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Ageless Beauty: Better Hair Today than in Your 20s!

April 04, 2022

At Better Not Younger, we know that beauty isn't tied to age. So what does ageless beauty mean? When we think of ageless beauty for hair, it means timeless, confident style and hair that is strong and healthy. 

If you're like us, you probably put your hair through a lot in your youth! (Remember the ‘80s?) From heat styling with no heat protectant to harsh dyes to ignoring scalp care, we were rough on our hair. 

But by the time we're into our 50s and 60s, we've moved past those poor choices. We know what works for our hair, and we have a better sense of our own personal style. Now we're focused on timeless looks and maintaining the healthiest hair possible because we know that healthy hair is gorgeous hair! 

As women, one of our most common concerns is hair thinning with age. But thin hair doesn't have to be something we accept or feel insecure about! We can fight back by supporting our hair from root to tip. Read on to learn more about combating age-related hair thinning and other top hair issues we face with age, so you can achieve better hair today than in your 20s!

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a women over 60 yers old smiles to the camera and feels happy about the thickening benefits of her new volumizing and thickening  shampoo. She has short gray hair.

How Can Shampoo Thicken Hair?

February 22, 2021

When looking for solutions to remedy the situation, a shampoo that can thicken your locks while cleaning them seems like a no-brainer. After all, you need to wash your hair anyway. Why not use a product that makes it appear thick and more voluminous, too? 

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How To Thicken Your Fine Hair

How To Thicken Your Fine Hair

February 01, 2021

Your hair density can be measured by looking in a mirror. If you notice scalp skin without touching it, you probably have low-density hair. Knowing the thickness and density of your hair will give you an idea of improving it to get the look you are after.

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What Is the Best Volumizer For Thin Hair?

What Is the Best Volumizer For Thin Hair?

December 19, 2020

There are numerous hair care products on the market professing to give our hair added body. Sprays, serums, mousses, gels, shampoos, conditioners — if your hair is thinning, you may be tempted to try them all. But what is the best volumizer for thin hair?

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Mariela is a woman over 40 years old who shows us a beautiful brown long hair with thick and shiny aspect that make her feel happy and look to the camera with confidence while wearing a white blouse

Do Hair Thickening Products Work?

July 29, 2020

We have all heard the idiom, "fake it till you make it." But as our hair ages, we find ourselves experiencing more faking than making. Our follicles shrink as they age, making fewer or thinner hairs. Nearly 55% of women face hair loss by the time they reach 70 years old; the most common is called female pattern hair loss. In your 40s and beyond, your hair biology is more vulnerable than ever; therefore, it is crucial to find thickening products that work and are good for your hair and scalp.

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