5 Hassle-Free Curly Hairstyles

We get it—sometimes spending a lot of time styling your hair is a pain. That’s why easy hairstyles for curly hair are a must for anyone with curls for days. Whether you’re looking for hairstyles for wavy hair, hairstyles for frizzy hair or just a new style to try out with your curls, we have five hassle-free curly hairstyles from which to choose. Your first step is understanding your hair texture and what kind of cut you’re going for, but from there, it’s just a matter of mastering the style and selecting the products you need. Each of our picks relies heavily on the haircut so that the styling part is as simple as can be. Check out these easy hairstyles for curly hair.

A curly hair woman with a pixie haircut on gray hair. Easy hairstyles for curly hair.The Pixie hairstyle


A pixie hairstyle certainly requires maintenance, but if you’re someone who enjoys a haircut every six weeks, this is one you can try. Pixie cuts work well with curly hair vs. straight hair because this style keeps the curls quite contained. When you wear a pixie cut with straight hair, it requires much more finessing than it does with curly hair. With your curls, you can wash and go, pretty much. Simply wash your hair with a curly shampoo and a curly conditioner and run your fingers through to style. A finishing spritz of our License to Curl: Curl Revival Boost Spray will add beautiful definition and shape to your curls.


Most pixies will have short sides and a slightly longer top, so you can lay your curls down where you want them and not even have to worry about your whole head. It doesn’t get much easier than that. This style is perfect for warmer weather because you won’t have too much hair laying on your neck or making your scalp sweaty. That being said, pixies are a cool haircut for any time of year, especially for curly girls.

A woman with a shag hairstyle on gray hair. Easy hairstyles for curly hair.

The Shag hairstyle


The beauty of a shag hairstyle is that it’s a great way to give your hair some body. Though curls naturally do that on their own, the shape of a shag can take it up a notch. A shag is a great easy hairstyle for curly hair because it gives you a ton of layers that frame your face. It’s a bit different from other layered looks, though, because the layers are more exaggerated. This hairstyle works especially well if you have thick hair with tight curls. Those can weigh your hair down and make it look a bit lifeless, but if you cut it into a ton of layers that look shaggy, the ends will all fall at different spots and keep their body.


Shags are also a great quick hairstyle for curly hair and are the perfect hairstyle for frizzy hair because the style lends itself to a bit of wildness and effortlessness. After you’ve washed your hair, you can either spend the time diffusing it with your blow-dryer or simply use some gel or curl cream to scrunch your curls into place for the day. The haircut does all the work for you.

A woman with A long bob hairstyle. Easy hairstyles for curly hair.

The Long Bob (Lob) hairstyle


A long bob is exactly what it sounds like—a bob haircut that’s longer than the traditional bob, generally to your shoulders. A curly lob is an easy hairstyle for curly hair because it’s effortless. It’s simple to maintain as long as you’ve got some layers in it to keep the curls bouncy. A lob hairstyle frames the face nicely and is an especially simple hairstyle for aging curly hair that’s a little bit thinner. If you have thick, tight curls, this hairstyle has the potential to get too voluminous, but softer waves will lay perfectly around your face. It’s one of our favorite hairstyles for wavy hair.


With this style, shampoo and condition as usual—or consider a hydrating mask for a boost of moisture—and diffuse your curls. You can also consider plopping your curls with this haircut since your hair is a little longer. This can help tone down any frizz you might get and help your curls keep their shape.

Bob with Bangs hairstyle


A bob with bangs is a simple hairstyle for curly hair that’s a bit different from just a bob. A bob with bangs is actually a bit of a combo of a pixie and a lob—it falls right between the two. A bob haircut typically falls between your ears and chin (below this is lob territory). When you have a bob with curly hair, your hair may actually be longer than that if you pull it taut, but when coiled, it’ll hit just right.


Having bangs with your bob isn’t necessarily a must, especially if your curls are a bit unruly and don’t like to be as short as bangs would be, but you could also consider a longer bang like a curtain bang. Side-swept bangs on a bob also still give you some coverage on your forehead without going too short.


In terms of cutting or styling a bob, curls do better with a bit of layering at the ends so the bob has shape. Blunt bobs work well on straight hair, but aging curls will have some body if they’re layered a bit. And because this is another simple hairstyle for curly hair, it’s super easy to do before you run out the door. You can diffuse wet hair with your blow-dryer and put your curls where you want them. A quick spritz of hairspray or texturizing spray will keep everything in place.

A woman with long layers on her curly hair. Easy hairstyles for curly hair.

Long Layers hairstyle


If you wear your hair long, long layers will give your curls some shape, making this one of our favorite easy hairstyles for curly hair. Because your curls coil up and lay however they please, your cut and style will determine exactly where they may go. With long layers, your curls fall at different lengths effortlessly, so all you have to do before you walk out the door is give them a scrunch and part your hair where you want it. This cut also works well if you want to wash and go. It doesn’t require much styling at all!


Giving your hair longer layers will allow your curls to taper toward the ends so you have a voluminous halo of curls around your head that cascade down beautifully. A quick hairstyle for curly hair indeed.

Tell Us: Do you have a favorite wash-and-go curly hairstyle? Share in the comments below!


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