6 Reasons Our Hair Thrives in Spring

If you live in an area that stays cold, snowy and overcast for the majority of winter, spring can't come soon enough! Not only does our hair thrive in spring, but our minds, bodies and spirits do, too. Moving out into nature more, soaking in mood-boosting sunlight and enjoying later sunsets invigorates us mentally and physically.


If your hair-care routine was pushed to the back burner this winter, don't worry! We've put together 6 reasons our hair thrives in spring, along with some spring hair-care tips to help you experience better hair and scalp health so you can step into the new season with your best style yet!


1. Our Hair Loves the Extra Vitamin D


Vitamin D is central to our hair health, and a lack of it can cause a host of health issues, including hair loss. The main natural source of vitamin D is sunlight, so it makes sense that our levels drop during the overcast winter months. In springtime, our hair adores the added vitamin D because it stimulates our hair follicles and supports healthy hair growth.


It can definitely be hard to strike the right balance between getting enough time in the sun to produce sufficient vitamin D, but not so much time as to let UV rays damage our hair and skin.


To make sure you're getting enough of this hair- and bone-supporting vitamin, try adding a supplement to your spring hair-care routine! Our strawberry-flavored Significant Other Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement + Retinol Boost contains 50% of your RDA of Vitamin D, along with biotin, folic acid and other essential vitamins!


2. There's Less Damage from the Elements


In cold, dry winter months our hair deals with tons of damage from the environment: wind, static, dry air and more. The mild weather in spring is a welcome change!


But if winter has left you dealing with dry, crunchy locks, tangled tresses and damaged ends left over from winter you're not alone! And adding a deep conditioning treatment now will help your hair be in its best shape to take on whatever summer throws at it!


We adore our vegan and cruelty-free Hair Redemption Restorative Butter Masque for an ultra-rich, hydrating option that smooths frizz and repairs dry, damaged locks. For especially parched hair, try finger-combing a dime-sized amount of Hair Redemption onto your dry ends, as needed.


3. We Get a Break from Friction and Breakage Due to Winter Wear


All of the hats, scarves, earmuffs and hooded coats we wear to stay warm in frigid winter weather can cause breakage, matted tresses and frizz. But in the springtime, our hair (and scalps!) gets a reprieve from our damaging winter wear.


If winter wreaked havoc on your tresses, your spring hair-care routine should focus on nourishing your scalp, healing your strands and promoting hair health. To support both hair and scalp, we recommend a caffeine-infused hair serum like our award-winning Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum with oleanolic acid. This serum helps to reduce hair fall, rebalances scalp oils and activates follicles to promote healthy hair this spring!


4. Spring Is Basically Perfect Hair Weather


Our spring hair-care routine differs from our winter routine because we move from dry air and chilly temps to a perfect middle ground before continuing on into the hot, humid days of summer. Ideal humidity and moderate temperatures also mean that we run indoor heat and air conditioning systems less often, making the air inside our homes more optimal!


Spring is the perfect time to capitalize on ideal hair weather by extending this season of good hair as long as possible. Adding a smoothing heat protectant into your daily spring hair-care routine is a terrific way to get into the habit of safeguarding your strands from more time spent outdoors in the sun. Our No Remorse Heat Protection & Taming Spray protects your tresses from harmful UV rays while plant-based oils and vitamin E nourish and smooth dry strands. And if you regularly heat style your hair, No Remorse also provides heat protection up to 450F!


5. Spring's Energy Shift Benefits Our Hair and Scalp


We know that caffeine gives us a boost of energy, and it's also good for rejuvenating the scalp and activating lazy hair follicles. But did you know that shifting energies from the dreary, cold days of winter to sunny spring days could have a similar effect on our hair and scalp?


Practitioners of Ashtanga Yoga believe we have energy flows called "chakras" that can become blocked by negative energies. The crown chakra is connected to our hair and focuses on reinvention and peace. Think about how often we change our hair following a major life event, such as a new job, divorce or graduation—there's a reason we're drawn to switch up our hair! We feel a sense of leaving the old behind and moving ahead with the new. And this is exactly what springtime and its energetic shifts are all about: an awakening and reinvention after a period of winter and a move toward positive energies and increased vitality that encourages your healthiest hair.


6. Spring Brings a Mental Health Boost that Helps Our Hair


During the winter months, nearly 10 million Americans suffer from seasonal depression—or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)—and women are four times as likely to be impacted as men. This takes a toll on our hair each winter!


Even though depression isn't a cause of hair loss directly, it is linked to hair loss because stress is a major factor in depression, and stress can cause hair loss. Some antidepressant medications used to treat depression can also cause hair loss. (If depression or medications are a concern, please speak with your physician!)


As the weather shifts to warm spring days, seasonal depression lifts for many people, thankfully! This boost in mood helps us better manage stress and have increased energy for getting back to our self-care routines. And when we are in a positive and productive routine (and earlier sun rises certainly help with that!) we function better, so we get higher quality sleep and make healthier food choices—both of which are key to healthy hair.


If you find yourself struggling to get back into the habit of your old routine, try beauty snacking your spring hair-care routine! Beauty snacking means making little changes that can yield big results, such as adding a quick sprinkle of dry shampoo to extend the time between washes or spritzing your hair with a frizz-taming spray during breaks at the office. But most importantly, your mind, body and spirit benefit from even these bite-sized bits of self-care!



Better Not Younger has everything you need for your most gorgeous springtime style yet! Check out our entire line of vegan, sulfate-free hair care products and start fresh this season with an updated spring hair-care routine designed specifically for mature locks!



Tell Us: What are your favorite tips for gorgeous spring hair? Share in the comments below!


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