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A woman hiding her widening hair part and smiling.

How to Hide a Widening Hair Part

April 25, 2022

Sometimes thinning hair sneaks up on us. Because women aren't prone to patchy or concentrated hair loss patterns like men, our hair loss tends to show up gradually. We start to notice more hair in our shower drain. Our ponytails become thinner, and our hair part becomes noticeably wider. 

The realization that we might be dealing with thinning hair can be upsetting, but there are steps we can take to tackle female-pattern hair loss and thicken our ponytails and hair parts. 

To understand why our hair parts are getting wider, it's important to look at what can cause hair loss and thinning, along with steps we can take to support healthy hair growth and how to camouflage a wide hair part in the meantime.

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For Rice Water Vs Rice Bran Oil For Hair Explained, Better Not Younger features a mature woman with medium blonde hair holding it while smiling at the camera and looking happy.

Is Rice Water the Secret to Stronger Hair?

March 21, 2022

If you've watched hair-care videos on TikTok, you've definitely seen influencers swearing by rice water for strong, shiny hair. It's trendy right now, and devotees claim that rice water makes their hair stronger, healthier and shinier. 

But can rice water really build stronger hair? 

Better Not Younger has the 411 on the rice water craze. Read on to learn more about the science behind rice water's benefits for hair, potential side effects of rice water on your hair and scalp, and why rice bran oil for stronger, healthy hair may be the better option for your delicate, aging tresses!

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6 Reasons Our Hair Thrives in Spring

March 18, 2022

If you live in an area that stays cold, snowy and overcast for the majority of winter, spring can't come soon enough! Not only does our hair thrive in spring, but our minds, bodies and spirits do, too. Moving out into nature more, soaking in mood-boosting sunlight and enjoying later sunsets invigorates us mentally and physically. 

If your hair-care routine was pushed to the back burner this winter, don't worry! We've put together 6 reasons our hair thrives in spring, along with some spring hair-care tips to help you experience better hair and scalp health so you can step into the new season with your best style yet!

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Layered Bangs Are Back in a New Way and Better Not Younger features a blonde woman with blue eyes wearing layered bangs.

Layered Bangs Are Back in a New Way

March 09, 2022

We’ve all gone through a phase of thinking we desperately need bangs. While cutting bangs on a whim is rarely a good idea (especially short, blunt bangs), if you have bangs on the brain, consider some of the latest hairstyles with bangs. Long, layered bangs are extremely popular these days, and for good reason. 

These hairstyles with bangs require much less commitment than a short bang does for a few reasons. One, your bangs are longer so the cut isn’t as dramatic. And two, if it turns out these latest hairstyles with bangs aren’t for you, it’ll take less time to grow your hair back out into how you had it before. 

Now when you’re thinking about the latest hairstyles with bangs, you must, of course, look to Hollywood, as the stars are the best inspiration for your next trip to the hair salon. Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry have dabbled in long layered bangs, opting for hairstyles that allow them to sweep their long bangs away from their face when desired. Cynthia Nixon has a piecey, side-swept bang on her pixie cut, and her And Just Like That character has a similar but different side-swept bang, too! Priyanka Chopra also has long bangs that she pulls out from time to time, giving a slight frame to her face. And while her bangs are on the short side of long, you can’t talk about the latest hairstyles with bangs without mentioning Zooey Deschanel. She’s made thick layered bangs part of her signature look. 

For a few trendy takes on the latest hairstyles with bangs, check out Better Not Younger’s ideas ahead. And because it’s not uncommon to experience some buyer’s remorse when trying out bangs, we’ll also get into how long it takes to grow your bangs back out and how to take care of your hair during the process!

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Better Not Younger features on 10 Affirmations to Manifest Your Healthiest Hair, a woman over 40 with blonde healthy hair closing her eyes as she feels positive about her hair health.

10 Affirmations to Manifest Your Healthiest Hair

March 04, 2022

If you've always had a love-hate relationship with your hair, it can seem unrealistic to speak healthy hair into existence. There's no doubt that we've practiced negative self-talk about our hair in the past—too frizzy, too oily, too slow-growing, too dry, too dull. But what about positive talk?

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Better Not Younger features on How To Fix Bubble Hair (Wet Heat Damaged Hair), a mature woman over 40 with short brown hair holding a heat protectant spray.

Here's What You Need to Know About "Bubble Hair"

March 02, 2022

You might not know what "bubble hair" is, but if you've used heat stylers on damp or wet hair, chances are that you've dealt with the fallout from it. And if you’ve been inconsistent with using a heat protectant before blow-drying, curling or flat-ironing your locks, then you probably have some heat damage, especially at the ends of your hair. But this damage might not technically qualify as bubble hair. So how can you tell the difference? 

Keep reading to learn all about the signs and consequences of bubble hair for your delicate, aging tresses. We discuss whether heat damage causes hair loss and how a heat-damaged hair treatment plan that includes routine trims at the salon and the use of a heat protectant for wet hair are essential in healing your tresses and kicking brittle, damaged hair to the curb!

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In this 5 Reasons You Need Hair Redemption in Your Life, Better Not Younger features a beautiful mature woman with long light brown hair.

5 Reasons You Need Hair Redemption in Your Life

February 07, 2022

It's no secret that we love a leave-in hair mask for moisturizing and repairing dry, damaged tresses! Our best-selling hair mask for dry hair, the Hair Redemption Restorative Butter Masque, stands out because it heals parched strands using a proprietary blend of plant-based nut butters, plus nourishing oils, biotin and caffeine for hair health and manageability. 

But don't believe the myth that hydrating hair masks are for dry hair only! Hair mask benefits include so much more: color care, scalp maintenance and strand strengthening, to name a few. 

Read on to learn more about the hair mask benefits and essential ingredients in our popular butter masque, plus five reasons why making our Hair Redemption Butter Masque part of your weekly hair-care regimen is one of the best things you can do for your hair!

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In this article about Depression, Antidepressants and Hair Loss, Better Not Younger features a mature woman with brown medium length hair looking through the window as she looks thoughtful.

Is Depression Causing Your Hair Loss?

January 28, 2022

Dealing with depression is difficult. It can take over your whole life and weigh on you both mentally and physically. When it comes to depression and hair loss, there has been some discussion of a link between the two, as it’s not uncommon to find some excess hair falling out while you’re going through distress. Female hair loss and depression are especially concerning, as hair is such an important part of our identity. But before you reach for hair loss treatmentshair growth products and hair growth supplements, let’s take a closer look at the link between depression and hair loss—as well as anti-depression medication and hair loss—and the likelihood of hair loss due to stress and depression.

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