Can a Hair Mask Help Me To Manage Gray Hair?


When your hair turns gray, its color is not the only thing that changes. Thanks to a dry, wiry texture and persistent brassy tinge, gray strands can be notoriously hard to manage. 

Thankfully, the right mask used once or twice a week is an effective solution to restore shine, brightness, and manageability to stubborn grays.

Better Not Younger's Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque has: 

  • An ultra-hydrating formula that helps you regain proper moisture balance and infuse new life into your dull, brittle locks. 
  • A purple hue to neutralize the yellow brassiness brought on by environmental pollution and hair product dyes.


Why Is Gray Hair So Hard To Manage?

As you age, your hair follicles stop making melanin, the pigments responsible for your natural blonde or brunette locks. Without these pigments, new hairs grow in gray or white. 

The lack of melanin also causes a thinner protective cuticle layer on the outer surface of each strand. That means gray hairs are also finer and more fragile than their pigmented counterparts. When damaged, the cuticle turns rough to the touch, and your strands become dehydrated and kinky.

To heighten matters, the same hormonal and genetic processes that take away your hair's color reduce your natural oils, making it drier and more vulnerable. Your scalp’s sebaceous glands usually pump hydrating sebum oil into your follicles to coat and protect your strands. 

Over time, less oil means your aging hair becomes frizzy and more challenging to style.

How Can I Make My Gray Hair Look Better?

If you are newly gray, these styling obstacles may seem impossible to overcome. Yet, there are a few tricks that can help your silver mane look (and feel) better:

    • Use products specially formulated for dry hair — The shampoos and styling gels that worked so well for you in the past could be far too drying for today's needs. Look for products that can help replace the hydration that your follicles no longer produce.
  • Drink more water — Applying moisture externally is essential, but so is hydrating your body from the inside. Drink a lot of water to improve your natural moisture balance.
  • Massage your scalp — Regular scalp massages can relieve dryness and improve your scalp and hair health by increasing circulation and sebum production. While shampooing, gently rub your skin with your fingertips and use a massager like Better Not Younger’s Superpower Liquid Comb Massaging Serum Applicator
  • Use heat protection sprays — Guard your fragile grays with a heat protection spray before picking up your blow dryer or flat iron. BNY’s No Remorse Heat Protection & Taming Spray guards against heat damage and helps control your frizzy flyaways.
  • Choose clear or violet-tinged hair care products — If you use a yellow or orange tint, they can stain your hair — when you were brunette, that didn't matter. But now that your hair is white, it can manifest as a persistent brassiness. Instead, opt for color-free products or those with a purple hue to counteract the unwanted yellows.
  • Deep condition once or twice a week — Condition every time you shampoo and replace your regular product with a hair mask one or two times per week. This deep conditioning treatment will help replace the moisture that your gray hair so desperately lacks.

  • The Best Mask for Gray Hair

    The best mask to help manage your gray locks will be one that addresses both of the significant challenges faced by women with naturally silver hair — dryness and brassiness.

    Better Not Younger’s Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque contains vital ingredients that you need to soften and tone down your brassy grays.

    • Moisture-rich five-butter blend — Pamper your parched grays with the combined moisturizing action of five different natural butters: cupuaçu, murumuru, mango, macadamia seed, and avocado.
  • Argan oil — Argan oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids, making it an effective antioxidant and lubricator for your delicate strands.
      • Sunflower seed oil — Sunflower seed oil moisturizes your hair while feeding it with nutrients like potassium, iron, calcium, and vitamins A, B, C, and E.
  • Violet dye — Purple and yellow are on the opposite side of the color wheel, so violet dye effectively cancels out the undesired yellow and orange tones.

  • Use our deep-conditioning treatment in place of your regular conditioner as needed, depending on your hair's condition. Extra dry locks may need it up to twice per week, but if your hair is only slightly dry, go with once every week or two. 

    Your ends are the most vulnerable and the most likely location for damage, so focus your attention on the tips of your hair shafts when applying a hair mask.

    Love Your Grays More with Better Not Younger

    The decreased pigment of gray or white hair is often accompanied by dryness, dullness, and a rough, wiry texture that will resist your styling attempts. It is also susceptible to persistent yellow or brassy tones that can conceal the beauty of your otherwise bright locks. 

    Thanks to the ultra-moisturizing power of Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque, however, your unmanageable gray hair has met its match. 

    Visit our Shop page to see our entire product line, designed specifically for the challenges of your aging hair. Go beyond simply managing your grays — let Better Not Younger help you love your hair again!