How to Get Perfect Thick Eyebrows


At one point in your life, eyebrow grooming may have involved a brow pencil and a pair of tweezers to nab the occasional stray. But lately it’s taking more and more effort to fill in those thin spots and get the shape just right. You may pluck, wax, thread and contour your eyebrows, trying to strike the perfect balance.

The fact of the matter is, the more you do to groom your eyebrows, the more potential there is to make a mistake. And since your eyebrows change with age, the way you take care of them will need to change, too. 


What Happens to Your Eyebrows with Age?

Eyebrows go through many of the same changes as aging hair on your head because of hormones that shorten the growth cycle and melanin depletion. Additionally, repeated plucking and waxing can weaken the hair follicle until it eventually stops growing new hair.

As time goes on, you may notice eyebrows that are increasingly:

  • Thin or patchy
  • Gray
  • Coarse
  • Droopy, especially at the tail

You can take steps to offset these changes, but it’s important to learn to do it right so that you don’t inadvertently make the situation worse.


What Are Common Eyebrow Mistakes to Avoid?

You don’t want your brows to stand out or look unnatural. So, take care to avoid these common eyebrow grooming mistakes.


Filling Them in With the Wrong Shade

Even if you never used a pencil or tinted gel on your eyebrows before, patchy or sparse brows need something to color in the bare spots. Choosing the right color is crucial, however, since going too dark or too light will look unnatural.

When deciding on a color, first take your skin tone and your hair’s undertones into consideration. You’ll want a shade that blends in flawlessly with the hairs that are already there.

  • Brow pencil: Opt for a shade lighter than your natural color.
  • Brow gel: Choose the same color as your natural hair, or just a shade darker.


Ignoring Your Hooded Lids

Sagging skin can occur anywhere on your body as you age. A common issue known as ptosis is when the skin over your eyes starts to droop, creating hoods that add shadows. Some strategically placed makeup is all you need.

Apply a lighter shade or highlighter under your brow bone. This will work to enhance your eyebrows and minimize shadows, creating the illusion of more lifted brows.


Plucking too Much

Super thin brows, even when plucked on purpose, can create a more severe look. When it comes to plucking, you should aim for the strays but don’t obsess about achieving perfect symmetry. If you overdo it with the tweezers, you could end up with an unnaturally thin arch.



If some hairs are longer than the rest you may need to trim the ends of your eyebrows, but don’t go too short or it could look sparse or overly asymmetrical. And try to keep a natural-looking edge rather than cutting straight across.


Grooming in Poor Light

You may not be able to see clearly when grooming eyebrows or applying makeup if you don’t have good lighting. Once you go out, the stray hairs and makeup mistakes become obvious.

Groom your eyebrows in a room with natural light or try using a makeup mirror with a warm LED light. As a bonus, these mirrors often have a magnifying feature to help you see those stray hairs more clearly.


Not Grooming at All

If you never had to pay much attention to your eyebrows before, it can be easy to ignore the gradual changes that occur to them with age. And if you haven’t made eyebrow care a part of your beauty regimen yet, it’s possible your thinner, grayer eyebrows could benefit from a little grooming. 

Taking a few minutes a day to focus on your brows can make a significant difference in your appearance, creating a more polished look.


What Is the Best Product for Perfect, Thick Eyebrows?

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  • Night treatment: Nourish your follicles at night for thicker eyebrows over time.

This formulation contains a blend of vitamins, fatty acids and peptides that will give you thicker, healthier looking brows in as little as two weeks!

Treat Your Eyebrows and Hair Right with Better Not Younger

If you’ve already made some of these aging eyebrow mistakes, don’t despair! They aren’t permanent, and even overplucked eyebrows are likely to grow back. Plus, you can help them along with Better Not Younger’s Brow Enhancing Duo to get natural looking, fuller brows in an instant!

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