Why Age Transparency Is a Woman's Superpower


At Better Not Younger, we don't believe in the age taboo that a lady should never reveal her age, and the reason is in our name. We know that aging is a privilege, not something to hide, and we know that we become better (not younger!) as we age.


Unfortunately, we also know that ageism against older women is very real, whether in our lack of representation in Hollywood or in biases that creep into our workplaces. In fact, PBS NewsHour reported in 2016 that ageism against women in the workplace starts at 35 for women. Ridiculous!


We're here to tell you that age transparency is our superpower, as women. It's how we can support other women, push back on ageism against women, and change the conversation around aging. Age transparency means radical acceptance of ourselves as we age and living so fully that nobody can say that our best years are behind us!


Is It True That You Should Never Ask a Woman Her Age?


Today we're seeing a major shift in attitudes about age transparency. Women are pushing back on the narrative that people should never ask a woman her age by embracing age transparency.


One of the main reasons for this dated notion that you should never ask a woman her age is the implied belief that asking a woman her age will make her feel bad if the number is "too high." We're here to tell you that "too high" is garbage, and aging well means aging freely and happily.


Today, 50-plus women are embracing their age and removing the age taboo. "In addition to a deep-seated culture of ageism that dismisses women when we progress past our childbearing years, we also have been primed to make a mockery of women’s issues," notes Alessandra Henderson, CEO and Founder of Elektra Health.


Older women are pushing back on this dismissal by sharing their lives and experiences with others, both in-person and on social media. We aren't allowing ourselves to be ignored. More than ever the world has access to the real, daily lives of older women, and what we're seeing is that older women are thriving!


"Social media is allowing women to be unapologetically themselves without requiring anyone's permission to say and show [through images and video] what they think and look like. It's inspiring to see women proudly sharing about their midlife experiences—from hair turning silver to menopause and everything in between—I love it!" says Julie Gordon White, CEO and Founder of Bossa Bars. "As a soon-to-be 57-year-old, I actually love to tell my age! I'm in my most empowered second half and seeing others with similar views makes me that much more excited to name it, claim it and OWN IT!"


So, is it true that you should never ask a woman her age? Absolutely not! In 2022, we are celebrating our age and all of the wisdom, confidence, beauty, knowledge and success that comes with it!


The Problem with Hearing That You Look "Good for Your Age"


This isn't the compliment that it might appear to be on the surface because the implied message is that you look younger than your age. Of course, it feels great when someone says this to us. But if we stop to think about it, it doesn't really add up—if we are 50-plus women and we look a certain way, then that's what women look like after 50!


Angela Bassett told InStyle why she doesn't like being told that she looks good for her age in a February 2022 interview. Bassett, 63, said, "Yeah, I think when we take care of ourselves, we do look good for our age, whatever age that is, you know?"


We couldn't agree more! Taking care of ourselves—physically, emotionally and mentally—looks great on everyone. And what this care looks like is different for everyone! Self-care might involve carving out time for a twice-monthly pedicure, taking quiet time to meditate or tailoring your hair-care routine to your own unique needs.


Supporting mature hair, no matter the unique needs, is important to us at Better Not Younger—as is being open about ingredient transparency, which ranks right up there for us with age transparency. Aging hair can become dull over time and lose its shine, and our scalps can become more delicate, too. This is why we developed our new Full Transparency line, to address these aging hair and scalp needs.

Our sulfate-free Full Transparency Pure Revitalizing Shampoo is the first dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free formula specifically designed to cleanse aging locks without stripping hair of its natural oils. Using natural ingredients like chia seeds, yuzu and pine-derived galactoarabinan, Full Transparency revitalizes and strengthens dull strands for liveliness and shine!


We also developed our Full Transparency Shine Revitalizing Conditioner to complement the gentle cleansing of our Full Transparency shampoo. Our Full Transparency conditioner is also fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested to restore moisture to mature hair while adding liveliness and luster without weighing it down. Packed with hydrating ingredients rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Full Transparency is an ultra-hydrating conditioning option for sensitive scalps!


Being a Mature Woman Is Your Superpower!


Hear us out because science supports this! A study out of Florida State University found that women at midlife and later had greater emotional well-being than younger women, who often fear and stress about aging.


Other studies show more of the same positives about aging! Researchers are finding that older women entrepreneurs tend to be more successful than their younger counterparts and the traits women acquire as they age (confidence is a big one!) give them an advantage in leadership roles. Even our sex lives get better with age, in contrast with men's, despite myths to the contrary.


And the media is also acknowledging how women only improve with age. An NBC News piece titled "Aging Is a Woman's Secret Power—and the Data Proves It" reported how happiness is U-shaped: high in our childhood, waning through early adulthood and sharply increasing as we age.


Contrary to the notion that we should “never ask a woman her age” to save her feelings, research shows just how wrong popular culture is about aging women. We're measurably happier, more confident, and fulfilled as we age. Age taboos are meritless. A "real lady" never reveals her age? Not on our watch!



Tell us: How are you unapologetically age transparent? Share your experiences with age taboos and how you embrace your age in the comments below!


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Better Not Younger is kicking the age taboo and outdated ideas about youth and beauty, like never asking a woman her age, to the curb. Age has no bearing on beauty. Our brand was founded to specifically support mature hair, and we have all the products you need to perfect your aging hair-care routine, no matter your specific aging hair texture and issues.