What Are the Purifying Benefits of Activated Charcoal for My Hair?

Scalp issues are often caused by problem buildup that can clog the hair follicle. Activated charcoal is an ingredient that can clean and absorb that buildup and relieve the flakiness, irritation and itchiness that come with it. 

Activated Charcoal’s unique attributes can remove buildup without the harsh ingredients found in many cleansing products. When you discover more of the purifying benefits of activated charcoal for your hair, we’re confident you’ll want to add it to your scalp care routine.


How Activated Charcoal Works

Activated charcoal is a black powder that can be produced from coconut shells, petroleum coke, olive pits, sawdust, peat or bone char. 

To become “activated,” the charcoal is processed at extremely high temperatures, changing its internal composition. During this process, it becomes oxidized by being exposed to carbon dioxide.  

Its surface structure expands, giving it an extremely porous, sponge-like surface. This is why it’s especially good at absorbing toxins and excess oils.

The activation process gives the charcoal a negative charge, meaning that when it’s used in a product like Better Not Younger’s New Dawn Activated Charcoal Scalp Cleanser, it pulls in positively charged dirt and toxin molecules. 

Activated Charcoal’s Purifying Benefits

Sweat, styling products and natural sebum oil can accumulate on your scalp leading to several issues, including dryness, limp hair, clogged follicles, scalp itchiness, irritation and even hair loss

Like facial skincare, it's crucial to keep your pores clear and your scalp skin exfoliated and clean to prevent these issues.

Pollutants, dirt, dead skin cells and product buildup cause impurities that can compromise the health of your scalp and hair. The following are some of the purifying benefits of activated charcoal:

Safer than Sulfates

Charcoal helps to draw in deep-rooted contaminants beyond what a typical sulfate shampoo can cleanse away. It is especially beneficial for the scalp because it can reach toxins at the hair's root that can clog follicles and trigger scalp issues. 

While sulfate shampoos are effective cleaning agents that produce sudsy lather, overuse can disrupt your scalp and hair's pH balance and strip your hair of its surface oils — making it feel dry and brittle. Activated charcoal safely deep cleans while preserving your scalp’s natural biome.

Adds Volume to Your Hair

Your hair will become droopy when weighed down by excess oil and dirt. If it isn't cleaned, hair can gain about 4% of its weight in pollution, scalp oil and product buildup. 

Standard shampoos can pull out surface dirt; however, activated charcoal will remove even more. Plus, it won’t leave behind the residue that some heavier shampoo brands do. Activated charcoal makes your hair feel lighter and gives it more volume. 

Rids Your Locks of Toxins

Many women need to detox their hair because they've been using standard hair products that were formulated with low-quality ingredients or chemical toxins. 

A scrub with activated charcoal will gently detox your scalp and hair, and because it's mild, it won't disrupt your moisture balance. 

Relieves Scalp Conditions

You can remedy dandruff, inflamed skin, oily hair and itchy scalp conditions with activated charcoal. 

When used in a scrub, the activated charcoal will provide the same purifying benefits that it does your hair and skin, removing toxins, unclogging your pores, and dissolving buildup before it can lead to unsightly problems. Activated charcoal will leave your skin feeling healthier and cleaner.

Reveals Softer, Satiny Hair

Once you experience the purifying benefits of activated charcoal, you’ll enjoy softer, shinier hair that was previously dulled down and damaged by pollution and dirt. 

Rediscover your revitalized scalp and more manageable hair. 

Encourages Hair Follicle Health

Buildup made from dead skin cells, pollutants, product buildup and dirt can clog your pores, inflame your scalp and compromise follicle health. If your follicles are clogged with dirt and sebum, that’s less room for your strands to grow

Your fibers will emerge from their follicles unhealthier and finer than before. Blocked follicles could also lead to temporary hair loss. Using active charcoal regularly soothes your scalp and opens up your follicles, allowing for unhindered follicle function.

Additional Benefits of New Dawn Activated Charcoal Scalp Cleanser

Many other scalp scrubs on the market include activated charcoal but do nothing to treat the underlying conditions explicitly associated with aging hair. Better Not Younger’s New Dawn Activated Charcoal Scalp Cleanser was formulated with activated charcoal and other ingredients, including:

  • Lactic acid — Lactic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that works by loosening dead skin cell bonds while adding hydration to the following skin level. This will produce firm, thicker, healthier skin. It also helps dissolve buildup around blocked pores.

  • Menthyl Lactate (or menthol) — Menthyl lactate helps your itchy, dry scalp feel stimulated and refreshed while promoting blood flow.

  • Birch extract — Birch extract is an organic astringent that helps to shrink your pores and relieve inflammation. It also includes vitamins A, B1, B2 and C to fortify and nourish your follicles.

Include BNY’s New Dawn Activated Charcoal into Your Routine

New Dawn Activated Charcoal Scalp Cleanser includes an exclusive built-in silicone exfoliating brush to softly and effortlessly cleanse away dirt, debris and styling products. 

Use our scalp cleanser in the shower once a week or every other week to maintain optimal hair and scalp hygiene. Learn more ways to deep clean your scalp and nourish your hair by reading our Blog. Visit our Shop page for our complete product selection.

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