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Better Not Younger features a woman whose hair is blown and shiny to illustrate this article about the best practices to air dry your hair.

8 Common Air-Drying Mistakes

June 13, 2022

Showering and heading out the door may feel like a good idea on a busy day, but you don’t want to let your hair air-dry without considering all the ways it can go wrong. Yes, there is a wrong way to air-dry your hair! Common air-drying mistakes can lead to breakage, damage and frizz galore, especially with aging hair that’s already prone to these concerns. Air-drying your hair has tons of benefits and air-drying your hair the right way is easy, once you know how to avoid all the wrong ways. Here’s what you might be doing wrong—so you can start doing it right!

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Better Not Younger features a woman with beautiful long hair practicing meditation in her garden as she might be incorporating meditation to her hair growth routine.

How Meditation Can Help Your Hair Growth Routine

May 13, 2022

It can be super frustrating when we feel like we've tried everything to achieve healthy hair growth, yet we're still dealing with excess hair fall and thinning tresses. If you feel like you've tried everything to combat thinning hair and you're still experiencing hair loss, it might be time to try meditation for hair regrowth!
If you're skeptical, that's understandable. After all, how does being more mindful help our hair? What on earth can meditation do for hair growth?
The answer is that it's not the act of mindfulness and meditating that promotes healthy hair and skin. Instead, it's the numerous physical benefits we reap from meditating that support healthy hair growth and glowing skin.
Read on to learn more about meditation benefits for hair and the connections between meditation and hair loss!

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Redefining Motherhood: How a Mother’s Role Changes Throughout Her Life

Redefining Motherhood: How a Mother’s Role Changes Throughout Her Life

May 06, 2022

Motherhood isn’t one size fits all. Just as there are all sorts of moms, the role each mother plays evolves with each passing year. As her children grow and their needs change, so too do her responsibilities and place in their lives. From nurturing toddlers to disciplining teens to raising responsible young adults who will one day have children of their own—a mother’s job is never done. And what a comforting notion when we reflect on the indelible impact she’s had in our lives—as a caregiver, a teacher, a confidant, a friend.
But motherhood isn’t only redefined with the passing of time. Women having children later in life has challenged the notion of what motherhood looks like for a woman in her 40s, 50s and beyond. The realities of motherhood at 50 look infinitely different when she begins her family at 40 versus 20—making grade school graduations more common a celebration than blissful “I dos.”
Better Not Younger went straight to the source and invited three mothers, in three different stages of motherhood, to share their unique experiences, from the joys of watching their children grow to the challenges they’ve faced along the way. While some may have swapped bedtime kisses for evening FaceTime chats, each mother’s story is special and inspiring. Their words are powerful and poignant—and beautifully illustrate motherhood in midlife and beyond. 
Motherhood in Midlife and Beyond—In Their Own Words

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Why Age Transparency Is a Woman's Superpower

Why Age Transparency Is a Woman's Superpower

April 27, 2022

At Better Not Younger, we don't believe in the age taboo that a lady should never reveal her age, and the reason is in our name. We know that aging is a privilege, not something to hide, and we know that we become better (not younger!) as we age. 

Unfortunately, we also know that ageism against older women is very real, whether in our lack of representation in Hollywood or in biases that creep into our workplaces. In fact, PBS NewsHour reported in 2016 that ageism against women in the workplace starts at 35 for women. Ridiculous! 

We are here to tell you that age transparency is our superpower, as women. It's how we can support other women, push back on ageism against women, and change the conversation around aging. Age transparency means radical acceptance of ourselves as we age and living so fully that nobody can say that our best years are behind us!

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#AgingGratefully Made Easy

#AgingGratefully Made Easy

March 23, 2022

If you read the Better Not Younger blog regularly or follow us on social media, you probably know that we’re celebrating our 3rd anniversary this March! It's a milestone that we're proud of and incredibly grateful for. And since March is Women's History Month, we decided to talk about women aging gratefully. (No, that's not a typo!)

The notion of aging gratefully is particularly meaningful to our founder, Sonsoles Gonzalez: “For me, aging gratefully means taking a moment to thank and recognize the many people in my life that have cared for me, supported me and guided me—my parents, my mentors, my husband, my children and my friends. They have all played a huge role in shaping who I am today.” 

So in the spirit of inspiring a little grateful aging among our community, we highlighted our favorite positive effects of aging. We're grateful for all of them. As 19th century mathematician Ada Lovelace said, "Strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them." We couldn't agree more!

10 Benefits of Aging We’re Grateful for Every Day

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7 Biases Women Over 40 Beat Every Day

March 14, 2022

We've all heard about the ageism and visibility gap that plagues women after 40. These biases are based on a variety of myths that boil down to women being "past their prime" once they hit that magic age of 40. 

But we know that life doesn't stop at 40 for women. As we shared on our Instagram recently, "Age is just the number of years the world has been enjoying you!" Placing rigid restrictions based on age simply makes no logical sense. Every day women over 40 are reinventing themselves, changing the world and proving that age is nothing more than the number of candles on a birthday cake. 

Read on to learn more about 7 biases that women over 40 beat every day and how to love yourself at any age!


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Better Not Younger features on 10 Affirmations to Manifest Your Healthiest Hair, a woman over 40 with blonde healthy hair closing her eyes as she feels positive about her hair health.

10 Affirmations to Manifest Your Healthiest Hair

March 04, 2022

If you've always had a love-hate relationship with your hair, it can seem unrealistic to speak healthy hair into existence. There's no doubt that we've practiced negative self-talk about our hair in the past—too frizzy, too oily, too slow-growing, too dry, too dull. But what about positive talk?

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In this article on

Mindful Aging: Embracing the Midlife Transition

January 21, 2022

This is an especially exciting topic for us at Better Not Younger, and the reason is in our name. We believe we only get better with age! And key to a smooth midlife transition is knowing what to expect as we move through menopause.  

But what do signs of menopause at 40 and beyond look like? How can you tell if you're experiencing premenopausal symptoms? 

We've got the scoop on what to know about early perimenopause symptoms and menopause body changes, along with menopause self-care tips to help you cope with the transition!

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