7 Ways to Say Thanks, Mom


She’s a mentor, a role model, a comforting shoulder—she’s your biggest fan. Mom devoted her life to lifting you up and helping you dream big. Her selfless support of your hopes and ambitions shaped the person you are today. This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating all the moms in our lives by sharing our favorite ways to show the woman who always knows best just how special she truly is.

And for all the moms who are reading this, feel free to share this story (bookmark it, screen grab it, send a message on social) with anyone in your life still stuck for some gifting inspiration!

  1. The Sporty Mom
    She logs her 10,000 steps before we’ve even taken our first sip of coffee. Her workout playlist inspires the laziest of couch potatoes to hit the gym, and as a former college athlete, you’ll spot her coaching the local little league or youth soccer teams.

    A Gift She’ll Love: Fuel her sporty side with a colorful travel bag packed with healthy essentials like protein bars, multivitamin gummies, travel-sized kits with on-the-go haircare essentials, and an eco-friendly water bottle.

  2. The Neighborhood Mom
    She’s the empty nester or woman next door who never had children of her own. With her door always open and cookies hot out of the oven, she has adopted all the local kids as her own.

    A Gift She’ll Love: Return the kindness with a homemade pie or steaming hot lasagna. Her greatest pleasure has been making sure everyone else is always happily fed—now spoil her with some tasty treats she can enjoy all her own. 

  3. The Always-On Mom
    She’s easy to spot—never misses a bake sale or forgets to pack a school lunch. She’s always on the go yet never seems to bat an eye. If anyone appears to have mastered motherhood, this is the mom.

    A Gift She’ll Love: Treat her to some R&R with a gift certificate to the local spa or a gift basket of pampering products. Our Hair Redemption Restorative Butter Masque is the perfect indulgence for stressed-out tresses. Add a hydrating face mask, some soothing essentials oils and a box of chocolate truffles.

  4. The Mom Who Texts You (All. The. Time.)
    She messages to see if you got home safely, to say good morning, to remind you it’s going to rain. And on your birthday, hers is the first note on your Facebook feed.

    A Gift She’ll Love: Return her loving words with a heartfelt letter that will make mom cry—one that she’ll cherish for years to come. Take paper to pen, splurge on some decorative stationery and tell her exactly how much she means to you.

  5. The New Mom
    Whether it’s her first, second or third time welcoming home a new bundle of joy, if there’s a newborn in diapers these moms share one thing in common—a lack of time, especially for herself!

    A Gift She’ll Love: Get crafty with a coupon book of IOUs. A night of babysitting, laundry duty...when she’s feeling burdened by dirty diapers and a miles-long list of to-dos, she’s sure to cash in! Include a pampering treat like our Superpower Hair & Scalp Duo—perfect for combating temporary postpartum hair loss and sneaking in a relaxing mini scalp massage, too!

  6. The Natural Mom
    She’s never been one to care about the latest trends. Family always comes first—fashion follows far behind. So she would never dream of concealing her grays. Like her smile lines, they tell her story—and it’s a long and happy one.

    A Gift She’ll Love: Indulge this natural beauty with our Silver Lining Purple Brightening Shampoo and Purple Butter Masque. Specially designed for gray aging hair, they’ll bring out the brilliance in her silver strands.

  7. The Career Mom
    She’s the mom at the PTA meeting who’s always in a suit and heels. Her secretary sometimes schedules the kids’ playdates. And she’s been known to pass off store-bought cookies as her own. Sure, she loves her kids, but she really loves her job—and looking polished, professional and impeccably coiffed, too.

    A Gift She’ll Love: Treat this boss lady to a mani-pedi or splurge on a cut and color at her favorite salon. Our new Superpower Lash Enhancing Serum is sure to be a hit with her as well—anything to help this exec look her best.

A Shout Out to All the Other Moms

Moms come in all different forms: You have your step moms, your god moms, your best friend’s mom who was a second mom to you, even your big sis who sometimes stood in for mom. You also have your grandmoms—they are mothers first and foremost. And then of course there are the moms who now live only in our hearts.  

We celebrate each of these amazing women and all the mothers in our Better Not Younger community. Each is unique and equally special. For even more gift ideas, check out our newest Mother's Day Gift Guide.

Tell Us: How are you celebrating Mom this Mother’s Day? Share in the comments below!