Do Volumizing Conditioners Work?

When you wash and style your hair using your favorite tried-and-true shampoos and conditioners, you expect specific results. So, why are you getting dull, lifeless locks?

Aging can bring a certain level of frustration, especially when it affects our once vibrant mane. Today our hair may be thinner and more delicate than ever due to menopause-related hormone fluctuations. 

Volumizing products that claim to add lift and fullness may not be effective on hair that is already thick and heavy. However, for finer strands, Better Not Younger’s Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner could be just what you need.

How Do Volumizing Conditioners Work? 

Volumizing sprays and mousses lift your hair with coating agents that separate the strands and provide stiffness at the roots. Volumizing conditioners come at the problem from the opposite angle — the goal is a formula that washes away cleanly, without leaving residue behind.

Standard Conditioning Products

Heavier moisturizers in a standard conditioner may seem like a good idea, especially if your hair is also dry and damaged. However, the hydrating ingredients in these products stay on your hair even after you rinse the conditioner away. 

The residue burdens your strands and pulls them down at the roots. Your already flat hair only gets flatter.

Conditioners for Extra Body

On the other hand, conditioning solutions, like Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner, use light moisturizing ingredients for weightless hydration. These formulations are created to rinse off entirely rather than coating your hair shafts. 

What Is the Best Volumizing Conditioner?

Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner adds strengthening and stimulating agents to reduce breakage and rally your healthiest hair. It will give you shiny, thicker-looking hair day-after-day, for years to come.

The secret to a volumizing conditioner that works is its ingredients. Wake Up Call contains:

    • Propanediol — Propanediol is an emollient that leaves behind a cleaner feeling than other moisturizers. It improves hydration, decreases static and frizz, and reduces tangling so you can comb your hair without damaging it.
    • Glycerin — Glycerin is a natural humectant. This means it attracts and draws water molecules together for superior moisture retention.
    • Bambusa vulgaris (bamboo) extract — Weak hair strands gain resiliency and strength from the silica-rich bamboo extract.
    • Humulus lupulus (hops) extract — The essential oils in hops extract are beneficial to smooth and strengthen your hair.  

What Else Can I Do to Add Volume to My Hair?

To maximize the effect of your volumizing conditioner, start with Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo and then style with Lift Me Up Hair Thickener to increase your hair’s lift and body.

Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo

Ideal for thin, delicate, and dull hair, this clean-rinsing sulfate- and paraben-free shampoo gives you smoothness and shine without harsh surfactants and build-up that could overwhelm your fragile strands. 

It spreads through your hair easily and cleanses gently without harming your delicate cuticle layer.

Lift Me Up Hair Thickener

This Harper’s BAZAAR and New Beauty award-winning spray builds on the silky volume you get from our shampoo and conditioner and bumps it up a notch. 

Apply Lift Me Up Hair Thickener to the roots of your wet or damp hair when you get out of the shower. It goes on clear and instantly thickens the look of your strands. 

Comb through your locks from root to tip and style as usual. You’ll get instant, long-lasting body that doesn’t look or feel greasy.

Regain Your Hair’s Volume, Shine, and Resiliency with BNY

Do Volumizing Conditioners Work? The volumizing conditioner from Better Not Younger adds body to your hair by lightly conditioning and washing away cleanly.

Aging-related changes triggered by menopause create frustrating challenges we don’t have to live with. Better Not Younger’s Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner hydrates your scalp and adds volume, shine, and resiliency to your fine hair. 

To keep your hair in primary condition, eat well, hydrate your body, and stay active — Better Not Younger will help you take care of the rest. 

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