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In this article about 7 Ways to Save Your Strands from Damage While You Sleep, Better Not Younger features a mature sleeping woman with short black hair.

7 Ways to Save Your Strands from Damage While You Sleep

February 02, 2022

We think a lot about how to protect our hair while we're awake: getting routine trims, not brushing our fragile hair while wet, avoiding tight updos and using a heat protectant prior to applying hot styling tools. But we tend to pay less attention to preventing hair damage while sleeping. 

To protect hair while sleeping, it’s important to focus on both hair restoration while we sleep and physically preventing hair breakage during the night. This dual approach to overnight hair health will help you achieve your healthiest, most vibrant hair yet! 

Read on for ideas for protective hairstyles to sleep in and our best tips for preventing hair damage while you're sleeping!

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In this article about 7 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Wind Damage, Better Not Younger features a beautiful mature asian woman with long gray hair blowing in the wind and closing her eyes.

7 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Wind Damage

December 03, 2021

Not only are cold, windy days just a bit miserable to deal with, but they’re also not great for your hair. The cold weather can dry out your scalp and hair, and the wind can do much the same, plus cause tangles and damage. That’s why it’s important to windproof your hair as much as you can! While the best way to help damaged hair when it comes to this weather is to use products for damaged hair both preemptively and after the fact, there are also other ways you can protect your hair from wind damage on those blustery days. Here’s how to windproof your hair.

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You may need to use a hair mask up to twice per week to enjoy the maximum benefit, especially if your tips are dry or damaged.

How Often Should I Use a Hair Mask?

May 13, 2021

Hair masks have the same primary purpose as your everyday conditioner—to deliver moisture and improve your strands' condition. Knowing how, and how often, to use them is essential for achieving the greatest benefits.

Generally, your hair mask should be used once or twice per week in place of your regular conditioner. The ideal frequency will depend on the current condition and type of your tresses. If they're dry or damaged, you will likely need this deep-conditioning treatment more often. Healthy or oily hair can get by with less frequent applications.

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Can a Hair Mask Help Me To Manage Gray Hair Like the One of this Beautiful Shiny Long Gray Hair Woman?

Can a Hair Mask Help Me To Manage Gray Hair?

April 22, 2021

When your hair turns gray, its color is not the only thing that changes. Thanks to a dry, wiry texture and persistent brassy tinge, gray strands can be notoriously hard to manage. 

Thankfully, the right mask used once or twice a week is an effective solution to restore shine, brightness, and manageability to stubborn grays.

Better Not Younger's Silver Lining Purple Butter Masque has: 

  • An ultra-hydrating formula that helps you regain proper moisture balance and infuse new life into your dull, brittle locks. 
  • A purple hue to neutralize the yellow brassiness brought on by environmental pollution and hair product dyes.

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A Hair Mask And A Conditioner Kit By Better Not Younger

Should I Condition My Hair After Using A Hair Mask?

April 06, 2021

If your hair is excessively dry, you may be tempted to double up on moisturizers by using a conditioner after your hair mask. Though in this case, more is not always better.

Hair masks are high-power conditioning solutions that can deeply nourish and strengthen your hair. They infuse your strands with desperately-needed hydration; however, too much conditioning can saturate your locks, leading to dull, limp hair. 

To achieve maximum benefit, apply your hair mask once or twice a week in place of your regular conditioner.

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Maintain proper moisture balance and hydrate your dry strands using hair masks from Better Not Younger.

Does a Hair Mask Make Your Scalp Oily?

March 26, 2021

Hair masks are the ultra-moisturizing treatments that many women rely on to remedy their dry, brittle hair. And since our scalp's natural oil production slows with age-related hormonal changes, getting adequate moisture is never more essential than it is during and after menopause.

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