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Better Not Younger features a mature woman with blonde hair trying to figure out what her gift is by getting close to the box and putting her ear near it as if she is about to shake the box.

The Ultimate Holiday Hair Gift Guide

November 19, 2021

From stocking stuffers and gift sets to hair-care products that cater to all lifestyles, hair types and hairstyling habits, our ultimate holiday hair gift guide is packed with clean- and cruelty-free hair goodies designed to guarantee great hair days ahead for all the women on your gift list this holiday season.

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A 40 something woman with long black hair wearing black and white blouse with stripes is raising her sight to the top left corner and touching her hair

How to Wake Up Your Hair Follicles

November 05, 2021

A common complaint among women experiencing menopause is seeing more and more hair strands falling out each day. Hair that doesn’t grow as long or as fast as it once did is another issue they face.

But even though some of your hair follicles may eventually go dormant and stop producing new hairs altogether, these sleeping follicles are not a lost cause. Regular scalp massages and topical hair products with the right stimulating ingredients can effectively wake them up and trigger hair production again. 

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Better Not Younger understands and explains the hair benefits of activated charcoal, especially for women experiencing the side effects of menopause.

What Are the Purifying Benefits of Activated Charcoal for My Hair?

June 15, 2021

Scalp issues are often caused by problem buildup that can clog the hair follicle. Activated charcoal is an ingredient that can clean and absorb that buildup and relieve the flakiness, irritation and itchiness that come with it. 

Activated Charcoal’s unique attributes can remove buildup without the harsh ingredients found in many cleansing products. When you discover more of the purifying benefits of activated charcoal for your hair, we’re confident you’ll want to add it to your scalp care routine.

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Regular shampoo may not be enough to maintain a well-balanced and healthy scalp. Exfoliate using a scalp cleanser one to two times per week for a deeper detox.

How Often Should I Use a Scalp Cleanser?

June 11, 2021

As the location where your skin and hair unite, your scalp is unique. Many women overlook this part of their bodies, but regular exfoliation is mandatory to achieve healthy, lustrous hair.

Shampooing cleans your scalp to a point; however, a more intensive detox done regularly will help you fortify your hair follicles and bolster your scalp's health by eliminating:

  • Excess oils
  • Product buildup
  • Dead skin cells
  • Dirt and debris

How often you use a scalp cleanser will depend on several factors (i.e., hair type and condition), but you should generally do it every seven to 10 shampoos. 

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Activated charcoal is an effective deep cleansing tool that can leave your scalp looking and feeling healthier.

Is Activated Charcoal Good for My Scalp?

May 05, 2021

In the past, hair care has focused mainly on our hair. Though today, most of us understand that a vibrant mane begins with a healthy scalp. It needs skincare like your face, neck and arms because, well, it's skin! 

When your scalp is overloaded with product buildup and dead skin cells, it is more difficult for your follicles to function and thrive the way they should. 

The best way to treat your aging skin to the care it deserves is by using a cleansing product containing activated charcoal. 

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How To Clean Your Scalp For Thicker Hair

How To Clean Your Scalp For Thicker Hair

February 03, 2021

To restore and maintain your scalp's health, thoroughly cleaning it should be a regular part of your beauty regimen. Not only will your skin feel better, but a clean scalp improves follicle productivity to grow stronger hair. So how do you properly clean your scalp? Let's take a closer look at this critical step in your hair care routine. 

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The best scalp cleanser for women ver 40 by better not younger

What Is the Best Scalp Cleanser?

August 12, 2020

To achieve healthier, stronger, and thicker hair, you need a thriving scalp. Oil, dirt, sweat, and bulky hair products can leave residue behind that builds up on your scalp. This buildup causes dryness, itching, flakes, and ultimately leads to thinner and weaker hair.

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