Is Activated Charcoal Good for My Scalp?

In the past, hair care has focused mainly on our hair. Though today, most of us understand that a vibrant mane begins with a healthy scalp. It needs skincare like your face, neck and arms because, well, it's skin! 

When your scalp is overloaded with product buildup and dead skin cells, it is more difficult for your follicles to function and thrive the way they should. 

The best way to treat your aging skin to the care it deserves is by using a cleansing product containing activated charcoal.

What Is Activated Charcoal?

When most of us think of charcoal, we likely think of the black stone-like material we use to fuel our weekend barbecues; however, the activated charcoal we use on our skin and scalps is completely different.

Activated charcoal is composed of highly absorbent molecules that attract, bind to and wash away our skin's impurities. It deep cleans and soothes your scalp's skin while also freeing up clogged follicles.

It is created by heating carbon-based substances like peat, wood or coconut shells to extremely high temperatures—a great deal hotter than an average fireplace. This changes the chemical composition of the carbon, resulting in particles that:

  • Are smaller
  • Have more extensive surface areas, with numerous crevices and holes (the surface area in one teaspoon of activated carbon is equal to that of a football field)
  • Are free from their previous molecular bonds

Thanks to these qualities, the blackened substance remaining after activation is exceptionally porous and absorbent. Activated charcoal quickly adheres nearby molecules, effectively trapping them in place. These properties are the reason it's known as an effective treatment for poison ingestion.

How Do You Use Activated Charcoal on Your Scalp?

You can apply cleansers containing activated charcoal directly to your scalp for a deeper clean than you would get from an ordinary shampoo.

Activated charcoal works by soaking up excess oil, product buildup, dead skin cells and dirt like a sponge. It attracts not only the surface impurities but also draws out those hiding deep beneath your skin's surface.

Massage the activated charcoal over your scalp to ensure even distribution and leave it on for a few minutes so it can penetrate more deeply. Then, as you wash off the activated charcoal, you also rinse away the impurities attached to the carbon molecules.

Activated Charcoal Benefits for Hair and Scalp

No matter your hair type—oily or dry, fine or coarse, curly or straight—you can reap the benefits of activated charcoal:

  • Increased Body: Free your hair from the excess oils and buildup that can weigh it down—especially if you have fine or thin hair. Activated charcoal treatments can make your hair bouncy and voluminous again.
  • Unclog Follicles: Buildup may also accumulate over the opening of your hair follicles, causing discomfort and temporary hair loss. Regular activated charcoal use can soothe your scalp and clear the way for unobstructed follicle function.
  • Smoother, Shinier Tresses: The unadulterated clean you'll experience after using activated charcoal will reveal the smooth, shiny hair that was hidden by impurities.

  • Less Itching and Irritation: When activated charcoal removes and washes away built-up, irritating toxins from your scalp, your skin will feel healthier and cleaner.

  • Reduced Flaking: Dandruff or other buildups can break free from your scalp in the form of white flakes. Activated charcoal dissolves and clears away buildup before it becomes an unsightly problem.

What Is the Best Activated Charcoal Scalp Cleanser?

At Better Not Younger, our products are formulated to work holistically to address your aging hair's specific needs—New Dawn Activated Charcoal Scalp Cleanser is no exception. Provide your hair and scalp with a fresh start using our exceptional sulfate-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free scalp cleanser.

In addition to the activated charcoal, New Dawn contains:

  • Birch extract: A natural astringent, birch extract relieves inflammation and shrinks your pores, while vitamins A, C, B1 and B2 nourish and fortify your follicles.
  • Menthyl lactate: Menthyl lactate is a topical analgesic that will cool and refresh your itchy or irritated scalp. It also stimulates blood flow to  improve strand quality.
  • Lactic acid: Lactic acid aids in the exfoliation process, making impurities easier to remove by dissolving their molecules.

Better Not Younger Scalp Care—A Crucial Part of Your Beauty Routine

Activated charcoal offers multiple benefits for your scalp and hair, including improved shine and softness and reduced scalp buildup, flaking and irritation. Use New Dawn Activated Charcoal Cleanser one to two times per week, followed by one of our gentle, hydrating shampoos and conditioners.

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