10 Affirmations to Manifest Your Healthiest Hair

If you've always had a love-hate relationship with your hair, it can seem unrealistic to speak healthy hair into existence. There's no doubt that we've practiced negative self-talk about our hair in the past—too frizzy, too oily, too slow-growing, too dry, too dull. But what about positive talk? 

Imagine if we looked ourselves in the eye in the mirror and practiced radical acceptance and positive hair affirmations? What good could that do?

Well, maybe more good than you think! Consider the 3 Laws of Attraction:

1. Like Attracts Like: Beauty attracts beauty, and abundance attracts abundance. Similarly, negativity attracts negativity.

2. Nature Abhors a Vacuum: This is the "Marie Kondo" effect! Clearing clutter, both physically and mentally, is healing and makes space for the things that fulfill you.

3. The Present Is Always Perfect: And if it's not, perfect the present! Making your present reality as "perfected" as possible will attract more positivity, more improvement and more calm.

And the field of neuroscience is uncovering fascinating research about the mind-body connection and the power of self-talk. As part of its The Changing Lives of Women series in 2014, NPR published a piece titled "Why Saying Is Believing — The Science of Self-Talk," which likened positive self-talk to "internal remodeling."

A remodel is such a fantastic analogy for what we're doing with our affirmations! We aren't building from scratch—instead, we're simply refreshing and remodeling to build positivity and work the laws of attraction to manifest the realities we seek. If we affirm that we are beautiful, capable and deserving, we can begin the work of this internal remodeling in any area of our lives.

 For healthy hair, we want to work on daily affirmations and mantras to grow thick, long hair. This work starts by remodeling our perspective of our hair currently and affirming that we are beautiful and worthy no matter what. (Remember, like attracts like!)

We compiled a list of 10 hair affirmations to help you get started manifesting your healthiest hair yet!



1. I Love Myself, and I Love My Hair 

Positive self-talk is the foundation for positive hair talk. In our affirmations, we must accept ourselves fully. Quasi-affirmations tinged with negativity or critiques aren't conducive to growth or manifesting what we seek. Don't say, "My hair isn't bad." Instead, be strong and affirming and say, "I love my hair because it's an extension of me." Be bold!


2. My Hair Is Strong and Healthy

Channel the law of attraction for hair regrowth! Think about the effort you put into your hair: cleansing, conditioning, styling, oils, butters, treatments and more. Your hair is healthy and strong because you actively make it so.


3. I Will Take Care of My Scalp

 So often we focus on our tresses alone when we think about our hair health, even though hair and scalp health go hand-in-hand. An important daily affirmation for healthy hair is one that focuses on intentional care for the scalp. A healthy, nourished scalp supports active hair follicles and regrowth!

We developed our New Dawn Activated Charcoal Scalp Cleanser for those days when you want to show your scalp some extra love, in addition to your daily hair affirmations! It's a charcoal-activated and AHA-infused cleanser that clarifies, exfoliates and nourishes the scalp. The applicator is a massaging brush for the added benefit of increased blood flow to the scalp!

4. I Choose to Feel Content

Stress can wreak havoc on our health, and it's no different with our hair. Living with constant stress can cause hair loss and thinning hair. To push back, add a de-stressing mantra to your healthy hair affirmations. Note that you choose to feel calm, and you will not worry yourself about things outside your control. Letting go of stressors that no longer serve us is a huge step toward self-acceptance!


5. I Will Fuel Hair Health from the Inside

 We love a concrete, actionable hair affirmation! To look and feel your best, eat a balanced diet rich in key nutrients. Dedicate yourself to having a rainbow of fruits and veggies on your plate to reap the greatest benefits from skin and hair-supporting vitamins and minerals.

 But if you're short on time to cook like so many of us are, a supplement might be the most practical choice to fuel your hair health. Better Not Younger developed the Significant Other Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement + Retinol Boost to give your hair a boost from within with biotin, folic acid and 2x the vitamin A!


6. I Define My Beauty, Nobody Else

Refuse to let Hollywood, friends, strangers, your mother or anyone else define your beauty. You decide beauty for yourself (whether that means a cascade of curls or gorgeous grays), and affirming that your hair, skin, nails, body and spirit are beautiful will build confidence over time.

 Remember the remodeling analogy from earlier? We have been sold on a narrow, exclusionary beauty ideal for decades. Our self-talk remodel will take time. But you alone are worthy of defining beauty for yourself. No one else.


7. I Can Envision the Long Hair I Want 

Take a moment with your long hair affirmation and envision the actual hair growth process from start to finish. Imagine taking in nutrients that feed your follicles and nourish your scalp. Imagine your current hair-care routine that pampers your hair and scalp to support growing long, healthy locks. And envision the long tresses you want. Tell yourself aloud that you can picture your long hair. Manifest not just long hair, but healthy length for your tresses!


8. Taking Care of My Hair is Self-Care

Self-care shouldn't be only a periodic indulgence because it's necessary care! Carve out time for yourself each day, whether that means a warm bath with a glass of wine, a peaceful cup of tea or a luxurious addition to your hair-care routine. Taking care of ourselves shows that we believe we're worthy of good things and worthy of happiness. And feeling worthy and deserving is critical for manifesting positivity in abundance!

To activate the law of attraction for healthy hair, try adding a product that supports both hair and scalp health to your current routine. We love our Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum for a scalp-nourishing and follicle-activating option, and 97% of women saw visible improvement in their hair after just 8 weeks!


9. My Hair Is Imperfectly Perfect 

This speaks to the third law of attraction: Make your present as perfect as possible! And note that this doesn't mean simply settling for a job you hate or hair that you're dissatisfied with. Being imperfectly perfect means telling yourself that you're enough the way you are. Full stop. You are enough.


To make your present hair as perfect as possible, identify what you'd most like to address about your hair, and try some new ways of fixing that concern. If your hair is flat, try switching up your part or working with a volumizer like our award-winning Lift Me Up Hair Thickener. If you're dealing with dryness, try a repairing shampoo for dry or damaged hair and treat your tresses to a deep conditioning butter mask once a week. Small changes can make the present a bit closer to perfect!


10. I Am Worthy of the Hair I Desire

As women, this idea of "worthiness" can be one of the hardest negative self-talk areas to remodel. Our worth is often challenged, and the negative self-talk that can result has been linked to low self-esteem and depression.

One exercise that helps is to think about whether we would say the same things to a friend or loved one that we're saying to ourselves. Usually, the answer is no! We're far harder on ourselves than we are on those we love.

Feeling worthy of anything—love, prosperity, happiness or even the hair we desire—begins with loving and accepting ourselves. Changing our self-talk from critiques to positive affirmations of our strengths and worthiness will help manifest good things in our lives. Per the law of attraction, like attracts like!

What energies do you want to attract?

 Tell us: Do you practice healthy hair affirmations? What is your mantra to get thick hair? Share your hair affirmations with us in the comments below!

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