger, we create products to pamper and coddle your delicate strands while tackling the underlying damaging effects of aging. 

Use our hair care system to return your locks to the shine and body you once enjoyed. Stop by our Better Not Younger Shop page to tour our full line of age-related hair care products.