Do Volumizing Shampoos Really Work?

Finding a shampoo to add the bounce back into your hair and reach the volume heights you once had can feel tiresome, even futile — especially if you are using a shampoo not designed for your transitioning hair. The thing about your aging hair is that it is not just your hair color that is changing — your underlying hair biology is evolving, too.

Aging changes affect follicle function, hair texture, and scalp health. Your once thick mane may be turning wiry and coarse, or your fine, silky locks are becoming delicate and wispy. That is because your narrowing follicles produce less oil and thinner strands, leaving you with breakage-prone hair that is unable to support itself.

Shampoos you used when you were younger may not work today, and now more than ever, you need to be particular about the products you put in your hair. Some volumizing shampoos contain pernicious ingredients like sulfates that can dry out your hair, affect strand structure, and inflame your scalp leaving your tresses frizzy and damaged.

The great news is that there is a volumizing shampoo that really works and is designed to volumize your hair from scalp to tip.

Some Volumizing Shampoos Only Work for a Short Time

Some volumizing shampoos and haircare systems that claim to make your hair fuller are only offering a temporary solution. Once the ingredients wear off or wash out, your hair may be thinner and weaker than before.

Make sure to avoid volumizing shampoos that:

  • Are made of powder — Dry shampoos contain a powder that can increase the texture and lift your hair at the roots through friction. Increased volume only lasts for a short time following application.
  • Use synthetic polymers — If you are looking for long-term volume, avoid thickening shampoos with synthetic polymers that coat your hair. Although they may benefit some hair types and provide temporarily plump strands, the heavy residue they leave behind will eventually make thin hair fall flat.
  • Have high pH content — Your hair is naturally slightly acidic, with a pH level of 4.5 to 5.5. In a lower pH environment, your hair cuticles close and lay flat. A shampoo pH of 7.0 or higher (alkaline) can trigger your cuticles to open. While this can provide immediate volume, it also leaves your hair vulnerable to long-term damage and brittleness.

Choose a Volumizing Shampoo Created for Your Unique Hair

To successfully bulk up your tresses for the long term, seek out a lightweight volumizing shampoo like Better Not Younger’s Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo, packed with healthy ingredients that:

  • Reduce heavy build-up — They use mild cleansers to remove any hair residue and rinse cleanly, avoiding heavy build-up.
  • Contain bamboo — Many women over 40 take silica extract to strengthen teeth and bones and improve skin elasticity. Bamboo is 70% silica, and when added to volumizing shampoos, it can help strengthen your strands and support moisture retention.
  • Include salvia officinalis — Shampoos with salvia officinalis (sage) boost hair volume and thickness by using this natural astringent to flush out your follicles and balance scalp oil production leading to improved shine and healthier hair.
  • Use hopsHumulus lupulus (hops) is used in beer, as a natural sedative, and acts as a natural hair conditioner. It also contains antioxidant-rich oil to help thicken and smooth your hair.
  • Incorporate burdock rootArctium lappa, burdock root, is a vegetable native to Europe and Asia. Hair products like Better Not Younger’s Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo utilize its robust properties to feed your follicles and scalp with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

How to Use Better Not Younger’s Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo

To give your sleepy hair a Wake Up Call, use a volumizing shampoo designed to bring out your hair’s natural luster, and give it a smooth, moisture-rich, look without weighing it down.

Give your hair tons of body by following these steps:

  • Start at the Root — To achieve maximum volume and prep your scalp for healthy hair, start with a scalp cleanser like Better Not Younger’s New Dawn Activated Charcoal Scalp Cleanser before shampooing.
  • Work in the shampoo — While your hair is still wet, massage Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo into your scalp and work it through the strands. It is designed for fine and thin hair and will distribute effortlessly from root to tip. You should not expect much lather since this gentle cleanser is sulfate-free.
  • Rinse well — Run warm water throughout your hair removing all traces of shampoo. Gently squeeze your hair to remove extra water, avoiding excessive pulling or twisting.
  • Apply conditioner — Enrich your freshly washed hair with Wake Up Call Volumizing Conditioner to add moisture and shine without leaving heavy residues. Avoid using the conditioner on your scalp and focus on your hair tips.
  • Rinse with cool water — Warm water expands and lifts the cuticle, so using cool water after conditioning is essential to contract and seal it for smooth and protected hair.
  • Dry with care — Blot your hair carefully with a towel and detangle if necessary. Use a comb, nylon- or boar-bristle brush and avoid pulling your hair while it is still wet; this can cause breakage. If you use a blow dryer, use a low-heat setting, and lift the roots while drying for maximum volume.

Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo Really Works

Better Not Younger’s Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo utilizes mild surfactants that do not interfere with your hair’s biology. Its sulfate-free, low-lathering cleansers gently remove excess dirt and oil, leaving your locks looking thick and full-bodied — and because it is sulfate-free, it is safe for keratin-, color, and chemically-treated hair.

At Better Not Younger, we know you are continually getting better and reaching new heights — we believe your hair should, too. Try Better Not Younger’s Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo today.

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