How to Hide a Widening Hair Part

Sometimes thinning hair sneaks up on us. Because women aren't prone to patchy or concentrated hair loss patterns like men, our hair loss tends to show up gradually. We start to notice more hair in our shower drain. Our ponytails become thinner, and our hair part becomes noticeably wider.


The realization that we might be dealing with thinning hair can be upsetting, but there are steps we can take to tackle female-pattern hair loss and thicken our ponytails and hair parts.


To understand why our hair parts are getting wider, it's important to look at what can cause hair loss and thinning, along with steps we can take to support healthy hair growth and how to camouflage a wide hair part in the meantime.



Why Is My Hair Part So Wide?


There can be many reasons you're noticing a wider hair part:


  • Stress levels
  • Hormone fluctuations
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Recent pregnancy and postpartum healing
  • Genetics
  • Medication side effects
  • Wearing tight hairstyles
  • Being too rough on your hair


The common denominator in each of these possibilities is that they can cause hair thinning and hair loss, which can eventually make the part in your hair look bigger.



How to Promote Hair Health to Fix a Wide Hair Part


Seeing the part in our hair get wider can be discouraging. Even those of us who once had thick locks might see hints of the beginning stages of hair loss in a wider hair part. But just because you might be seeing more of your scalp than you desire, doesn’t mean all hope is lost. There are steps you can take to support thicker-looking hair so it doesn’t appear as sparse:



1. Check Hormone Levels for Hair Issues


If your hair loss is sudden or severe, we always recommend talking with your physician about it. They can conduct tests to rule out any underlying conditions that are known to cause hair loss. Specifically, doctors can help menopausal women identify imbalances in estrogen and androgen hormones. These hormonal changes can directly affect your hair by altering the amount of time your hair follicles spend in the telogen and anagen phases.


2. Use a Hair Fortifying Scalp Serum


To help fill in a wide hair part, try using a scalp serum formulated to support thicker, healthier hair. This method requires patience, but the results can be huge!


Our award-winning Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum contains oleanolic acid, caffeine, kelp extract and centella asiatica to help reverse follicle fatigue and promote healthier, thicker-looking hair.


Superpower serum also strengthens your existing locks to protect against breakage and thinning. In fact, 4 out of 5 users said they noticed stronger hair and reduced hair fall within 8 weeks of adding Superpower serum to their hair-care routines!


3. Add a Vitamin Supplement


Getting enough of the right nutrients is vital in preventing a wider part and hair loss. If you've noticed a wider hair part recently, adding a vitamin supplement to a healthy diet can provide the proper fuel for your healthiest hair!


Look for a supplement with vitamins A, C, D and E, along with biotin, folate and a vitamin B complex. Our strawberry-flavored Significant Other Skin, Hair & Nails Supplement + Retinol Boost provides each of these nutrients, along with double the amount of skin- and scalp-supporting vitamin A!


Remember that the best supplement is the one you remember to take, so try putting your supplements on your nightstand with a glass of water or pack them in your purse to make taking them more convenient!


4. Give Your Scalp a Massage


Stimulating your scalp with a massage helps with thinning hair on two levels. One, scalp massages help relieve stress, which is a major hair loss culprit. These moments of relaxation help to improve stress-induced hormone imbalances, helping to combat hair loss and support healthy hair follicles.



Two, the massage helps invigorate the scalp by gently stretching hair follicles to open them more, generating nourishing blood flow directly to the scalp. Wider hair follicles can produce thicker strands of hair, while blood flow to the scalp feeds your follicles the nutrients they need to produce healthy strands!


For your scalp massage, you can use your fingers or a massaging tool designed specifically for the scalp. We love pairing our lightweight, non-greasy Superpower serum with our Superpower Liquid Comb Massaging Serum Applicator to reap the benefits of a fortifying serum and a scalp massage in one! The Superpower Liquid Comb evenly massages the serum over the scalp to distribute our strengthening, nourishing serum exactly where you need it!



How to Camouflage a Wide Hair Part


Wondering how to hide a wide hair part and hair loss while you wait for new hair growth? Not to worry! We've got 3 hair parting tips to help hide a widening hair part in the meantime:


1. Add a Hair Thickening Product


It can take a while for new hair growth to be visible. To get thicker-looking hair today, try adding a hair thickener to your hair-care routine! Look for a non-sticky option that nourishes your tresses while amping up the body and lift at the roots, like our Lift Me Up Hair Thickener. It adds volume without stripping mature hair of its natural oils as it doesn’t contain alcohol, and it supports healthy hair follicles with a blend of ceramide, biotin and niacinamide!


2. Try a Deep Side Part


Deep side parts help camouflage widening hair parts by taking the focal point of your style off the top of the head, where the beginning stages of hair loss are most visible. It also creates the illusion of thicker locks because it prevents thin hair from lying flat against the scalp.


Best of all, styling a deep side part is easy! Using your fingers, separate your hair into a part 3 to 5 inches above your ear, to your preference. (You can also use a comb to create the part, but using your fingers helps create a soft-looking part. This lack of precision also helps create the appearance of fullness.) Then, apply some Lift Me Up for added volume and set the style in place with a soft-hold hairspray of your choice—and that's all there is to it!


3. Create a Zigzag Part


The ‘90s are back in a big way! And rocking a subtler version of the ‘90s zigzag part is a perfect way to shrink the appearance of a wide hair part.


The key to this updated style is to soften the angles in the part. In the ‘90s, zigzag parts were sharply angled, like lightning bolts. The modern take on this look is softer and contains fewer and gentler zigzags.


To create the updated zigzag part, first comb through your hair to take care of any tangles and apply Lift Me Up for a hair-thickening boost. Then, use your fingers to create a part roughly 1 to 2 inches long at a 45-degree angle to your hairline. Repeat this process in alternating directions for 3 zigzags. Once your part is in place, add a soft-hold hairspray to set your style!



Tell Us: What are your favorite hair parting tips and tricks for camouflaging a hair part that's getting wider? Share in the comments below!


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