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Does Drinking Water Help Hair Growth?

Does Drinking Water Help Hair Growth?

Water is one of the tried and true, ever-faithful beauty cornerstones. There’s a reason celebrities and influencers tout their water-drinking habits during their morning routine videos. From celebrity stylists to...
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A woman with straight long gray shiny healthy hair

8 Tips for Your Healthiest Hairline

It's easy for a thinning female hairline to sneak up on us as we age. Hairstyles with face-framing layers or bangs can camouflage hair loss along our temples and forehead. And when we finally do notice a thinning hairline, it's super frustrating because we don't think of women losing hair at the hairline—that's where men tend to lose hair. 

Sure, our hair thins a bit as we age, but the natural edges of our hairline? Those are supposed to stay put, right? 

Not always, unfortunately. 

We can take steps, however, to not just keep our delicate hairline healthy but combat hairline thinning, whether from female pattern hair loss or female traction alopecia. If you’re experiencing hair loss at your hairline, it's important to figure out what's causing your hair thinning and start a hair-care routine specifically tailored to support a healthy scalp and hairline.

Read on to learn more about how to support a healthy hairline and how to treat thinning edges on natural hair as well as all hair types. Plus, we share how to tell if your thinning tresses are due to female traction alopecia.

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Can Autumn’s Shorter Days Cause Hair Loss?

Can Autumn’s Shorter Days Cause Hair Loss?

After the hot, muggy days of summer, crisp, cool autumn days are a welcome change! There's nothing better than kissing humidity and frizz goodbye for the year. Plus, there's football, cozy outfits and pumpkin spice lattes—yes, please! 

But these changes aren't the only ones that come with autumn. Along with switching up your outfits and latte orders, it's also essential to update your summer hair-care routine for one better suited to autumn weather and its decrease in sunlight for hair growth. (You can check out our after-summer hair-care guide here.) 

We know that we get less sunlight in autumn, but what is the effect of sunlight on our hair, exactly? Does it help or hurt our hair? And how do the sun's UV rays and vitamin D factor into sunlight's effect on our hair? 

Not to worry—we've got you! We dug into the role of sunlight for hair growth, how shorter days can impact our hair growth cycle and even the benefits of drying your hair in the sun. (Yes, there are benefits!) Keep reading to learn more about the effect of sunlight on your hair and how you can have healthy, gorgeous locks this autumn!

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5 Reasons We Love Burdock Root for Our Hair

5 Reasons We Love Burdock Root for Our Hair

Have you heard about burdock root? If you're like many of us, you might not be familiar with this beauty and wellness powerhouse plant! Eastern medicine practitioners have used burdock root for centuries to heal and prevent illness in the body. The extract from the burdock plant has also been widely touted for its restorative benefits in skincare and cosmetics. 
But what about burdock root's benefits for hair? Do its benefits end with skincare and medicine?
Absolutely not! In fact, burdock extract is great for our hair and scalps because it's rich in amino acids, essential fatty acids and vitamins that support hair and skin health. Plus, it's a natural, plant-based option for those of us looking for hair and scalp support without harsh chemicals.
Keep reading to learn more about how burdock root can benefit your hair, in addition to your scalp and skin!
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Better Not Younger features a woman over 40 eating a salad as her gut health  might be related to hair loss. She has long blonde hair and looks happy.

Could Your Gut Be Behind Your Hair Loss?

Digestive problems and hair loss are two common issues many people, especially women, face. But what may be less widespread is the knowledge that digestion and hair loss can go hand in hand, because your gut is tied to nearly every function in your body. When your gut health is off, everything is off—and that means if you have poor gut health, you could even experience hair thinning and hair loss. Gut health and hair loss may not have been something you considered when meal planning for the week, but perhaps you will going forward! There’s a lot to understand about gut bacteria and hormonesdigestive problems and hair loss, and all the ways you can improve your own gut health. So let’s get started!
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Better Not Younger features a woman with beautiful long hair practicing meditation in her garden as she might be incorporating meditation to her hair growth routine.

How Meditation Can Help Your Hair Growth Routine

It can be super frustrating when we feel like we've tried everything to achieve healthy hair growth, yet we're still dealing with excess hair fall and thinning tresses. If you feel like you've tried everything to combat thinning hair and you're still experiencing hair loss, it might be time to try meditation for hair regrowth!
If you're skeptical, that's understandable. After all, how does being more mindful help our hair? What on earth can meditation do for hair growth?
The answer is that it's not the act of mindfulness and meditating that promotes healthy hair and skin. Instead, it's the numerous physical benefits we reap from meditating that support healthy hair growth and glowing skin.
Read on to learn more about meditation benefits for hair and the connections between meditation and hair loss!
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A woman hiding her widening hair part and smiling.

How to Hide a Widening Hair Part

Sometimes thinning hair sneaks up on us. Because women aren't prone to patchy or concentrated hair loss patterns like men, our hair loss tends to show up gradually. We start to notice more hair in our shower drain. Our ponytails become thinner, and our hair part becomes noticeably wider. 

The realization that we might be dealing with thinning hair can be upsetting, but there are steps we can take to tackle female-pattern hair loss and thicken our ponytails and hair parts. 

To understand why our hair parts are getting wider, it's important to look at what can cause hair loss and thinning, along with steps we can take to support healthy hair growth and how to camouflage a wide hair part in the meantime.
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For Rice Water Vs Rice Bran Oil For Hair Explained, Better Not Younger features a mature woman with medium blonde hair holding it while smiling at the camera and looking happy.

Is Rice Water the Secret to Stronger Hair?

If you've watched hair-care videos on TikTok, you've definitely seen influencers swearing by rice water for strong, shiny hair. It's trendy right now, and devotees claim that rice water makes their hair stronger, healthier and shinier. 

But can rice water really build stronger hair? 

Better Not Younger has the 411 on the rice water craze. Read on to learn more about the science behind rice water's benefits for hair, potential side effects of rice water on your hair and scalp, and why rice bran oil for stronger, healthy hair may be the better option for your delicate, aging tresses!

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"6 Reasons Our Hair Thrives in Spring" features a red hair woman with curly red hair laughing and looking happy. By Better Not Younger

6 Reasons Our Hair Thrives in Spring

If you live in an area that stays cold, snowy and overcast for the majority of winter, spring can't come soon enough! Not only does our hair thrive in spring, but our minds, bodies and spirits do, too. Moving out into nature more, soaking in mood-boosting sunlight and enjoying later sunsets invigorates us mentally and physically. 

If your hair-care routine was pushed to the back burner this winter, don't worry! We've put together 6 reasons our hair thrives in spring, along with some spring hair-care tips to help you experience better hair and scalp health so you can step into the new season with your best style yet!

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